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Free Eggs...iPhone 8 and Grand Canyon Train Ahead

Aug 30 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

Last "Hump Day" of the month. 



My songwriting session paired me up with a couple of friend Wil Nance and young Lauren Mascitti.  This was maybe the 4th or 5th session together and I think all three of us would agree there is some chemistry going on when we sit down to rhyme and sing together.  Or I should say when Lauren sings.  She's working towards a new project with her boyfriend Shawn Camp who's about as good as they get in Music City so we're trying to write some song that might land on that album.  The songs are coming along great...and the bonus is the friendships that have developed out of the process.  We got a pretty good song started but will have to finish it later as yesterday was Shawn's birthday and of course Lauren was looking for a couch to give him.  A couch on a birthday! Nothing says romance like a leather sofa.  LOL.  Apparently Shawn at home is really a GUY...and furniture has not been a big deal until a girl came into the picture.  So...I'm not sure if the birthday gift is not more for her than it is him.  Hey...a girl has got to have a place to sit down y'all.


And a second bonus was Wil insisting that I take home a bunch of his eggs.  He's got chickens.  They can't eat all the eggs that are being laid.  So...I got a great song, some great company and eggs from yesterday' writing session.  That's a pretty good day.



I caught what I am sure will be our minor league ball teams last game of 2017 and they are calling for rain here the next couple of nights. And I'm guessing that rain may be because of remnants of Harvey that's starting to move up and over from Houston.  You could pretty much pick any seat you wanted as interest here in the south is cranking up big time for college football.  I'm sorry to see the baseball season end as it's still my favorite sport by far...but...I'll have no trouble getting into football this weekend as play begins.  Couple of marquee teams are actually playing tomorrow night too.  Arkansas and Ohio State both have games to kick off their year.  I am bracing myself as my Hit's and Grins musical partners are bigger college football fans than I am...by far.  Steve Dean is from Arkansas and never misses a Razorback game...and Victoria Venier is an insufferable Bama fan...even though she's from Illinois.  Go figure.  So my ears will be hearing a lot of "pig sooey" and "roll tide" very soon. 



My alma mater is the Central Missouri Mules...Division II...so it's not quite the same.  And...me making the sound of a jackass doesn't seem to bother them nearly as much as the "sooey" and "roll tide" do me.  Could be a long season.



Man...the water in Houston!  Unreal.  Now it's moving into Louisiana and other places. Even Pensacola is now expecting 7 inches of rain as residual fall out from Harvey.   Over a half million cars may be scrapped in Houston after drowning in flood waters.  The President and First Lady (in really high heels) visited Houston yesterday.  I do think they should have put him in one of those rafts floating the streets of Houston Town with the boat marked "Flotus".  But that's just me.  It's going to be a long period of recovery there for sure.


iPhone 8

The new phone rolling out that will set you back $1,000 to $1,500 or so is rumored to be set up for wireless charging.  And I'm sure it's just a coincidence that you'll need to buy an extra device to make that happen...right?  The new 8 will also have facial recognition...no need to sign in ever and will support 3-D scanning.  Now...if Apple can just make one that "butt dial" proof...I'm in. 



Believe it or not...folks that know how to do these kinds of amazing things are rigging up cell phones that will allow you to take a selfie of come kind to help determine if you have cancer.  A cell selfie diagnosis.  Unreal.  No wonder that a manufacturer of leggings is adding a cell phone pocket you can slip your phone into for when you work out or jog.  And no wonder we panic when we misplace our mini computers that hold our world inside them.  "Hey...honey...will you ring my phone please"?



The future?  Look for a driverless car to deliver the pizza you ordered.  I guess when it's in your driveway it will blast on the horn til you come out and get your meat lovers?



That weekend is close.  The movie industry is saying this weekend in particular could be the worst movie weekend of the year.  There are just no "must see" movies out right now apparently.  Too soon for Spider Man 50 I guess. 


One alternative might be checking out a new show Jerry Seinfeld has on Net Flix.  Here's the TRAILER for that.  I like to think I'm on top of entertainment trends...partly because I've needed to be to figure out what audiences are watching and interested in.  You use that info when you decide what you're going to talk about on a radio show.  But I do have to admit I do miss some trends.  Here's one story.


I was doing mornings at WMIL in Milwaukee when my General Manager at the time...the late Mike Jorgensen asked me if I was paying attention to Seinfeld?  I had not watched an episode and it was knee deep in the season.  I don't know why...it just didn't appeal to me...I thought.  My wife Kathy agreed and told me I should be watching as it was funny.  Turns out both were right.  A show about nothing is exactly what the audience was relating too at the time...brilliantly written for a great cast who's roles were clearly defined.  The "nothing" was all about the every day sometimes mundane things we all are part of which makes it "relatable" to everyone.  I took note...changed the tone of the radio show I was doing to make sure I was talking about silly relatable things that hit home with the audience.  Waiting forever at the DMV...or the soup line "no more soup for you"!  Those kinds of things. 


So...with all that said...I'm going to make it a point to check out what Jerry is doing this time.  Maybe I'll even check out "Game Of Thrones" to see what the fuss is all about.



There was an article today helping you pick the proper essential oils to take on your next trip.  Certain oils for certain locations I think...or something like that.  Here's a real insight into how "old school" I am.  My wife first talked to me about essential oils and I remember asking her if 10W-40 was on the list.  Crickets.



"Woman Finds Tiny Frog In Her Salad And Adopts It As A Pet".  You can write your own jokes for that one.



Well...my songwriting appointment got cancelled so I'll write my daily parody song for New York and then do some "working ahead" kind of stuff.  I have to pick out an appropriate outfit to look like an Arizona type cowboy for my 5 days worth of singing on the Grand Canyon Train that starts on 9/11...believe it or not.  The train leaves from Williams, Arizona every morning about 9:30...stops at the rim of one of God's most beautiful paintings for two and half hours and then returns to Williams...with me singing on it.  And then there's a four day run of shows coming up in October on the beach in Port St. Joe, Florida-Mexico Beach with "Hits & Grins" at the "Blast On The Bay" songwriters festival.  So...I'm shopping for cowboy clothes...and beach wear...all at the same time. 


For complete info on those two trips...and you can come join me if you'd like...just check my calendar at billwhytecomedy.com


Have a great Wednesday!




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