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Arizona Co-write...New Single Coming...Funny Marriage Tweets

Aug 28 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

Last weekend of August is on us.  Hello Friday morning.



I hooked up online and wrote with a Grand Canyon Railway buddy Jake Madlock who sang on the train running to the South rim from Williams, Arizona when I was out there a couple of years. Jake had had a kidney transplant and received a new pancreas not all that long ago and will be back in for more of the same in sounds like in the future. He’s too young for that.  The good news is he’s handling more than well and was feeling great yesterday when we caught up and worked on a song of his that he wanted me to help him try to make better.  Hopefully we did just that.  Either way it was good to see his face again. 


The Train he tells me is running again but they are only selling half the coaches to try and be safe, and the singers now have wo wear a mask and sing through them when they work on the train. If they remove their masks at any time, they won’t work the train again…so yea…they’re taking things pretty seriously.  Several of the guys I worked with have opted out for now and will wait for the virus to go away before they jump back on the train to sing again.  I get that.  Some new young guys have been rounded up to entertain the tourists on board for now.  I’ve said it here before, but I’ll say it now again.  Everyone should ride that train once.  Great experience.



My friend Jenny Tolman let me know yesterday that a song we wrote maybe a year ago titled “If I Could Invent A T-Shirt” is going to be released October 2 as a single along with a video to promote the song that she, myself and her boyfriend-producer Dave Brainard co-wrote.  It’s timely with everything that’s going on now.  It’s a really fun song and might stir up a little talk…we’ll see.


Jenny and Dave are headed for Jackson Hole, Wyoming soon to play a show that will be streamed from the famous Million Dollar Cowboy Bar. Here’s how long that bar has been in Jackson Hole. Many many years ago my band I were schedule to play there but it got cancelled along with a show we thought would happen at the Calgary Stampede.  Sigh.  I’m jealous that Jenny will get to play there!  There are silver dollars embedded in the bar and every bar stool?  Cowboy saddles to sit on.  Very cool place.


My family stayed in Jackson Hole for a week once.  Saw the Tetons, Yellowstone, rode horses high into the Aspens, bought a cowboy hat on Main Street, watched a rodeo and yes…stuck our head inside the Cowboy Bar.  If you’ve never been?  You should go.  Gorgeous place.



Here’s the question of the day.  Would it be wrong to organize a protest to protest the protests?


George Carlin accurately said once, “Never underestimate the power of stupid people in large groups”.



Senator Kennedy in Louisiana describe the hurricane best when he said, “Louisiana looks like it’s been bombed”. Man…unreal the power of hurricanes at Cat 3 and 4 speed.  Some folks stayed. Some didn’t get out alive.  One person was quoted as saying, “I didn’t know it was going to be this bad” after officials and weather experts saying it would be “unsurvivable”.


Here in Nashville today we’re expecting a pretty good dose of rain after having some thunderstorms last night that made a lot of noise. All eyes on the weather as we could have some pop-up tornadoes and 35 mph winds or so this afternoon. 



Paris is back to mandatory mask wearing after a Covid resurgence. Ya think you’ve got it managed and back it comes.


“The Masked Singer” returns to TV September 23 with a virtual audience. Considering Covid, this show idea was ahead of its time.


And at EPCOT at Disney World in Orlando a man hit a security guard in the head and threatened to kill him when he was asked to follow Disney World’s mask rules. Wow.  If you don’t want to follow the rules plainly posted?  Don’t pay for a ticket and walk in. 


As of today, Delta Airlines has banned 240 people from flying for refusing their mandatory policy of wearing a mask.  And on it goes.



It’s being promoted big time now.  Costume ideas…pet costume ideas…and lots of pumpkin flavored stuff coming out. You can get your Starbucks spiked with pumpkin already and now they are selling a “glow in the dark” Tumbler in case you really want your coffee sippin’ to be trendy.


Maybe you can sip your pumpkin spiced latte’ while munching on the all new Ritz flavored Ice Cream!  Wow.  Andy Griffith used to tell us “everything tastes good on a cracker”.  Count me in…I love Ritz…I love ice cream.  Wonder if they make it in lo-cal?



I read a long list of funny tweets about marriage this morning. Some of them really funny…all of them real tweets.  Here’s three favorites filled with truth.


“My husband made me mad, so I bought another half-dozen throw pillows for the bed”.  (What is it with women and dang throw pillows?  No man would ever have a dozen pillows on his bed.  This only happens after you’re married, and you suddenly acquire a Bed Bath and Beyond platinum card)


Husband: “You were right about thi-

Wife: “Yeah, I know”.


And this last one.

Man: Apparently saying “Alexa: Skip during my wife’s story is rude”. 



I’m rhyming on the computer with Brent Baxter in Missouri and Nathan Woodard who’s here in my backyard of Nashville. And then the rest of this weekend I’ll be trying to figure out why Facebook wants me to change to their new look when I don’t want to.


Have a great weekend!



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