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Studio Tracks...A Kendall Surprise...Alpaca Yoga

Sep 4 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

First Hump Day of September.



I wrote with Brittany Taylor for the second time at my publishing company and she made it very easy by bringing a very fun song idea to the writing table that she had in her hip pocket.  Brittany is from Kentucky and the “Kentucky” shows itself every time I hear her “country” voice.   And for me it’s pleasure writing with young talent that loves that kind of real country music.



I went from writing to recording yesterday as Irene Kelley and I went into a studio that my publishing company owns…all in the same building and recorded 5 new bluegrass demos.  Well…4 and one Irish tune we love that’s kind of grassy.  I love Irish music and we incorporated a small piece of a classic Irish song into ours.  And for example…check out actor John C. Reilly singing this Irish Pub kinda SONG that I’m talking about. You’ll be singing along.


So that went great and now they will mix those and my publisher will have some of those songs he can take with him to the IBMA “International Bluegrass Music Awards” show coming up in Raleigh in a couple of weeks to pitch to some of the artists that are gathered there.  And pretty much the entire bluegrass world will be showing up for their signature event of the year. 


I’ve not been there yet though a song I wrote “Going Under” for Darin & Brooke Aldridge was up for one of those awards last year and I got an invitation.  I had a show I could not get out of so I could not go…and our song did not win.  But I surely am going to attend one year.


If you book a room at one of the signature hotels during this event the hotel folks will ask you if you want a music floor or non music floor as jam sessions go on in the hallways on designated floors all night.  Pretty cool.


Here’s an example of that kind of fun featuring artist Mo Pitney.



After the writing and recording I headed home and opened an e-mail that had come in from Jeannie Kendall who used to be the “daughter” part of the hit duo “The Kendalls” with her late Father Royce back in the day.  They had some big hits including “Heaven’s Just A Sin Away”.  Here's a great CLIP of Jeannie singing that song on Country Family Reunion with harmony from Missourian Rhonda Vincent and her brother Darrin Vincent who's half of the great bluegrass duo Dailey & Vincent


Jeannie is working on a new solo album…her first in years.  She’s recording several songs I helped write for this project and yea I’m a tad excited about that for a lot of reasons.  She and her Dad produced the only vinyl album I ever recorded at Porter and Dolly’s old studio back when I was very young and part of a young band from Missouri that featured David Powelson, Randy Wright and Mark Herndon.


So I open Jeannie’s e-mail and find that she’s recorded the first song that I wrote with Jimmy Fortune and Sydni Perry and it just knocked my socks off.  It’s a little jazzy swing number and Jeannie just sings the heck out of it.  I called her on the way home to thank her and she was excited that I was excited.  Full circle after so many years.  What a nice surprise to find in my e-mail.


And one other cool thing about that recording.  The piano player just stands out on this recording and we both agreed with that during our conversation on my way home.  Come to find out that the piano player is Josh Shilling who I write with quite a bit!  The produced part of the tracks here in Nashville…and Josh was the piano player they called.  What a small world.


The album won’t be finished for a while but if this is any indication…Jeannie’s going to have a great album to offer up to her fans.



New road dates continue to pop up.  Yesterday our “Hits & Grins” trio with Steve Dean and Victoria Venier and me found out that we will return to play in Payson, Arizona next year.  And on Sunday November 24 we’ll be playing a theater near Dallas.  Details are still being finalized but that date should be up on my online calendar here soon.



To my brother Gary and his wife Kay up in Pennsylvania.  They’ve been married for 49 years now!  And that’s quite an accomplishment for ANY couple.  Happy and proud for them.  Celebrate you two!



It’s nice to see Dorian petering out some…now down to a Cat 2 and it looks like Florida will see not much of anything. The Carolinas are the center of attention for now but gosh…a Cat 2 or less compared to what the Bahama’s got?  A blessing for sure.  Still the most unpredictable thing weather folks track?  Hurricanes.  It never ever bothers me when Jim Cantore is standing on a beach twiddling his weather thumbs.



First…there was “Goat Yoga”.  Since that became a fad more animals are winding up near yoga mats and people bending over stretching the material in the lululemons.  Now we have Alpaca Yoga.  Yep. We’ve lost our minds.  Can’t wait for Crocodile Yoga in Florida.


The good news is there’s always a way to use this kind of insanity in my songs and I did just that with my friend Brent Burns.  We used the lyrics “goat yoga all day” in a new funny song that will be on his next album titled: “Exercise Makes Me Look Good Naked But So Does Beer”.  So ate least I got something out of it.



Kroger is asking folks not to branding their guns in the grocery store.   Meanwhile, Walmart is curtailing ammo sales.  So…some movement in light of all the shootings we’ve had.  And the argument will always rage on between pro-gun and anti-gun folks.


So…if I go into a Kroger’s or Walmart and get confronted by some Alpaca Goat Yoga nutball…I’ll be reaching for a couple of cumquats in produce to use as my weapon.



Now…this seems like a millennial hit to me.  You can buy a small hammock that you can rig up UNDER your work desk.  Check THIS out.  I’d put a little sand under mine and dial up some Jimmy Buffett in my ear pods while I’m on break.



That city was just voted the “most liveable city in the world” by one magazine and it’s readers. All those soothing Mozart waltzes they play makes it so I guess.  There’s a chance I’ll be part of a Danube Cruise in 2022 with Brent Burns.  If it happens, one of the cities visited is Vienna.  So maybe I’ll be able to see what they’re talking about…I hope.



The headline reads, “Does Chess Make Kids Smarter Or Do Smart Kids Play Chess”?  I dunno.  I do remember playing chess when I was in college.  Pretty sure it didn’t make me smarter.  And I know for sure I was not the sharpest tool in the shed when I sat down and tried to remember which way a Knight can move.


And to this day I get confirmation that “I’m Just Plain Dumb” every time I play that stupid Golf Tee game at Cracker Barrel.



How bout this? The Dixie Chicks have their first top 100 hit in the charts for the first time in 12 years.  They got some help.  Taylor Swift is on the record “Soon You’ll Get Better” with them.  Hard not to like the music the Dixie Chicks make.  Still hard for some to bury those feeling created when Natalie made her infamous political comment many years ago now that forever changed the trajectory of that hit act…seemingly. 



“Vegan Woman Sues Neighbor For Grilling In Their Backyard”.  This happened in Australia.  I dunno.  For me personally I think we should build a wall to keep Vegans out of our backyards.



I’m off to write with my buddy Nathan Woodard this morning who just had a couple of big gospel cuts.  I’m hoping Nathan will rub some of his luck on me today when we rhyme.


Have a great Wednesday!









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