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Harry's Great Tribute...A Rooster Helps...Friday Night Show

Aug 31 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

Monday, the last day of August 2020. And August went out with a little flash flooding from Hurricane Laura in Music City but all is calm now as we get ready to rip into September.



Mine began this Friday morning with a co-writing session with Brent Baxter and Nathan Woodard. I had started a little fun idea about “family” that the group liked enough to write, and we lassoed than in less than two hours, I think.  Brent also had a great idea, so we booked another day to tackle that as a team.  The three of us have probably written 8 or 9 songs together now and I’m sure that list will continue to grow. It was a really fun song to be a part of Friday morning.



I was a huge Harry Caray fan. He was the first baseball broadcaster I listened to as a kid in Missouri as he and Jack Buck were the Cardinal play by play team.  Yes…far enough back that I listened on my transistor radio. Harry was the fans announcer…”one of em" as they’d say.  He made baseball games FUN. Later in his career he went to Oakland, then the White Sox and then became unforgettable play by pay guy at Wrigley Field for the Chicago Cubs.  Sitting on the couch this weekend I saw the tail end of an ESPN on Harry and they showed a small clip of his funeral where one of his best friends gave the best and most fun eulogy you’ve ever heard. Harry was surely laughing in the casket nearby.  Numerous celebrities, baseball legends, Cubs were all in the church to honor Harry.  But it was his best friend Pete Vonachen who stole the funeral show that day.  Here’s that tribute.




And now the CDC admits that only 6% of all of the virus deaths were 100% related to Covid-19.  The rest had underlying conditions. Hard to know what and whom to believe.


A Great Grandmother beat the virus.  73 years old she went into the hospital in March and just got out alive. The staff said she “fought it all the way”. 


Watching the Reds-Cubs double header there was some scuffling going on.  Both managers got tossed from the game.  But was interesting was watching the managers get up in the umps face with both the ump and the manager screaming through covid masks.  Weird.


And down under in Australia because folks are locked up in their homes more snakes are on the loose in gardens and backyards. They have professional snake catchers there…that’s how bad it is.  And one said business is booming as he’s getting 20-30 calls per day to come grab a dang snake!  I may wait awhile longer before taking a trip to Australia.



I know I’m living in Covid times when my cable goes out and I have to make the dreaded call to the cable company and wait for a call back from someone to help us. The lady who did call back was calling from…I’m not sure which country but while she was patiently helping us through her accent, I heard a rooster crowing several times. When I mentioned her rooster, she busted out laughing and admitted she was in her backyard where her rooster was doing what roosters will do. So, we have our TV signal back and I have to give half credit to a rooster.



A LOT of songwriters and performers have taken to the internet to perform their songs and try to get fans to drop some dollars in their virtual tip jars.  A lot. It does help some of them stay afloat that way as they’re living in an “every dollar” counts kind of world right now. So, how does that work for stand-up comedians?  I’ve done just enough of that in comedy clubs to think how hard it would be to make that work with no crowd response to the jokes going out.  Of course, I’ve had nights where there was no response to a joke of mine with a full house…but I digress.



How about this Japan flying car that flew this weekend with someone in it?  It went well. Drones will be delivering packages to our doors. Amazon bought a fleet of electric vehicles to deliver their goods in Europe, and perhaps in my lifetime I’ll get to sit in a flying car. Check out this one from Japan that's operative. It’s hard to keep up with technology changes these days.



And then there’s a valet app coming where one day you can pull up to a parking garage, take out your smart aleck phone and pull up an app that will allow you to have the car park itself. And when you come back to get it?  Open the app again…hit the right cue and the car will return itself to you where you’re standing.  Wow.  What’s the appropriate tip for a valet app?



That’s the advice from some expert if you ever encounter a Polar Bear…and some do I suppose in Iceland. His advice?  Back up and start stripping out of your clothes one piece at a time. Polar Bears (who just killed one hiker) are apparently really curious and their nature would be to stop and smell each piece of clothing you toss at them giving you time to escape or for the bear to lose interest.  Man, is the Polar Bear at the Nashville Zoo in for a BIG surprise next time I visit.



The sing Toni Braxton reveals she was discovered in an unbelievable way. While in college she stopped to put gas in her car and was singing to herself.  A nearby attendant walked up who had been listening and said he would love to do some “demos” on her.  (demonstration recordings). She was a little hesitant but agreed and her career took off.  The guy who recorded her?  He bought that gas station.  Gotta love that.


If this story gets out in Nashville?  I see a lot of young wanna be artists singing at the top of their lungs as they fill up.



Not as long as this couple from Ecuador who just celebrated their 75th wedding anniversary!  He’s 110 years young, his younger bride is just 104 years of age. Combined?  They are 214 years old and still celebrating.  And get this…both of their parents disapproved of the marriage 75 years ago.  Looks like the couple was right.



Major League Baseball honored the late Jackie Robinson this weekend.  Every major league player wore Jackie’s number 42 during their games. The actor who portrayed Jackie in the movie "42" Chadwick Boseman died this weekend of cancer. Ironic and sad all at the same time. The movie is certainly is more than worth watching and gives us all a real look at the struggle a black man had trying to play a white man’s game at the time.  Here’s the TRAILER.



I’m officially jealous.  This 4-year-old kid just did what I’ll never be able to do. He hit a hole in one playing golf.  Watch THIS.


And then on the Pro tour in a playoff Jon Rahm calmly sinks a 60 FOOT putt to win.  Nothing to the game of golf is there?



One of two shows that I have for the year comes up this weekend in Crossville, Tennessee at Grinders Coffee House.  It’s just me and the guitar and a solo set. This is a very cool intimate venue with great food and even greater coffee.  If you’re nearby, come see me. It’s a 2-hour set from 6-8 pm.



Nothing big on the calendar so some of my time will be spent running through songs to see if I can remember enough of them to get through that 2-hour show in Crossville this weekend.


Have a great Monday!






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