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Beach Write...CMA Nominees...Magic Acts

Sep 2 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

Right smack dab middle of the week is where we be. Wednesday all day.



I caught up and wrote with one of my best friends Brent Burns down in Gulf Shores, Alabama and we penned another song that may land on his next project that we’ve been writing for.  We’re getting pretty close to having all the songs he’ll need, and yesterday’s song was fun, but has a nice reminder about living your life fully as time doesn’t slow down for any of us.  Brent, who normally plays a LOT has not played a lot either during pandemic times but that’s about to change as he’s added one of long time venues Lulu’s in Gulf Shores back to his schedule every Monday night along with a couple of other in town venues that folks know well down there.  If you go to Gulf Shores…do stop and see my buddy who’s been an institution at Lulu’s for years not.  Or, maybe it’s he should be in an institution. Go, tell him I sent ya.  Order the basket of fried crab claws.  You’ll have a great time.



The famed Ryman Auditorium here in Nashville will start holding concerts again but will only sell at 5% capacity for Covid concern reasons.  Scotty McCreery will be the first one to play Sept 4. Good to see that. A small step forward. And for my money, the Ryman may be the best place period to see a show sitting in one of those old church pews with the beautiful stained-glass windows and all the history surrounding you.  THE best sounding auditorium I’ve ever been in.



The CMA Award nominations came out and as always there are some notable folks left out. This year that would be Luke Bryan, Blake Shelton and Kelsea Ballerini with zero nominations.  For “Entertainer of the Year” the nods went to:


Carrie Underwood

Eric Church

Luke Combs

Miranda Lambert

Keith Urban


Miranda Lambert got the most nominations….7 in all. During her career she’s had more nominations than any other female artist…55 in all. Luke Combs got six nominations to lead the guys. The 2020 CMA Awards show will be held on ABC the night of November 11.



Iowa now is the red-hot spot for the virus. Iowa, where there’s a lot of corn and open spaces. The state has no mask mandate in place. Most bars are open as are restaurants and the Universities are getting a lot of the blame for the spreading of the virus. Iowa of all places.


Positive news.  CDC folks now say kids are at a minimal risk of catching Covid-19.  65 an older are the most in danger by far.


And then there’s this.  The rates of Covid-19 infected nudists at a French Retreat more than doubled in one week. Without having ever gone, I would suspect most folks who hang out at a nudist retreat never thought they would have to or need to wear a mask.



Jeff Bezos of Amazon Prime will never be able to spend the billions he’s made and continues to make.  But did you know that his now ex-wife is the richest woman on the planet?  Amongst other things in the divorce settlement she got 4% of the Amazon stock that keeps going through the roof. If there’s such a thing as a good divorce?  I’m betting she’s thinking that’s one of them.



Girls, if he’s a Tiger King fan…that train wreck of a Wild Kingdom show that’s on Netflix?  Joe Exotic is now selling Tiger King underwear with his face on the crotch. What a great stocking stuffer huh?



Most of your time in marriage is spent saying, “I never heard you say that”.



I’m not a HUGE magic fan but do enjoy the better ones.  David Blaine does some ridiculous things that baffle me every time. And one of the most enjoyable evenings I ever spent happened when someone who knew someone managed to get our radio group that was in Hollywood broadcasting the ACM Awards show one year into the Magic Castle which was just up the hill from the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel where we were broadcasting and staying.  I’d heard about it…Johnny Carson use to show up and practice magic there.  Incredible place in a castle with dinner and room after roof of magicians making magic.


I’ve said all that to share this really cool magic act. Watch magician Leah Kyle make a ton of costume changes.  How do she do that?



This guy quits his job. He decides to just start hiking in beautiful places.  And every time he goes, he posts a picture of him with a good bottle of whiskey he put in his hiking bag and posts it on Instagram. He got so many hits that whiskey distilleries now sponsor his lifestyle!


Another dude from Greece has posted a picture of just his forehead in different locations every day for the last 6 years. I have no idea who might sponsor that?  Acne Cream?



A busy fun day today.  I’ll be joining Linda Davis and Sydni Perry to write a song today.  Linda spotted something inspirational that Sydni had shared on her Facebook page that she thought could be turned into a song. We’ll see if we can make that happen. And it will give us a chance to check up with the soon to be first time Mama Sydni to see how the baby is coming along. I’m one of two honorary grandfathers’ so I have a vested interest here.  When we finish writing I’m going to hang around and record a couple of songs with Linda and her husband Lang Scott in their home studio as we’re looking to add a few new songs to our “Evening In The Round” show that we can add when Covid lets us start touring and doing shows together again.



And while I’m at it.  Congratulations to my two co-writer friends out east Ayla Brown and Rob Bellamy. Rob finally got down on one knee and proposed and Ayla did say “yes”.  Happy for those two.  This song that the three of us wrote that they recorded seems appropriate share.


Have a great Wednesday!



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