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Puckett's Saturday, Georgia Sunday and New Gigs Ahead

Whew...what a weekend.



I had a show with my "Hits & Grins" trio Steve Dean & Victoria Venier at on of our favorite listening rooms in Music City...the Puckett's location in downtown Franklin, TN.  And the room did not fall short on expectations.  Packed...sold out...and it was one of those nights where the audience leaned forward and were totally into the original songs and fun we were having.  Thanks to Tabitha Fair for showing up with her Mom and Dad who were visiting from Oklahoma.  Tabitha is a great singer who's been all over the world doing vocals for folks like Amy Grant and Sting to name just a couple...and she also sings with Victoria from our trio in a group called TNT.  She got up and did a song that she wrote with Victoria and Steve Dean that just rocked.  And Tabitha also has a small part in a GREAT movie that's called "20 Feet From Stardom" that I've seen twice which is all about those great girl background singers that back up the world's biggest stars with their amazing talent...but the spotlight is not on them.  Rent the movie...you'll thank me later. 


Thanks for packing the place...thanks for buying our CD's...truly a great musical evening that finished with a big standing O that always humbles me to see.  A Mom and Daughter told me after the show they had just moved to town from Australia and they were out going to some event and got lost.  So lost they gave up and just decided to walk in having no idea there was "live" music.  And she confided that she was so GLAD they go lost because of how great they thought the trio was.  What a wonderful compliment.  Thank you...and welcome to America. 



I had about a three and a half hour trip to Acworth, Georgia which is just north of Atlanta to be the featured songwriter for an evening full of writers from that area at the Dogwood Terrace...a beautiful intimate restaurant.  Amy Beville is a new friend and writer I met at the Smoky Mt. Songwriters Festival in Gatlinburg last weekend...and Amy is hosting once a month events at the Dogwood.  Last night I played the last of 4 rounds with a friend Nita Graves and we just had blast.  I saw a couple of old friends...Ben and Teresa Bailey who surprised me...avid fans of songwriters and so great to have them with us.  And I surely made some other new friends who enjoyed the show last night.  Thank you Amy...and thank you Cyndy Montgomery Reeves from the Smoky Mountain Songwriters Festival for making this wonderful night happen.  Could not have enjoyed myself more.





"Hits and Grins" did add a new date.  November 11 we will play at the Founders Room in Alma Arkansas, and I'm pretty sure we'll play November 10 back in Little Rock.  Details will be posted soon in my calendar at billwhytecomedy.com. That's going to make for a busy little run in the middle of November as we will no more get back to Nashville from that road trip and re-pack for the Frank Brown Songwriters Festival down in Gulf Shores-Orange Beach where we will play several shows this year November 15-19.  The venues and start times should also be up soon on my calendar...we're just waiting to hear where they will have us this year down on the beach.



Gosh...thinking bout some good friends in Houston this morning.  When they talk about floods being of "Biblical Proportions"...that's not a good thing. And I am always amazed how some folks will just "hunker down" and say "aww hell...we're just gonna ride it out".  Ya just gotta be wrong once folks.  You don't get a do-over. I do not want to be standing on any front porch watching an Ark sail by.


I will say the "Jim Cantore" song I wrote with my friend Brent Burns that he recorded went over BIG last night at my concert...and some radio stations will be playing it this morning for sure.  In particular...thank you Salt Lake and New Bern, North Carolina for the radio love. 



The new Taylor Swift video-single broke the internet over the weekend.  Over 8 million streams in one day.  One writer said about her new album coming out that her first album in over three years was the longest her fans had to endure for new music from her.  I see folks in Texas having to endure the floods...but I don't know if I consider it dire if folks have to wait to hear Taylor's latest musical shots at people who have wronged her. 


Once again...don't every make a songwriter mad.  They are always looking for something or someone to write about.  I have SO got to write more hateful songs.



Congrats to Ray and Wilma Yoder who just ate at their last Cracker Barrel out in Portand.  They've now eaten at every one of them in the country.  If you're counting...that's 645 of them scattered across 44 states.  That's a lot of biscuits...and a LOT of frustration trying to beat that stupid golf tee game that sits at the table while you wait on your Uncle Herschels. 







No...I did not pay money to watch the Circus and as predicted Floyd Mayweather waited until the Irish man was wasted and gave him a little TKO.  Don't call Conor McGregor a loser though.  He walks out of the ring with a black eye...along with $100 million dollars.  Mayweather can hit me a few times for a 100 million.  Here's my chin Floyd...take a shot...and show me the money.



Anyone not hate it?  Anyone not affected by it with friends or loved ones at one point?  Medicine is making advances all the time.  The latest news is about a big breakthrough that could save a lot of folks.  But there's always a but...and in this case a huge but.  It's one time treatment that will cure.  But that one time treatment will cost $649,000.  Uh huh.  I don't know anything about medicine...development...research...development...but in my simple little mind I don't know how it's seemingly so impossible to figure out how to give folks the care they need when they need it in this country and not send them to the poor house.  Here's to some affordable miracles down the road.



If you are a Senior...you used to be able to get a yearly pass to our state parks for $10.  No more.  Starting today...it will cost you $80.  That's a HUGE price jump at one time.  With the raise do we get to pet the bears and ride the moose now?



Survey says that 72% of us admit to missing great opportunities because of not trusting our guts.  Overthink paralyzes.  No doubt.  Of course workout fiends have no guts so they've got the best of it I guess.  I'd rather make quick decisions on lots of things and risk a few mistakes along the way as opposed to getting nothing done or accomplishing zero because of waiting to think, and research, and think some more.  Don't  be afraid to take a chance folks.  If you've got a gut...use it.



We like what we like...an we like the familiar.  Proof?  Next summer's movies?  Mission Impossible 6, Jurassic Park rolls out a new dinosaur encounter, Oceans 8 is on the way, Mama Mia...again.  And Batman and Wonder Woman an on and on.  I keep thinking some script writer is going to figure out a way to explain that Thelma and Louise survived that fall in their Caddy convertible and that we'll see those two show up again.  Could happen.



"Woman claims peanut butter helped her hair grow past her ankles".  Uh uh.  I have no hair.  Last night I spread about a pints worth of Skippy Chunky on top of my head.  I'll be posting results soon.  Now if I can just get my wife to stop dipping a banana into it and laughing...all will be well.



Catch up Monday.  Because I had a long drive home last night...nothing big scheduled today except some comedy writing for my folks in NYC and catching up and getting re-set for a busy week ahead. 


Have a great Monday!


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