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Jazz Influence...Seinfeld...Expensive Whiskey

Aug 26 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

Middle of the week and the last few days of August are on us.  And all eyes are on south Texas with Hurricane Laura coming ashore. Laura is now a deadly Category 4 storm about to wreak havoc near Houston and beyond. Wow.  And it's not like Houston hasn't been there before.



I wrote with Megan Allen who was in Atlanta and Gary Cavanaugh here in Nashville. Meagan is getting ready to return to Belmont University here in Nashville shortly to continue her music education there as classes are getting ready to resume. Megan is into folks like Nora Jones and loves jazz and that certainly influences her music and her vocal delivery. And I love that. And yesterday she brought an idea she’d been writing on that the three of us finished up together where that off of center kind of style showed up big time.  Very cool song yesterday.  And its fun for me to write with guys who have done it for a long time, and then young wanna be artists like Megan who have talent.



I pulled up a stand-up comedy routine last night on Netflix of Jerry Seinfeld who was 65 when he taped this set. I had no idea he was 65.  He’s in great form and VERY funny in places. In fact, when he started about how men and women interact my wife laughed harder than I’ve heard her laugh in a long while. They say there’s truth in comedy and that’s what makes it really funny. And Seinfeld has always been the master of observational comedy.


I was doing a morning radio show in Milwaukee when the Seinfeld TV show debuted.  I had not gotten into the show early and then one day the GM of our radio station there came to me and said that I needed to be watching it. And after doing so I knew why.  Seinfeld changed how a lot of radio shows went about their business. Instead of using a lot of pre-produced comedy bits as I had done (and loved doing for years) it became a lot more about being “real” and not produced on air.  Finding everyday things to talk about that folks listening were living to…and could relate to.  Things like sharing the “long line” experience at the DMV.  Relatable.



I just flipped over to the Reds-Brewers game last night about the time one of the most unusual plays ever occurred. A force out with the bases loaded from a throw from the outfield. I’ve never seen that before and it took a bit for everyone to realize what had just really happened.  Me included.  If you’re curious…here’s that play.



Word came yesterday that the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum here in Nashville will finally reopen on September 10. It’s been closed long enough that the songwriters show I was to be part of with Steve Dean inside the Ford Theater was cancelled not once…but twice because of Covid concerns. Good to hear and see.  The Hall should be on every country music fans list of places to see when they come to Music City.



American Airlines will lay off or furlough up to 19,000 employees if they can’t get additional help from the government. The company says out of 113,000 employees or so it will need to get rid of at least 40,000 to survive with the way things are going.


Over 100 cases now in 8 different states has been linked to the Sturgis rally of bikes and bikers in South Dakota. Hard to imagine anyone would be surprised by that.


More college problems as Ohio State suspended 228 students for throwing a party on campus.  The Buckeyes are getting serious.


And Kentucky Fried Chicken is getting rid of its “finger lickin’ good” logo for now because of Covid. Don’t be lickin’ your fingers is the message.  Not now.  And for that matter…don’t be lickin’ anyone else’s fingers either.  Even if they are finger lickin’ good.



Now, those of us who think the marshmallow parts of the Lucky Charms cereal?  We can buy a bag of just the marshmallow pieces!  Yay!  Easily the best part of Lucky Charms.  And now I want someone to start selling just that last bite of the ice cream cone.



A bottle of Yazmaski whiskey…Japan’s oldest whiskey…just sold at auction for $795,000.  The bottle is 55 years old.  How much money must one person have to drop nearly a million bucks on a bottle of hooch?  More than I’ve got. Will the owner drink it?  Put it under lock and key?  I dunno.  The probably should lock it up as I’m always reminded of the story of former Cincinnati Red World Series champion Tom Browning.


Tom pitched a perfect game once in Cincinnati.  It was awesome. On my radio show once I asked him where that perfect game baseball was?  He said it was gone. Gone?  He said yea, he had it on a shelf and his boys grabbed it one day and went out into the backyard and used it.  One of them hit it deep into the woods on Tom’s property and they’ve never found that baseball.  And Tom was good with that.  His thought was, “that’s what baseballs are for”.  That gives you an insight into what a great guy he is.  He’s the same guy that once was removed from a game in Chicago and then snuck across the street from Wrigley Field and joined a bunch of Cub fans sitting in those rooftop bleachers that you see.  That’s Tom Browning.



My daughter can make those really high-end wedding cakes…and some cakes that are just off the wall creative like horses, and teapots, and fire houses…you name it. And she’s never really had a cake booboo like the one that happened for this once couple who ordered a cake from a bakery asking them to write the words “Wise Wedding” on it.  The cake decorator forgot to clean her ears out and gave them a wedding cake with the words “Why’s There A Wedding” on top.  Folks, make your request for those kinds of things in writing.



I’m writing with my east Tennessee buddy Tim Stafford today over in Knoxville. Tim is one of the best bluegrass guitar players in the nation and a heck of a writer to boot. Just last week he lost a lifetime buddy Steve Gulley, also very noted in the bluegrass world to cancer.  He and Steve probably wrote over 100 songs together and recorded a couple of albums together.  I know we’ll talk a little about that today.  If you’re curious…here’s an example of Tim and his friend Steve Gulley.


Have a great Wednesday!



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