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The Star Wars Experience....Really Hot...Rat Plays Harp

Sep 1 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

Wednesday morning and it’s the last day here in Disney World. Oh, and it’s already the first day of September!


Our family did the MGM Hollywood Studios yesterday, and not the Magic Kingdom as I had blogged yesterday. I thought the new Star Wars thing was at the Magic Kingdom but was wrong. The “Galaxy’s Edge experience is one of the best Disney attractions ever. Unreal. The detail to the scenery and aircraft makes you feel like you’re in the movie, especially if you’re a Star Wars fan at all. And the ride is just sensational. Some of the rooms you go through and prop pieces, like those gigantic “walkers” are mind boggling. The Muppet Show had me laughing my butt off again at the two old geezers in the balcony, and the new Toyland Area was very fun. Another fun day at Disney.



It’s been HOT…really hot. Mid 90’s with humidity. My sweat has been sweating. I did see a park goer wearing one of these new “bladeless neck fans” that wrap around your neck. They cost about 25 bucks and might be something to consider wearing in these kinds of conditions. My first solution of trying to duct tape a window AC to my forehead failed miserably.


The second thing about this Disney trip is that I’m pretty sure I would have broken any device that counts steps. There’s a LOT of walking here. I had forgotten how much. So, if you need an expensive exercise program, book a 4-Day Disney pass to the parks.


As far as masks go, you must wear them when you go “inside” anything. Rides, hotels, the tram…everything. And it’s easy to forget to mask up sometimes. This morning at breakfast I went for a second cup of coffee and left my mask on the table. An employee reminded me to put my mask on. And that happens constantly at the park. You have your mask off while walking around, then enter a building and it’s easy to forget to pull it up. I do have to say that those reminding us to wear our masks do so in a very friendly manner and that’s appreciated. With mid 90 temperatures they are uncomfortable to wear at times but it’s just part of the new way of living for all of us.



The CDC is encouraging unvaccinated persons to stay home and not travel over the upcoming Labor Day weekend and encouraged even those who have been vaccinated should only travel with precautions. Geez. I see a lot of backyards grilling and blowing up inflatable pools going on this year.


Google has changed its mind about having workers return to work with the spread of the Delta variant. More “Zoom” work for them from home.


Spell Check! A woman is being held in Hawaii after she tried to use a fake vaccine card to leave Hawaii. She spelled Moderna as “Maderna”. Uh…no.


Even church is dangerous. In Illinois two church events have been linked to 180 Covid-19 cases, with 5 hospitalized.


A new survey says 1 in 5 Americans still say they won’t get the vaccine.



I haven’t seen any baseball while being on this little Disney run with the family, but I did pull up the video of LA Angels star Shohei Ohtani from last night’s game. The guy is ripping the cover off the baseball, he’s pitching flawless games, AND last night he steals home!  I’m not sure I’ve seen a greater baseball player in my lifetime. It’s early in his career, but the guy in just a highlight film night after night.


A HUSBAND TWEET (No…not mine…but funny)

When people say that my son looks just like me, my wife always says “doctors say there’s nothing they can do”



People love their dogs. Some REALLY love their dogs. Some people do weird things with their dogs. In Britain they threw a “Miss Chihuahua Town Beauty Pageant”. 800 dog owners dressed up their little chihuahua in costumes. 800. Sigh. I’m still trying to find out the name of the dog that won the swimsuit contest.



Now hurricane Larry is forming out in the Atlantic. Ida has already drenched a lot of states after it left a ton of devastation in New Orleans. Nashville got a LOT of rain. So much so that one of the country’s biggest outdoor music festivals “Bonnaroo” just got cancelled down in Manchester, TN because the grounds are flooded. Reportedly, fans are really upset with that decision. I guess they were willing to go “Woodstock” again and sit out in the mud and the water while the bands play on. Break out the tie died peace and love t-shirts boys and girls.



Somebody was bored. They taught a rat how to play a harmonica. Before you think badly about someone who would do this, remember 800 folks just dressed their dogs up in frilly costumes in a contest. Just saying.



Now today really is the day we head to the Magic Kingdom and revisit some old favorites like the Haunted Mansion, Space Mountain, Pirates of the Caribbean, and others. And I’m looking forward to seeing Monsters Inc that I’ve not yet been too that my daughter raves about. So, masks up and away we go.


This is our last day here, so I’m on a plane home tomorrow morning and I’m not sure if there will be a blog here tomorrow. It will be short if I do, but things will return to normal on Friday.


Have a great Wednesday!




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