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Whole Food Tune...Opry Radio Party and On The Farm Writing

Don't look now but August is about to disappear.



After getting off a road trip I took the day to catch up on stuff that always seems to pile up over the weekend.  I wrote a couple of morning radio jingles for a country station in Colorado...and also wrote a parody song about the cost of Whole Foods stuff going down in price after Amazon bought them out.  And did they go down.  Almost 50% on some items.  My editor in New York said don't be afraid to said to not be afraid to poke fun of their "high falutin food" and "stupid artisan crap".  That e-mail made me laugh out loud.  Must have hit a nerve.  So...I was happy to use the word "falutin" in a tune for sure. 


It is amazing how the healthy stuff costs so much more.  Should be the other way shouldn't it?   My wife is a completely perfect eater...healthy...all the time.  I know this because I usually have never heard of or can't pronounce what she's eating.  Now with Whole Food prices taking such a drop...maybe I'll try and take a bite of an organic something.  Do they make organic mac and cheese?


With such a drop in prices...I am now rooting for Amazon to buy out my Health Insurance company.  Please.



Our "Hits & Grins" trio did add an Arkansas date to our calendar.  Saturday night November 11 we have a 7:30 pm show at the Founders Room in that city.  Details are now on my website calendar...and this link takes you to their website with the info.



And...I'll be broadcasting an Opry Plaza party for WSM Saturday September 30.  Two "live" radio shows with a band and some Opry stars will be dropping by too.  I'll be right out in front of the Opry that night...so you can't miss me.  Come by and say hello if you're in town for the Grand Ole Opry.  And you can listen in worldwide at wsmonline.com.







Man...just unreal the amount of water in, near and around that city...with more coming.  I love how the Cajun Navy showed up to help.  Dudes with boats from the Cajun state.  Think Duck Dynasty.  Over 30,000 now have had to leave their homes and seek shelter somewhere else.  One guy caught a fish with his bare hands in his house!  Not good.  Stay safe Houston.



I've decided to start preparing invitations for my 150th birthday party.  I know I'll live at least that long now because a new study says that drinking 4 cups of coffee a day lowers your risk of death.  If we go by quantity...and especially if you take into consideration the gallons of java I consumed while doing early morning radio shows...I may live forever.  Y'all go on an run another 10 miles...I'll be in the kitchen making another cup of joe.



I had no idea that the different color twist ties we see on loaves of bread actually mean something. The color signifies the day of the week the bread was made.  There are 5 different colors...bakers take two days off.  Who knew?  I've seen a lot of white twist ties on my packages...I'm trying to figure out what day that signifies right now.



58% of us admit to learning more from technology now that we learn from people.  I will say that if I sat in a classroom with the BEST teacher in the world and a computer or robot trying to explain Algebra and it's importance in my life...I'd fail either way.  I learned more about things I needed to know and didn't need to know in Study Hall back in the day...I think.  And there wasn't anyone looking at their books.



Apple will soon become...it looks like...the first company worth a TRILLION dollars.  That means Steve Jobs actually did pay attention in school.  If you're into that sort of thing...the Steve Jobs biography is a can't put down must read.  I'm pretty sure Apple will be able to increase that figure of worth several times over if they ever figure out how to get that rainbow wheel of death to stop spinning on laptops like mine.






New fashion trend for some.  Glitter tongues.  Just like it sounds.  They put glitter on their dang tongues.  Not for me...but to each their own.  I figure if I put glitter on my tongue it's going to be harder to see that nine inch nail I drove through it to look cool.



It's official...more men marry up than women.  Like someone had to research that?  I'm admittedly one.  Pretty sure I appealed to my wife because I made her laugh.  After 34 years of marriage I still do.  Pretty much every time I step out of the shower I hear laughter.  You'd think she'd applaud just once wouldn't ya?



"Pet parrot sends Michigan woman to prison for life for the murder of her husband".  True.  You can look up the story.  Wonder if they cross examined the bird?



I'm off to Wil Nance's little place with a stocked pond full of fish.  My co-writer has turned into farmer Nance over the past few years.  Young talented Lauren Mascitti who sings like a bird will join us today and we'll see if we can't write something together we all love.  Keep an eye on this girl. Here's a cool video of her getting up by invitation and wailin' with Delbert McClinton on a recent cruise.  Keep your eyes and ear open for this one. 


Have a great Tuesday!



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