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Bob Newhart...CMA Nominations and Crickets

Light rain and 75 for high today with even cooler temps on the way. 



A very lazy Labor Day.  How bout you?  Got in a walk, did a little more prep for my Arizona trip that starts Saturday, and watched a heck of a football game last night where UT somehow pulled off a win over Georgia Tech in overtime.  Yep...I heard the band play "Rocky Top" just enough times.  Pretty good start to the college football season overall this past weekend.  And the NFL joins in next weekend...so lay in provisions.  A lot of us won't be coming out of Man Caves for awhile.



One of the true funny funny men...and nice men...Bob Newhart is 88 today.  I had the chance to interview him a couple of times...met him once backstage at a show here in Nashville with my family.  Could not have been nicer.  The Newhart Show was awesome and I always looked forward to seeing "Larry, Daryl and Daryl".  An iconic moment on a TV show...a signature.  Much like Kramer sliding through the door in Seinfeld.  Most are too young to remember Newhart doing stand up comedy when he started...and doing it brilliantly.  This PHONE routine of his helped launch his career and still makes me laugh today.  Happy Birthday Mr. Newhart.



To Miranda Lambert who got the most nominations this year from the CMA's.  5 to be exact. Her double CD "Weight Of These Wings" got a lot of attention...with it being loosely based on her break up and divorce from Blake Shelton.  It worked.  Much like Taylor Swift's writing about bad boyfriends and bad friends in general.  I'm telling ya...never make a songwriter mad unless you want to see yourself tucked into a verse or a chorus.  Keith Urban had a lot of nominations too and I was glad to see Lady A get nominated for their new album...as well as being happy to see an Americana Artist get a nomination too...Jason Isbell.  Lot of folks have yet to discover Jason...but...he's built a fan base so big that he can sell out four or five shows in a row at the Ryman Auditorium the minute tickets go up for sale.  The CMA Awards take place in November here in Music City.  Good luck to all.



Hurricane Irma...or the nutball running North Korea?  Wow.  Irma is now a Cat 5 and I'm kind of holding my breath for all my friends down on the coast who could get walloped.  On the heels of Houston...we could have done without this.  Some folks have already started leaving for destinations farther north...don't blame em'.


And what to do with Kim Jong Dumb is way beyond my pay grade...but the options are scary.  One can only hope that some calm sanity will arise and a solution will be reached with words and not bombs.  Maybe we need America's best car salesman to take over negotiations and try the old "what's it gonna take to get your finger off the trigger today"?



You can now lick the back of Yoda's head if you want as the Post Office has rolled out Star Wars stamps.  Pretty popular movie series huh?  Don't expect to see "Baywatch" stamps anytime soon.  Just saying.







For kids in trouble you can now send them to something called "Wilderness Therapy".  10 weeks in the woods with therapists.  $28,000 to sleep in a tent for 10 weeks with a Dr. Phil by your side. Little different than my Dad's therapy.  He had something back in the day called a woodshed.  My therapy sessions worked.  I hope the Wilderness Sessions go as well.  I did make a not to myself that "Wilderness Sessions" could be a cool name for a CD project.  I alreayd have a song I wrote called "Crickets" that Joe Nichols recorded that could go right on that bad boy!



Phoenix.  Believe it or not...the city that gives the most lip injections every year is not LA or New York...it's Phoenix.  More collagen injections with a needle to make your lips look plumper than a watermelon are given in Phoenix than anywhere else.  Wonder if they have a place called "Give You A Fat Lip" out there in the desert?  I'll be in the Phoenix airport Saturday...I'll have my eyes open for full lips.



A little parody song project this morning...then I have a co-writing session on Music Row at 1 pm today to tweak a song that me and my co-writer thought was finished.  That happens sometimes.  The young artist we wrote this very personal song with has decided it's not for her...and it's very personal for her.  My other co-writer...Janet Miller who's driving in from Kentucky....like the thought enough that we think it's worth a re-write to make it appealing for other artists.  So that's our mission today.  A rehab if ya will.  I'm taking a guitar, computer and my wife's caulk gun.  That should do the rehab trick quite well I think...I hope.


Have a great Tuesday!



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