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Beach Tunes...House That Built Me...Bar Khalifa

Sep 6 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

Hello weekend…good to see ya.



The creative part of my Thursday was spent with Jerry Salley as we sat down to finish a tropical song that we had started with my Gulf Shores friend Brent Burns a couple of weeks ago. We fine-tuned the song and then called Brent who was on his way to Florida for a couple of shows over this weekend to make sure he liked the changes…and he did.  So…next week when Brent’s in Nashville this song will go onto a little pile of tunes that he’ll be recording for his upcoming project.  


After that I went up to Clarksville to spend a little time with my daughter Heather and then crashed last night on the couch watching the Packers beat the Bears.  So a pretty good Thursday for sure.



Isn’t it nice waking up this morning to see that Dorian is starting to peter out?  Nobody will miss it.  The Carolina’s got some flooding it looks like…but considering it was a Cat 5 at one point?  It surely could have been a lot worse for the US.  Just looking at pictures of the Bahamas bears that out.  30 deaths and counting there.


And then on top of that it looks like a tornado or two dropped in to say hello too in Carolina.  It’s easy to forget it’s not just the hurricane.  It’s the storm surge, flood and tornadoes that really do damage. 



The Academy Of Country Music had some “behind the scenes” awards that they passed out yesterday.  This happens before the televised awards show each year and one that stood out was the “Song of the Decade” that so deservingly went to “The House That Built Me” by Miranda Lambert that Tom Douglas and Allen Shamblin wrote.  A modern day masterpiece in my opinion and worth listening to over and over again.


When you think about it…there’s probably a house you remember living in that providing a roof on your head in your most formative years.  This song captures that whole thought so beautifully.  Congrats to Mr. Douglas and Mr. Shamblin.


It's always cool for me to hear one of the songwriters sing the hit after we've  heard it on the radio by the artist (Miranda) so many times.  Check out this version from one of the writers...Tom Douglas. 


And if you'd like to hear how this song came to be...listen to this CONVERSATION between the two writers.



I read this morning than an asteroid the size of Burj Khalifa will be whizzing by us.  What is Burj Khalifa?  I think the writer must be a frustrated teacher and is getting joy out of knowing a lot of folks like me are looking it up.  Ready?  It’s a skyscraper in Dubai. 


I’ll be working on a song later titled “My Love Is Bigger Than The Burj Khalifa”. 



A 74-year-old woman became the oldest woman on record to give birth.  And not just one…TWINS!  She’s from India.  And that’s mind boggling to me.  Pretty sure she slapped her husband.



Did you know you can us Groupons for medical treatments now?  How bout that.  I guess I’ll stop searching for surgery deals on E-Bay from now on.



Scientist now confirm that looking at the sea produces changes in the brain that makes us happier.  Works for me…that’s all I know.  Of course that theory goes right out the window if you’re sitting out on the balcony of a sea side condo with an umbrella drink in your hand and spot Dorian moving in.  Just saying.  The brain reacts differently then.



China says they have found a mysterious gel on the dark side of the moon.  Wild guess…but it could be that stuff that covers Spam that you see when you twist the key and open one of those Hormel goodies up. 



According to those folk in the know…the best job in America that pays over $108,000 a year is that of a data scientist.  And they can’t hire enough of them.  I have no idea what that jobs all about…but if I were just out of High School?  I’d look it up.



That was proven by Art Linkletter over and over on his old TV show “Kids Say The Darndest Things”. 


Here’s something a teacher overheard from her students that was listed with a lot of others (some very ribald). 


“One of my 7th graders asked me where babies come from, and another student replied, “Well, when a Mommy and a Daddy love each other very much…they get a bottle of scotch and a cheap motel room”.   And know we know.



“Burglar cooks breakfast and tells resident, go back to sleep”. Nothing like a burglar wearing mask and wielding a spatula.



I’m off to write with Will and Becky Denton this morning.  With the internet radio success Becky had with her song “Take Me Back To Tybee”…I would not be surprised if we’re not on the beach again today musically.  Fine.  I’ll wear flip-flops.


And then let the weekend begin where I have ZERO on my calendar and I am not complaining.  Not with a busy week coming up starting Monday that will conclude with two shows in Arkansas next Thursday and Friday evening. 


Have yourself a great weekend!







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