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Labor Day...Bottles Flipped and Rocky Top Is 50

Happy Labor Day.  Enjoy the extra day off and do what all American's do on this holiday.  Hit the lake, grill out, and buy a mattress.  Mid 80's here today but Fall like this week with highs in the mid-70's.  No complaints



I did notice that gas has shot up almost a buck with what Harvey had done in Houston.  If this keeps up my "Dipstick" song may become popular again.  Estimates now pointing towards 190 billion dollars needed to repair what Harvey has done.  Here's hoping that other hurricane out in the Atlantic Irma changes it's mind.  And I'm hoping the next hurricane after Ima is not name Kim Jong Un


Other than that our Whyte House Labor Day Weekend has been laid back for the most part.  My wife had the carpet cleaned in MY room which meant I lost my Big Screen for a couple college football games which of course is a tragedy as any red blooded hairy legged man will tell you.  Kathy has also been busy learning to use a caulk gun on our washing machine which had a rubber gasket crack.  She went to You Tube and has become Mrs. Bob Villa all of a sudden.  I try to stay out of her way and remember to applaud when she has success.


I've also been doing some pre-work and packing for my Arizona trip that starts this coming Saturday.  Up to the Sedona area (where the above picture was taken) to see some great friends Saturday then on up to Williams, Arizona...about 30 minutes from Flagstaff where I'll be entertaining on the Grand Canyon train for a week starting on 9/11.  Much more on that to come.  I did find my old cowboy hat, ordered a vest, buying Wranglers today...and I'll be "cowboy" ready with a guitar and tunes come next Monday.



To one of my younger brothers Gary and his wife Kay.  Today is their 47th wedding anniversary.  Amazing.  If you knew how they started...you'd understand what a great accomplishment this is.  They live up near York, Pennsylvania and my brother told me he was celebrating by playing a round of golf today.  Romantic dude.  And I'm sure Kay will be happy to carry his bag for 18 holes and offer putting tips.  Not.  I'm very very proud of the two of them and what they have accomplished by sticking together 47 years.  An amazing thing.  Happy Anniversary you two.



You need one?  In our county they have a big shortage of school bus drivers.  Nobody is rushing to do that anymore.  It's not just the 40 kids you have screaming behind your back while you drive...it might be the fact that you also have 40 sets of parents and a school administration with lots of safety rules and oversights that causes folks to say no to being behind the wheel of a yellow school bus.  Dunno.  But if ya need a job....



It's back on.  I saw in Knoxville at UT they how have LUXURY apartments for some students.  Wow.  I had a little narrow dorm room at Central Missouri that I shared with a roommate...cinder block walls...tiny beds. And I walked three miles to class each day.  Uh huh.  


Also college related...a survey reveals that 43% of college students will think about dropping out sometime this year.  Remember kids...there's jobs here driving a school bus if you do drop out.



Now...you might want to get your degree if you want to buy tickets to see Bruce Springsteen during his long run on Broadway.  Some tickets are going up for $6,000 per!  I might have to rewrite his hit to "Gouged In The USA".



I do this this is great casting.  Emma Stone will play Billie Jean King, and Steve Carrell will play Bobby Riggs in the movie "Battle Of The Sexes".  I'm there for that.  This was the tennis version of what we just witnessed with Conor McGregor and Floyd Mayweather in Vegas.


Meanwhile on American Idol...apparently they have approached Luke Bryan as being a judge...along with Kelly Clarkson who's the only official judge named so far for the reboot of this show.  Yes...Ryan Seacrest is back addin this to his morning show duties now with Kelly Ripa, his nationally syndicated radio show, and producing the Kardashian's.  When your hot...you be hot.



Apparently folks gather for church everywhere these days.  I always thought Cowboy Churches were cool.  I'm sure there's a Motorcycle Church or two...and now in Tennessee there is a bar that throws open it's doors for Sunday services where you get a shot of the good word with a shot if you'd like.  Pretty sure the tithe there goes in a tip jar.  An I'm sure you can send up a request to the band for your favorite hymn.  Do remember, as I found out once at my first radio job, "The Lord Knows I'm Drinking" is NOT a gospel song.  Thanks.



That would be the song "Rocky Top" written 50 years ago by the husband wife team of Felice and Boudleaux Bryant in a room at the Gatlinburg Inn in just 10 minutes.  Felice wanted to write something fun that day...and that's what came out.  They pitched it to the Osborne Brothers who were in studio trying do do 4 songs in three hours.  They were short one song so they cut that with no big expectations on this fun song...none.  So much so that the song was on the flip side of "My Favorite Memory".  Ralph Emery at WSM flipped the record over and started playing "Rocky Top".  It caught on...big time.  While it only landed in the mid 30's on the charts...it's become an iconic song through the ages.  The Tennessee Volunteers wear it out as their song.  It was played 438 times last year alone during UT football games.  It will be played a bunch tonight as the team kicks off it's season against Georgia Tech.  It became one of our state songs...and it forever changed the lives of Sonny and Bobby Osborne.


I've written a few songs in that same room where the Bryant's pitched that classic.  I keep waiting for that magic dust to fall out of the ceiling and hit me and my co-writers.



Some folks have a lot of time on their hands.  Like this kid who just broke the record (yes they keep a record) of flipping a plastic water bottle and making it land upright 39 times in one minute.  Look for him to be working in a Cirque De Soleil show somewhere soon.  Or...driving a school bus here near me.



"Woman Throws A Gender Reveal Party For Her Pet Chicken".  Pretty sure this is the kind of woman who would sit cross legged on a rug playing a pan flute and trying to predict your future with a deck of card.  Pretty sure.



I've go a couple of radio comedy jingles to write today...and then my day clears up like it's a holiday or something.  I'll certainly be cheering for our Volunteers tonight and listening for "Rocky Top" and will think of Felice and Boudleaux every time I hear the band play it.


Have a great Labor Day!


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