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Zoo Photo...Scented Ink and Lots Of Songwriting

A tad brisk this morning with temps down in the 60's and a projected high of just 70 today.  Rain moved through and cooled things off.  We're going from shorts to sweat pants season quickly.



I wrote with Janet Miller at SESAC yesterday.  SESAC is one of three organizations that keeps tracks of the money and song airplay for songwriters and this was the first time I had been in their new building on Music Row.  What an upgrade.  5 stories up with a great view of Nashville outside the windows.  Very cool new digs.  Janet drove down from Kentucky and we re-wrote a song that we thought we had finished a few months ago for a young artist...a very personal song for her...but for whatever reason the song did not appeal to the artist enough to put on a new album she's working on.  That's always disappointing...especially when you think the song would be so great for them.  It happens.  So yesterday Janet and I sat and tried to re-write it with a broader appeal and I think we not only pulled that off...but also finished up an idea Janet had for a young Texas artist who I was introduced to on the cell phone.  This young artist who lives and sings a lot up in North Texas is getting ready to record...Janet sent the two tunes to her off our phones...and she responded quickly with how much she loved both of the songs.  So...a pretty good day at the writing table for sure.  Thank you Janet for bringing such great ideas as well as the young folks you are working with.



Just a little Dad brag here.  My daughter Heather has developed a pretty keen photography eye these days and has been snapping a lot of pictures.  This one was a nice surprise for her.  She's been taking pictures at our Nashville Zoo as a volunteer and she received this picture she took which was used at the top of their monthly newsletter this month.  Kudos to her. 










She also caught this wonderful honest moment from a bride who's a good friend of hers in Miami that got married last weekend.  The bride is reading a note...a personal note on her wedding day that brought tears...good tears...and I think Heather really captured a wonderful moment on film.  Just bragging...like Dad's will do.










What a nasty hurricane this looks to be.  We had a good friend call and ask if they could evacuate to our place if Irma comes ashore were they live.  Already they are finding shortages on gas, propane and bottled water.  We have another friend who as a son who is a chef on the island of St. Croix...one of my favorite Caribbean islands.  I could live in Christiansted where he's at.  Category 5 hitting the island?  Don't wanna be there.  The scary part here is there are no more flights leaving that island and he will have to ride it out.  Our best thoughts and prayers for him and his family back here in Nashville who are worried. 


And of course with a hurricane...and another tropical depression forming after this one....AND with what's already happened in Texas...gas has gone up significantly...and the stock market has gone down.  Part of the stock market downward drop also comes from the North Korea scare we're living through right now too.  Lots of of folks shaking their heads when they read or watch or hear the daily news these days for sure.



Remember him?  These days he's on little TV shows saying he thinks the hurricane is a judgement day warning from God.  And at the same time...he's selling doomsday food on TV.  Uh huh.  And ya wonder why religion gets a bad name sometimes.



With all of the hurricanes...our Mayor is pushing for better flood protection by building a wall downtown to better hold off the water.  We had a HUGE flood here a few years ago that put the entertainment district under water and out of commission for quite awhile.  That's a huge loss of revenue from the tourists show come here to ride pedal taverns (don't get me started) and visit the honky tonks and attractions on Lower Broadway.  With the hurricane fresh in mind...and the pictures of Houston...pretty good timing to be bringing that back to the table me thinks. 


Then again...maybe Trump can build that wall to cover the entire coastline of this country and our Mayor won't have to do anything.  Maybe.



Proof that Fall is really on us.  You can now find pumpkin spiced flavored cough drops on the shelf.  Starbucks has rolled out it's pumpkin flavored drinks too.  I don't even think pumpkin til Halloween.  I'm just not a big pumpkin fan period.  In fact...when it is Halloween I draw a smiley face on a can of pumpkin pie filling...stick a candle on top and sit it out on our front porch.  Aluminum Jack O Lantern.



You can probably get a tattoo right now that smells like pumpkin if you'd like.  Someone has come up with scented tattoos.  Ink a bunch of flowers on your arm and you smell like daisies I guess.  I have no idea what the popular "Mom" tattoos smell like.  Don't wanna know.







My wife made a great tuna casserole the other night and sprinkled it with pepper and a spice of some kind and Panko.  I never question...I just eat.  I've seen the box in the cupboard...have no idea what it really is.  I was amazed to see that a lot of folks don't apparently because someone wrote an article I read this morning with the headline "What Is Panko And How Is It Different Than Bread Crumbs".  I didn't read the article.  I just eat.



In Bologna, Italy they are getting ready to open something called "Eatery World".  20 acres full of restaurants.  There will also be theaters and stores...but the focus is on food...lots and lots of food.  Sort of a Disney World of eating if you will.  Keep your eyes open for Panko on your spaghetti dishes folks.



Stealing signs in baseball?  That's been going on forever.  The Boston Red Sox took the art form up a notch and were caught using electronics to steal signs from their arch rivals the New York Yankees.  It's okay to do it...just don't get caught.  Apparently someone was sending the trainer on the Red Sox bench signs on his Apple Smart Watch that he relayed to the manager.  Pretty sure when the Yanks found out what was going on that they fired an old one finger signal back from their dugout.



I'm off to write with Jimmy Fortune and Sydni Perry...one of my favorite writer trios.  The three of us have a new song being recorded by Kristy Cox who is a noted Australian country singer that we should be getting a copy of soon that will be released on Kristy's next album.  All of us of course are happy with that news.  So we'll see if we can't create a little more magic together today.  Always good company to be with for sure.


Have a great Wednesday!



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