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Indiana Jones...Australian Bluegrass...Lots of Beans

Sep 1 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

Top of O’ Tuesday morning to ya. 



With no “gotta do” on my calendar yesterday I drove out to a state park to walk a two-mile trail.  I’d hiked this one a long time ago but made a not to myself not to hike it at the end of August ever again as the trail was just covered with spider webs.  I felt like Indiana Jones constantly swiping and ducking and trying to move.  Thank goodness a big boulder never started running downhill at me.  And I did get a chance to practice some songs for my Friday night show over in Crossville, TN at the Grinder House Coffee Shop.  Looking forward to that.



My thanks to Kristy Cox, the Aussie bluegrass artist who’s recorded a few of my songs over the past few years including an “event” type song that we think may be nominated for an Australian Country Music Award this year for the “Golden Guitar”…the Aussie equivalent of a CMA Award. That song is “Finger Picking Good” with world class guitar player Tommy Emmanuele that I co-wrote with Kristy and my friend Jerry Salley.


But the song she tells me she just knew she had to record the minute she heard it is “So Many Rainy Days” that I wrote with Jimmy Fortune and Sydni Perry.  She proved that when she chose to sing that song for an International Bluegrass taping. Here’s that performance.  Always always nice when artists love your songs that much.



Husband: “Want me to make dinner”?

Wife: “Nah it’s ok honey, I know you’re still tired from doing it in 2003”. 


No, that was not my tweet…at least I don’t remember tweeting that.



A new study reveals that 3 out of 4 Americans will get the vaccine when it becomes available.  With so much talk about folks who are fearful about it…that it might be political more than scientific, that’s a fairly surprising study.


Another survey reveals that most think the quarantine has made them a better person. More time with family, and a lot of folks learned new hobbies. For those who catch themselves saying, “I never have time for…”?  That kind of went out the window with being quarantined and having extra time for many folks. 


Because of Covid…restaurants that are opened are having trouble finding help.  Lots of those kinds of jobs are available right now. Maybe some of them will buy roller skates and star working at drive ins as Car Hops are making a comeback. Nostalgic, and kind of cool. Food comes on a tray on your window. Sonics of course are everywhere but some Mom and Pop places are opening up too.  A&W Root Beer stands were part of my growing up in Missouri. Chili dog and a frosty mug of root beer brought out by a car hop?  Pretty good stuff there. 



Nope.  Don’t know my State flower, rock, tree or anything else for the most part. I took a wild stab at my home state of Missouri.  Since the Mississippi River flows there, I guessed catfish. Wrong!  It’s the paddlefish. Here in Tennessee?  No clue. Turns out we have 2.  Small mouth bass and guess what?  Uh huh.  Channel catfish.  If you’ve not been able to sleep at night wondering what your state fish might be?  Here’s the complete list.



Showing his respect for Loretta Lynn who’s 88…Kid Rock got down on one knee and proposed to her. She said “yes”.  Then declared herself a “Cougar”.  Got to love that.  And the respect Kid has for the country legend to share that kind of fun moment with her. 



Actor Matthew Perry decided he wanted to downsize. He sold his mansion in California for nearly 15 million bucks. His downsize?  He bought a 3,000 square foot cottage.  It only cost 6 million.  Of course, in Beverly Hills-Hollywood-LA?  A 6-million-dollar home could be a double-wide. 



“How To Hunt Deer In The Heat”.  I don’t hunt anymore…haven’t since I was a kid. But if I started again and wanted to hunt deer in the heat?  I’d just put in a window AC unit in my tree stand.  Just doesn’t seem that complicated to me.



This guy decides he wants to run a marathon. To get in shape he decides to eat nothing but beans before the big race. Beans from a tin can.  All in all?  He ate 191 cans of beans over a 40-day period.  And he’s making a documentary of it so we can all watch.


All I know is that I’m not going to run behind that guy in any race.



In San Francisco drag queens are now delivering food to homes for folks who can’t get out. The name of the service ya gotta love, “Meals On Heels”. 



I’m hooking up on the computer to write with my long-time beach buddy Brent Burns.  Brent has about half of his new album completed so we’ll be working on something new to help fill out the last half of his project. I’m putting on my flip flops and sunscreen right now to get in the mood.


Have a great Tuesday!






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