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Magic Kingdom...A Loss...Heading Home

Sep 2 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

Second day of September and I’m jumping on a bird to fly home to Nashville after a 4-Day Disney run.



We did the Magic Kingdom run on the last day of our Disney trip. A little light rain was with us most of the day but after the sweltering heat we’ been having it was a welcome relief and made the day more enjoyable. The only new thing I had not already seen was the Monsters Inc Show which was really clever with Billy Crystal voicing the one-eyed stand-up comic Mike Wazowski who interacted with the audience.  Then it was on to the rest of our old favorites including the Haunted House, Pirates, Buzz Lightyear, and others.


Then last night we did a Benihana’s thing and watched a guy flipping his utensils and building a volcano fire out of a stack of onions. Perfect ending to the trip. If nothing else, a Disney trip takes one’s minds off all the bad news we are being bombarded with and that’s not a bad reason for going to say “hey” to Mickey & Minnie.



My good friend and co-writer Rick Tiger lost his battle with Covid and died yesterday morning in Nashville. I’d been praying and hoping he’d pull through. Just awful news. Rick was the nicest man with a true passion for writing songs, and we wrote several together. He constantly uplifted young writers and folks in general. There’s not a soul that did not like the man. He loved LSU football and was a heck of a QB in High School and college himself. He drove for Lyft, sold hot dogs in a nightclub that let him get on their stage and sing, parked cars at the Opryland Hotel. Whatever it took to help him pay the bills and write songs. And the conversation with Rick at every writing session was as interesting as the songs themselves. Just so dang sad. My thoughts go to his wife who he adored Joyce and his daughter Sarah.


Here’s how bad it is. Covid is now killing one person in the U.S every minute and five seconds. That makes August the worst month on record during this never-ending pandemic we’re all trying to live through.


And our stupidity has raised it’s ugly Charmin head again. Toilet paper is once again flying off the shelves. Good Lord. I should have held onto all those Yellow Pages books I threw away.



NYC got flooded from Ida. Folks still can’t go back to their homes in New Orleans. And now tropical storm Larry has turned into hurricane Larry out in the Atlantic Ocean. Batten down the hatches. Make you wonder if hurricane Moe and Curly won’t be right behind hurricane Larry.



That’s what they should now call the new Tom Cruise movie as “Top Gun II” has been pushed back again. Now they say we won’t see it until sometime in 2022. I guess they’re waiting for folks to feel comfortable going back into a movie theater…I don’t know. If you’re a fan of the movie as I am, and have seen this new trailer, you’ll have to practice your patience.



Amazon just opened two HUGE new facilities in Nashville. A 20-story tower downtown and another huge building for fulfillment. They are in the process of trying to hire 40,000 new employees right now. Looking for a job? Not afraid of dogs yipping at your heels as you deliver boxes to doorsteps?  They have a gig for you.



Want to know what an optimist is? A person who goes to McDonald’s and thinks they’ll be able to get ice cream. The machines are always broke. Always. Enough so that it’s now drawn the attention of the feds according to one report. Maybe Mickey D’s should hire kids to do it the old-fashioned way. Ice, salt, bucket, ladle, turn the handle til finished. McHomemade Ice Cream.



Cutting the blog a bit short today as it’s nearly boarding time here in Orlando. Back home in a few hours. Bye Mickie.


Have a great Thursday!

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