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WSM Re-Cap...Music City Weekend...Shows Ahead

Aug 27 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

And here comes the last week of August…already.



I had a little downtime after three early mornings in a row last week on WSM and took advantage of that by catching up on things and getting my feet up a bit.


But what a three mornings I had on the radio home of the Grand Ole Opry.  The guest list alone made it worth hearing my alarm clock rattle at 4 AM.  Wednesday morning Seals & Crofts 2 sat down and sang some of those classic Seals & Crofts hits like “Closer To You” and “Diamond Girl”.  And Brady Seals and Lua Crofts brought hit songwriter-guitar player Gordon Kennedy with them and he sang “Change The World” that he helped write for Eric Clapton.  Gordon could do an hour alone having 14 or 15 songs recorded by Garth Brooks…and that’s just a start.  Check out this version of that song with Gordon singing it with Peter Frampton.


They were followed by my friends and co-writers Jenny Tolman and Dave Brainard and Jenny was nice enough to sing a song on the air the three of us wrote called “Skeleton” that the perform in their “live” shows.


And then Thursday morning Jimmy Fortune and Syndi Perry were in and they sang Jimmy’s big hit “Elizabeth” spot on.


Wrap that up Friday with Wood Newton who’s written a ton of hits and chose to sing a song the two of us wrote “If You’re Not Careful, My Wife’s Gonna Leave You”. 


Those three days were a reminder of why I got into radio in the first place.  It allows you sometimes to be in the same room with amazingly talented folks.  What a fun three days.



I’m getting ready to teach a songwriting class in early November in Jacksonville so the news yesterday certainly got my attention…especially since I stayed in a Hotel there on the Landing a couple of years ago when I was down there…walking distance.  All over a dang video game contest.  Some things you can’t explain…and will never understand.


Even though I’m not into politics…I was certainly saddened to hear of the Senator’s death.  Certainly a hero for any American with a heart…just surviving the POW camp alone all those years makes him an automatic hero to me.   Can’t even imagine what he endured. 



Over the weekend here Garth Brooks played the Opry…while Taylor Swift played to our sold out football stadium.  She incorporated one really nice surprise when Tim McGraw and wife Faith Hill came out and sang her “Tim McGraw” song with her…her first single back when she was a “country” act.


I’ve been a Music Director a couple of times at radio stations.  I’d be the first to listen to new music crossing my desk and would then have a meeting with my Program Director to talk about new songs and what we should play.  Those days are pretty much gone now with consultants having the biggest influence on music choices. 


But one day the “Tim McGraw” song crossed my desk and I thought it was so different that I brought it to my PD’s attention.  She was completely unknown…but there was just something about this song…and this artist that I could not ignore.  We played the song.


I remember two other times vividly…listening to music.  When I heard George Strait’s “The Chair” the first time…I pretty much sprinted into my PD’s office and said, “You have GOT to hear this”!  That twist at the end of that song, “that wasn’t my chair after all”…slayed me. 


And the last one off the top of my head was a reverse “what ya think”?  My PD in Cincinnati at the time…the late Mike Chapman came in and said, “Whyte…take a listen to this and tell me what you think”.  He knew I was a musician…and he did not know what to make of the first Dwight Yoakam record he heard.  For the record?  We played it.



Coming…vending machines with steak.  Uh huh.  Pull the handle or it G-7 for your porterhouse…from a machine.  Good grief.


After nearly slicing a thumb off once cutting meat as a kid at the A&G store in Elsberry, Missouri and waking up outside looking up at the sky because I had passed out…I think I favor steak in vending machines.



Apparently…the minimum wage may go to $15 per hour for a Disney worker.  That would mean they will need to work about 7 hours to now afford a one-day pass into Disney World to ride the Spinning Tea Cups.  I love Disney World…and it is the Happiest Place On Earth…but it’s also becoming the “Most Expensive Place On Earth”.  Who knew the mouse was gonna cost so much?



I saw an article this morning suggesting the right kind of stretches before one goes for a long ride on a Harley.  Uh…I think that might be a Man Card violation.  If you see a dude with tattoos and leather on a mat in front of his bike doing Yoga stretches…just ask for his Man Card and his keys.  Saying.



Two headlines I could not ignored.  The first one was about a guy who got fired because he would not stop passing gas at work.  Nobody needs to be stuck in a cubicle next to Mr. Backfire.


Second: “Man Caught Stealing 800 Pounds Of Lemons”. 


I have no idea folks…no idea.



Well…my next three days opened up…nothing big so I’m going to take advantage of that and work ahead on my songwriting course I’ll be teaching in Pennsylvania coming up September 7 in Pennsylvania followed by a show Sunday September 9 with Linda Davis and Lang Scott.


I’m also working on booking a room and a flight to Arizona for another week’s worth of singing on the Grand Canyon Railway starting Monday September 17.  I’m looking very forward to both trips…and if you want complete info on these just check my calendar at billwhytecomedy.com.


Have a great Monday!



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