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Movies and Songs...Packers...More Writing

Sep 5 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

Thursday morning boys and girls. And I’m looking out my window an 8-point rack on a buck lying down in our front lawn.  Pretty sure he knows it’s not deer season…yet.



My writing appointment was with NathanWoodard who’s had some good news come his way. Nathan has had a couple of folks record his songs in the gospel world over the past couple of weeks including Jeff & Sheri Easter…AND he’s landed two or three songs in a Christian themed “baseball” type of movie that’s being filmed right now.  And with how popular Christian themed movies have been lately as in "I Can Only Imagine"…my young friend cold be on to something.  It’s always great seeing young talent you work with get some great news like this.  Way to go Nathan.



It looks like our “Hits & Grins” trio that I’m a part of with Steve Dean & Victoria Venier will head to Columbus, Georgia in early December to teach a songwriters class on a Friday and do a show on a Saturday.  Final details are being worked on but the date should finalize soon.  Next shows for me will be a week from tonight at the Hot Springs Village in Hot Springs Arkansas.  And then the following night our trio will do a house concert in Fort Smith, Arkansas for a great couple who own a gorgeous home with a magnificent view over our shoulders as we play.


Steve Dean and I played for the Gary & Lana Taber a year or so ago.  Victoria got really really sick and could not go so it was just the two of us.  Now we get to take the entire trio back to their lovely home and play for them and their friends.  We’re all looking forward to that.



Hard not to keep your eyes on Dorian.  A 5 a 4 a 2 and now back up to a Cat 3 hurricane with the Carolina’s bracing.  Just hoping once again that bad boy will lighten up a little and maybe move again.  It’s always paradise owning a home or condo on the beach until one of these guys starts blowing in.



So fast that they’ve given us the date when the first of a zillion Hallmark Christmas movies will begin. October 26 will start all Christmas movies all the time on that channel.  Deck the halls and program your DVR’s for some early “jolly”.



Jim Irsay…the very rich owner of the Indianapolis Colts apparently turned down a deal to sell his NFL team.  The offer was a paltry 3.2 BILLION bucks.  He said no. And that would clearly be the definition of super-wealthy.  When you can turn down 3.2 BILLION dollars for anything…you be wealthy.  In 1960 the Dallas Cowboys?  The owner bought them for 1 million.  Now teams are worth multi-billion teams.


That’s what I get for putting money down on a Cornhole team instead of an NFL franchise. Nope…I didn’t get rich from that…BUT…I did land the theme song in “Cornhole The Movie” that made me zero cents for a movie that went straight to DVD.  Sigh.



The first REAL NFL game is tonight.  Classic.  Bears and Packers. Go Pack.  After working morning radio and having Brett Favre, Reggie White and Dorsey Levens as regular guests on my show…I got to be a big Packer fan while I was up there.  I got to cover their Superbowl appearances in both New Orleans and San Diego where they beat the Pats then lost to Denver and Elway the very next year in an exciting game out on the West Coast.


I’m not short.  BUT…after standing next to Reggie White one day on the field at County Stadium in Milwaukee…back when the Packers played half their home games in Green Bay and half in Milwaukee…I realized how BIG those players are.  I was doing a pre-game thing of some kind for the radio station and I wound up standing next to him for a few minutes on the field.  All I could think of was what it must feel like to have that guy hit you going full tilt boogie.  Made me glad I was watching that game and not playing.  And I’ll be watching like a faithful Cheesehead tonight. 



I love this quote from Brad Pitt.  Admittedly at one time he had a drinking problem and finally beat it.  In his own words he said, “I removed my drinking privileges”.  And that could be a cool t-shirt.



Buzzfeed did an article asking folks to name weird things they’ve seen in other folk’s homes.  We’ve all seen something.  Buy this one made me laugh.


At one home a friend of the person ratting on them describe how the friend had a mental breakdown inside the home and punched a hole in the wall.  Instead of fixing it or covering it over…the Mother framed it. 


Got to be one of the all time GREAT conversation starters for when company comes over.



I’m off to rhyme with Jerry Salley today and we’re going to try and fine tune a song for my buddy Brent Burns who will be in town finishing up his new CD next week.  We started this song a week ago when Brent was here recording the first 7 songs but didn’t quite get it where it needs to be.  So this will be an interesting write today as Jerry and I will meet at my publishing company and we’ll call Brent on his cell as he’s making his way to Florida for a couple of shows this weekend.  All kinds of ways to write songs these days.


Have a great Thursday!



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