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Bird Inspired...New Show On The Beach....Balloons

Sep 3 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

And now it’s Thursday and we are getting little more rain here in Nashville.  All of a sudden, we’re getting daily pop up showers. 



I had such great fun writing a new song with Linda Davis and Sydni Perry. Sydni who is 5 months pregnant with her and her husband’s first baby?  You couldn’t tell she’s pregnant.  Sydni teaches yoga and stays in shape and I was glad to hear the pregnancy is going just great. A few weeks ago, Sydni posted a wonderful “big picture” post about taking time to be mesmerized by birds sitting up on a telephone wire. And she saw something bigger in that.  Linda Davis read that post and saw a song in it so the three of us gathered around Linda’s piano and my guitar and wrote that wonderful thought yesterday.  I’m so glad Linda spotted the song in Sydni’s thought…great day of writing and hanging with wonderfully talented friends.  Normally Linda and her husband would be doing several dates out on the road at this time of year…some of them with me.  Sydni would be out on the road big time singing harmony and playing fiddle for her boss Carrie Underwood who’s nominated for “Entertainer of the Year” for the CMA’s this year.  But with Covid…there’s more time to do other things…like writing songs.



When we finished writing I sat down with LInda's husband Lang Scott and Linda to sing some harmony on a couple of country classics that they had laid down in their home studio. These two songs will be  added to our set list when we start playing shows again.  “Put It Off Until Tomorrow” which has always been one of my favorite old country songs recorded by a ton of folks.  Originally, I played the first release of that song at the first radio station I worked at as a kid….and that recording was from Dolly Parton and Bill Phillips.  Bill put Dolly in the spotlight early by choosing her to be his harmony singer on this song.  It was his only number one hit...while Dolly went on to have a few more.


The second song was the Kris Kristofferson classic, “Loving Her Was Easier”.  Again, a song recorded over and over.  My favorite version might be the one from Tompall and The Glaser Brothers that features their great brotherly harmony.


I find my parts eventually, we record them, and as I get set to leave Linda says, “Bill I love your new tennis shoes”.  And then I hear Lang say, “Only a woman”. 


Yep…file that one under the song thought my friend Wyn Varble had for a song, “Things That Never Cross A Man's Mind" that Kellie Pickler recorded.


So yesterday was a great day of creating…and laughing.



And…speaking of shows…tomorrow night I’ll be doing a solo set at the Grinder House Coffee Shop in Crossville, TN from 6-8 pm.  Very cool place with good food and of course hot coffee. This will be my second time playing there and I’d love to see some of your faces out front Friday night.



Got a nice surprise e-mail from the folks with the Frank Brown Songwriters Festival down in Gulf Shores-Orange Beach, Alabama.  Our “Hits & Grins” trio HAS been invited to play this year…three shows over a shortened Festival this year. This year the dates are November 11-15 and we’ve been invited to play three times this year. I’ve played this festival for a lot of years now, so we surely are tickled to get one of a lot fewer invites sent out for 2020 because of Covid.  There will be more details, the venues will be at, start times etc. coming soon.  Stay tuned.



Now they’re telling us that steroids can save lives in severe Covid-19 cases.  That would be a good thing.


And…the CDC is now saying to prep for vaccinations for the virus this October. Even Dr. Fauci is saying we’ll have a vaccine by years end.  Will you get the shot?  That’s the big question.


Here’s a really sobering statement for some supposed experts who are predicting the pandemic may cripple the economy as we used to know it for 70 years.  Let’s hope that’s not true and that the “new norm” is actually THE “norm”.


And yet another warning from more experts telling us we should not kiss new people.  Heck, my wife gave me that warning years ago. More like a threat actually.


Uber is saying they may require that you send a picture of yourself wearing a mask before any driver will show up at your door to give you a ride. Which means if you’re not wearing your mask when the driver pulls up…he may not recognize you.  Weird.



I blogged about what a fan I am of his yesterday. Pull up some David Blaine videos and be amazed yourself. I love the one’s where he blows the minds of celebrities.  But David Blaine also does ridiculous feats too like catching a bullet with his teeth.  True. And the latest amazing feat of his just happened when he floated over Arizona holding onto 52 helium balloons and got to an altitude of 24,9000 feet before letting go and parachuting back to safety.  He trained for 10 years and had like 500 jumps out of planes before attempting it.  One of those “don’t try this at home” deals.


That reminds me of the classic song from the late Guy Clark titled “The Cape” that’s all about this guy who always thought he could fly and kept jumping off the roof with his cape on until his dying days. “He did not know he couldn’t fly, and so he did”.  There’s a much bigger message in this song than that of an old guy jumping off a barn roof.  Listen and hear for yourself.



I accidentally found this video yesterday of my friend Daisy Mallory singing a song we wrote together called “Train” live at the Listening Room Café here in town with a group called the “Song Suffragettes”.  They perform once a week….all girls on stage…different combos at every show.  Daisy is now out on the road (whenever they can) to play guitar and sing harmony for her boss Lori Morgan.  We wrote “Train” with my buddy Steve Dean when Daisy was younger. She and her Dad somehow managed to get Vince Gill to sing harmony when she recorded the song which made her year or longer.  Pretty cool.  And then Australian country artist Kristy Cox recorded the song on her new album which was a bonus. Funny how songs get around.



You know me…I don’t get into politics. I avoid it like Superman tries to avoid kryptonite.  BUT…with the latest story on Nancy Pelosi isn’t it time to for the media to coin the phrase “Hairgate”?  Possibly a new book for Woodward & Bernstein”?



Husband: When my wife falls asleep in a public place, I shake her a little and yell, “DON’T YOU DIE ON ME!”  People always clap when she wakes up.


I may have to steal that one.



Did you know your iPhone has like a hearing aid helper on it?  You can turn it on, activate it and it allows you to hear conversations louder.  Like is someone is in the back of the room and you’re having trouble hearing them?  It enhances the sound and turns it up louder for you.  Too complicated for me to explain what you have to do in your “settings” to make this happen, so here’s the article I read if you’re curious.


Wonder if they have another setting that would allow me to turn some things down?  Like politicians on TV?



Obviously, there are some highly paid folks who sit around and create new flavors for almost everything.


Now at Starbucks you can order up a Pumpkin Cheesecake Frappuccino.  Lo-Cal of course.


Or…how about some ketchup flavored candy canes?  Yep.  They’ve got them.  Get a bag of fries and a dozen of those bad boys and you’re good for the rest of the day.




I’m back at a virtual writing table with my young talented friend Josh Shilling. My publishing company Billy Blue, and Joe Dan Cornett hooked the two of us up originally and we’ve hit it off and together we’ve written some of my favorite songs that are tucked away in my catalog. It’s truly a pleasure to work with someone with that much talent who sings like crazy.  I’m sure we’ll have some creative fun again this morning.


Have a great Thursday!



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