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Harvey Rain...Springer Mayor and New Writing Trio

Last day of August...wow.  Hello September.



Yesterday was a day of prepping for shows in September with travel...catching up and writing a parody song for New York about the start of college football for 2017.  I'll be sneaking peeks at both the Ohio State and Arkansas game tonight on the tube.  It was also the first day the remnants of Harvey snuck into Nashville and we'll see a lot more of that today and tomorrow as we have flash flood warnings out today for our area.  So I'll be packing my computer, guitar AND umbrella to my writing appointment later today.


It looks like maybe it's stopped raining in Houston but now Louisiana is getting drenched and so will a lot of other regions in the south and mid-south.  And look what's shaping up out in the Atlantic.  Hurricane Irma.  Could be a long wet hurricane season on the coasts.  Gas prices went from about $1.85 to $2.35 here because of what's going on with refineries in Houston.  And so it blows.



Jerry Springer may be running for Governor in Ohio.  Don't laugh.  I know him a bit.  Extremely intelligent man.  His train wreck TV show that's made him millions?  Truly just a show with him...and he's in on the joke while he cashes big checks.  Jerry was Mayor in Cincinnati...and. a good one.  He was the number one TV anchor in the Queen City for several years.  Loves baseball history...Yankee fan...and he's quick on his feet and self effacing as heck.  And...he's a frustrated country singer. Here's a small example of Hank Springer.   He came into my radio studio once with a 45 record of he and some local girl singing "Don't You Roll Those Bloodshot Eyes At Me".  And he used to wander into the local watering holes that had country bands and get up and sing...or try to sing with them.  I was around him several times.  He always made me laugh.  They could do a movie on this guys life sometime....his parents were holocaust survivors which would surely make an interesting back story for that. 


Look for Vote For Springer yard signs in the Buckeye state soon.



They have organic Cheetos?  Seriously?  I'm pretty sure if I want to buy a bag of Cheetos...which I know is already not good for me...I surely don't want to bother with them being the least bit healthy.  Next thing ya know Krispy Kreme will be going for organic donuts.



Apparently we have a shortage of mechanics.  The kind of mechanics that understand computers.  In Memphis already the pay for mechanics can go as high as $100,000 per years.  Different kind of mechanics that ole Goober from Mayberry for sure.  Sign up for automotive school kids.






How about this offer from Burger King.  A Whopper severance package.  If you tell a Burger King you've been fired...they'll hand over free Whopper.  And while that sounds great...wouldn't you want to know WHY that person was fired first?  Normal firing...sure.  But if he was fired because of stealing burgers from the commissary...maybe don't put the paper crown on that head right away.



I had no idea that Texas has an "open carry sword" law.  You can dangle a Jim Bowie knife from you hip and it's legal.  I'm trying to think why a person would need to carry a mammoth knife openly with them but I'm sure there's a really really good reason for it.  I know that I struggle mightily getting the shrink wrap plastic off of my CD's when I sell them.  Next time I have a gig in Texas...I'm applying for a license.



An industry magazine printed their favorite gospel performances today.  Amazing Grace showed up a couple times.  One of them was a "live" Willie Nelson version...another from Ray Charles.  Outside of that song...the choices were not old hymns.  It was all about performance I think.  Tennessee Ernie Ford had one...but one of my faves was listed.  This Alison Kraus masterpiece of a gospel tune recorded with the Cox Family..."I'd Rather Have Jesus".  Hard to leave Alison off that kind of list as her voice truly sounds "angelic" to begin with. 



"Woman steals $36,000 of Six Flags tickets from her bus company".  She was easy to catch.  Officers just listened for her constant "wheeeeeee" on the roller coaster.



I'm writing for the first time with a young talented Texan named Catie Offerman...and my friend Wil Nance.  Catie is from Texas...and plays every instrument...sings great...writes...good grief.  And Wil is going to love her because she plays fiddle extremely well...and she's often out on the road with an artist doing just that...playing fiddle.  So this should be a fun writing table to be sitting at today. 


Have a great last day of August!



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