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Tweaking Songs...Studio Working...Fishing License

Sep 3 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

Start of the first workweek of September…SEPTEMBER already!



My Labor Day was mostly laid back although there was some working ahead as I helped re-write a couple songs over the phone with a couple of co-writers.  My friend Brent Burns will be back in town next week to lay down the last tracks for his new CD to be released within the next 3 months and we had one song particular that Brent wanted to tweak so we did that.


And then my friend Irene Kelley and I worked on a couple of songs that we’ll be recording into demo form later this afternoon.  We’ll be recording 4 new bluegrass tunes and one Irish song that was inspired by a melody Irene had.  And that song allowed me to write some lyrics of some of the things I remembered from a trip to Ireland a couple of years ago where we watched our daughter get married. So I’m particularly happy about recording that song later today.


And there was also some time spent trying to find an open date for our “Hits & Grins” trio for a date near Dallas later this year.  It’s amazing how busy all of our schedules are…and finding a date that works was not easy.  But I THINK we may have a Sunday date that will work for those folks out there.  I hope.  That’s how bad it is.  We could not find one Saturday for the rest of the year that all three of us had open. 


And then my daughter came down from Clarksville and joined my wife and me for dinner last night so we had a chance to catch up with her and her Army hubby on the phone.  So…a productive and good day here at the Whyte House.



It was nice to wake up and read that Dorian is down to a Cat 3 right now with the wind speed dying down some.  Still serious stuff at Cat 3 strength but a change for the better at least.  The Bahamas took the blunt of it and there’s sure to be some catastrophic pictures and film coming from the battered islands there later today.  Fingers crossed that Dorian continues to die down.



Bugatti just tested a new car on a track that set a new record at 305 mph!  That’s cool.  But I know full well if I spent a million bucks on that bad boy that it would only top 30 mph in Nashville because of TRAFFIC!



Remember, if you decide you’re fed up with rush hour traffic and think, “maybe I’ll just walk”?  Don’t text and walk.


Here’s a stat for you.  There are 11,000 injuries every day for those who text and walk.  Pretty sure the numbers go up for those who walk- text and then try to cross a busy street.  Geez.  At least if you’re going to get injured using your cell do the right thing and take a selfie so we can all see. 



Did you know that’s the MOST USED word on the planet?  It is. Short and to the point…okay?  I’m still fond of okie dokee myself but that doesn’t show up anywhere near the top 10.   Okay okay…I get it.



The “Rock” Dwayne Johnson says his favorite song to workout to is from rapper Big Sean with “Berserk”.


I’m looking for a song that I can turn out that will give me chiseled abs while I just sit and listen to it.  The one I’m using right now isn’t working.  So, I guess it’s time to ditch “You Light Up My Life” by Debbie Boone and try another song.



Country singer Dierks Bentley went fishing in Colorado.  That’s cool.  But he forgot to get his fishing license out there and got cited.  Doh!  What’s funny is how Dierks handled it by tweeting out that he appreciated being treated like a regular person and that he appreciated what the Colorado Parks and Wildlife did.  And, “I’ll be all licensed up next time”.


And then the Colorado Parks and Wildlife tweeted back one of Dierk’s song titles  “What Was I Thinkin”


Gotta love a sense of humor.



A big full long fun Tuesday ahead.  I’m writing with Brittany Taylor for just the second time this morning.  Love her “country” voice.  And then I’m in studio all afternoon as I mentioned earlier with Irene Kelley recording new tunes.   Think I’m gonna need to pack a lunch for today.  Where’s my Hop A Long Cassidy lunch box and thermos when I need it?


Have a great Tuesday.



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