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Hello September...and hello Harvey.



Yep...we're getting some of that wet stuff from Harvey.  Tornado warnings...lots of them last night.  It got the attention of friends and family from other states who called to make sure we were okay.  It was all around us...but nothing really close to us...BUT...we are getting a lot of rain...a lot.  We're soaked and it's still raining some this morning.  College football started in earnest last night...so I was not going to our "safe" place unless Dorothy's tornado was right on us.  Priorities ya know. The worse part was being in bed and hearing my phone go off loudly in another room with one of those cell phone "warning" blares and waking us up.  Geez.  I do see a nap in my future today with the lack of sleep we got last night.


Of course one really can't complain when one sees the pictures that continue to come out of Houston.  Over a fourth of all property was affected there.  Massive massive clean up coming.  And more ominous news now about the new hurricane forming out in the Atlantic that they are now calling a "monster".  That do not sound good.  I prefer hurricanes they refer to as "kitty kats".  Batten down your hatches Florida, and Bama. 



It was the first time that I sat down to write with Wil Nance and Catie Offerman.  Catie was a musical guest one morning on WSM when I was filling in for host Bill Cody a couple of months ago and I was so impressed with her talent.  She plays great fiddle...trained...went to Julliard on a scholarship at just 17!  So I thought my co-writer Wil Nance would be a great fit and boy was I right.  Wil plays a little fiddle too.  And I heard a lot of them fiddling around in the living room yesterday to help break the ice as Wil was meeting Catie for the first time.  At the end of the session..we got a verse of a song started so we'll gather another day and dig in.  But it was just a great three hours of getting to know this talented young lady better.


Catie was spotted by Simon Fuller who produced "American Idol" while she was at Berklee performing at a celebrity recital where Willie Nelson got up and sang while Catie fiddled. She also performed herself that day.  Simon wanted to meet her after seeing and hearing her talent and that led her to LA for a couple of years where they developed a TV show for her that wound up going nowhere...and she decided Nashville was a better fit for her. She's been in town now a couple of years making noise.  She actually turned down a major record deal out on the coast she said as she thought they were taking her music too "poppy".  She knows who she is...and she's a girl that grew up on a ranch in New Braunfels, Texas.  She sings GREAT...plays guitar, mandolin, fiddle, accordion, piano, writes music AND...she is now tackling steel guitar.  Good grief.  I was just really happy to be in the same room with that much talent.  Can't wait to finish what we started yesterday. Another reminder to me how lucky I am to get to do what I do these days.



It just keeps filling up with stuff.  The Grand Canyon Train for five days starts next Saturday as I catch a flight to Phoenix and then drive up to Williams, Arizona where the train leaves with me on it starting that Monday 9/11 singing tunes to the tourists on the train car that stops at the Grand Canyon.  5 days of that.







And when I get home...I'm going to join a friend of mine who's going into the Songwriters Hall of Fame this year Jim McBride and go see the new Atlanta Braves ballpark.  Jim is as big a baseball nut as I am and he's taking a long a sports writer friend of his from Huntsville (where Jim's from) and another friend who has already seen every MLB park in the country like I'm trying to do.  After Atlanta I'll have just 6 to go.


FYI...Jim got into the Hall of Fame by writing iconic country hits like "Chasin' That Neon Rainbow" and "Chattahoochee" for Alan Jackson, "Rose In Paradise" for Waylon Jennings, "Standing On A Bridge That Just Won't Burn" by Conway.Twitty..and there's a long list of others.  It's going to be a very fun night at the ball yard with three other guys who love the "boys of summer" as much as I do.


Do check my calendar at billwhytecomedy.com to find out where I'm playing.  It looks like I could be adding a Georgia date, and a couple of Florida dates or three to it in the near future.



Archaeologists have just dug up a fossil of a Triceratops that they believe is 66 million years old!  Wow.  Even weirder...they found a fidget in it's paws.  Seriously.



I read an article titled "Things Unsuccessful People Do On The Weekend". These two were back to back.  1.  They constantly think about work.  2. They're lazy.  So I guess the proper thing to do on weekends to be successful is to think about work...but then realize you're too lazy to do anything about it.  I guess.



I do tweet...I do have some followers.  But...not really.  Not compared to Justin Bieber who has over 100 MILLION following him.  He's got the second most followers.  Guess who's got the most?  That would be Taylor Swift.  I follow neither but I've discovered neither one of them follow me either.  Pretty sure we are all better off.



Speaking of following someone on Twitter.  "Guy's Mug Shot Led To A Modeling Career".  His mug shot showed up on his Twitter account.  Some modeling agency thought his face in is mug shot with his square jaw was marketable so he strutted out of jail and is now strutting a runway somewhere.  Is this a great country or what?



"Man shoots his wife to prove his bullet proof clothing works".  Uh uh.  I test my songs on my wife.  Less hazardous.  That must have been a heck of a conversation.  "Honey...put this on...and don't move". 



Well...it's Friday before Labor Day weekend.  Folks get an extra day off Monday.  I got a request from the company I write country parody songs for and this morning my assignment is something a little different.  I'm writing them and "Oldies" parody about folks having to return back to work after a long holiday weekend next Tuesday.  I've chosen the Frankie Valli and The Four Seasons classic, "Working My Way Back To You Babe" that I will twist into "Hating To Go Back To Work Babe" which should be fun.  I'm glad I won't be the one in studio trying to sing those Franki Valli high notes.  One could hurt themself. 





So...I have Monday off...hope you do too.  Have a great Labor Day weekend.

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