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Working Ahead...New Songs Recorded...God Bless Teachers

Aug 28 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

Tuesday morning and the heat is cranking up…again.



Monday was a day of working ahead with trips coming up in the near future to both Pennsylvania…a five day run with “Evening In The Round” with Linda Davis and Lang Scott…and right after that a 7 day run up to Northern Arizona where I’ll have the pleasure of playing on the Grand Canyon Railway for the second time.  And if that ain’t enough…right after that…a week in Italy with Brent Burns touring Rome, Florence and Venice.  So it’s booking hotels and planes and cars etc that’s filling up some of my open days I have on the calendar including today.


I did write a parody song for New York yesterday about how Pumpkin stuff is already breaking out in August…like pumpkin lattes available at Starbucks today…today.  End of August.  So I took the Kenny Chesney hit “She Thinks My Tractors’s Sexy” and turned that into “I Think Your Pumpkin’s Early”.  And it is…way too early.  Shouldn’t we fee cool weather before anything pumpkin breaks out Charlie Brown?



My daughter Heather has been elevating her photography game lately.  She’s a creative kid…and has a creative eye for images.  And she got a little pat on the back from the folks at our Wilson County Fair here when she picked up two blue ribbons and one red for her three entries.  The Wilson County Fair is the biggest in Tennessee…outdrawing the State Fair for attendance every year so it’s nice recognition for my daughter.  Here’s a LINK to her Facebook photo page in case you’d like to see some of what she’s doing. 



I would like to say that Tennessee must be the capitol of chiggers as I’m ate up with them again.  I can be outside around our house for 20 minutes and will wake up the next morning with enough bites that one can play connect a dot on me.  I’ve decided that spending time outdoors may be over-rated.



My friend Brent Burns new CD that will be titled “70 and Partly Funny” is nearing completion.  Originally I thought I had six songs on there with Brent that we’d written together but he added one he’s had in the can for awhile but never released…until now.  The song is titled “I’d Rather Be Lucky Than Good” and the two of us have sung it out a few times and it gets a great reaction from crowds.  So I’m glad to see this 7th cut added.  I’ll let you know when and where you can get the CD soon.  But…it’s safe to say that we’ll be singing some of these on our Italy tour this year…and the tour next June and July down the Rhine with stops in Amsterdam, Germany and Switzerland.


If you want to go on either…sign up and join us.  The info is right HERE.



 I got a nice text from Rob Bellamy and Ayla Browna boyfriend-girlfriend duo that I’ve written with some letting me know they are going to make a record and some of our songs will be on that.  Awesome.  The two of them have been on a long tour out east testing some of the new songs…and apparently the reaction has been strong enough to warrant them recording a couple…or three.  That’s always music to songwriter’s ears.  Thanks Rob and Ayla.



They have just invested 500 million dollars into Uber…that means they are serious about self-driving cars showing up at your door through the use of a phone app.  No driver…climb in…and away you go.  The first real testing will be in 2021.  Are ya ready for that?


One of the things I won’t like is if the car won’t open your door unless you tip it appropriately.  And ya know that could happen!



IPhones will get bigger…shortly.  I already have one of the big ones.  I didn’t know that I would like it…but I can’t imagine going smaller now that I have one.  So…if the next one is bigger…I see me buying one and attaching a chain to it to stick in my pocket like truckers do with their wallets.



Now we have robots that folks can lower into the sea that are equipped to eliminate invasive species of fish…the kinds that ruin coral reefs.  Sort of like military drone underwater I suppose…able to fire on command by someone on a boat or in an office somewhere.


I’d love to see this technology used on those who throw trash out their windows onto the side of roads littering up the place.  Every time a drone sees an offender…they get zapped with a little stun of electricity maybe and they keep getting stunned until they back up and go retrieve the trash they tossed. 


Man…I’m getting violent as I get older.



Actor Eddie Murphy is about to have his 10th child.  10.  I have no idea how many wives or girlfriends were involved.  But several.  Maybe he can name this one iKid10.  Steal from Apple.


Here’s a couple real one’s that are beauts.


“My daughter told me she wasn’t allowed to bring her pet hamster to school.  That seems pretty racist to me”.


And then there’s this classic.


“I’ll have to take my son out for a family vacation the week before Christmas. Could you make sure nothing too important is being taught that week”?


God Bless teachers.



More of that working ahead stuff.


Have a great Tuesday!


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