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Nuclear Writing...Happy Anniversary...Island Story

Aug 25 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

Tuesday morning in Music City USA.  Across the road from where we live, they tore a house down that sits right on top of Old Hickory Lake.  New owners are going to build something new, but for now looking just outside my blogging window I have a gorgeous view of that lake.  Not a bad way to start the morning…peering out over a lake.



I co-wrote with Janelle Arthur and Gerald Smith.  Janelle was near Oak Ridge, Tennessee seeing and staying with her parents.  Her Dad she told me worked at the big nuclear plant there for years.  I joked that perhaps that’s why her face was glowing so much.  Gerald like me has been staying close to the house writing songs online while Janelle is starting to get out and play a few places including a little run of house concerts through three or four states playing with another friend of ours.  Good for her.


Gerald brought yesterday’s idea and Gerald’s ideas are always “country” song ideas…traditional in their bent.  And that’s fine with the two of us as I love that too…and Janelle sings the heck out of those kinds of songs.  So, a great morning with friends rhyming words together.



I did not know yesterday when I was blogging that it was the 36th wedding anniversary of two of my closest friends Lang Scott & Linda Davis. The met playing music in Nashville, wound up playing in Reba’s band together for years and have two grown daughters who also sing. Hillary you know with Lady A, and Rylee Jean who often comes out on the road with the three of us for our “Evening In The Round” shows and sings.  I just don’t know of a better couple to tell ya the truth.  I have no doubt they’ll be married another 100 years.  Happy Happy Anniversary. 



Now this was a nice surprise. A couple of days ago I posted an old picture of me competing on a “radio week” of Fandango the old TNN Country Music trivia show that was hosted by Bill Anderson. I got a lot of great responses from folks, and several from folks who had also been on that show and shared their experiences and what they had won or not won. For me, I was representing WUBE radio in Cincinnati before I had become a full-time employee.  I went, got on a roll, and I won the entire week. My wife and I won the first ever cruise we had been on all those years ago.


I had taped that show on VHS at the time and somehow, someway I managed to tape over that show I was on and try as I could I could find no way to get another copy.  So, I just forgot about it…hated it…but I just gave up on ever thinking I’d see it again.  And that’s when my youngest sister Rita up in Minnesota replied on my Facebook that she remembered watching that and TAPED it!  I had no idea.  She’s going to send me her copy so I can get it digitalized and saved in my files…to never tape over again. Makes me pretty danged happy that I pulled up that old picture and posted it on Facebook.  Thank you sis…love ya!



Some good news yesterday.  Virus cases the lowest they’ve been in over two months.  Man, we’ll take it.


Some experts are now saying taking blood pressure medicine may reduce corona virus deaths, and or the severity of the illness itself.  So, do something to get your blood pressure up folks. Maybe turn on the news…that should do it.


The opening of colleges has been challenging.  Ask Alabama.  The University in Tuscaloosa already has 500 kids with the virus. And a wedding reception in the state of Maine ended with 50 guests catching the virus. If you’re in a group…a large group…it happens.



I had a chat with my neighbors yesterday.  They like to go to the beach like we do.  The recently went for a few days but came home a day early because the wife was nervous about constantly getting on an elevator to the condo they had rented.  Never thought about that. Elevators are one of those things lots of folks are trying to stay off of during Covid time. You can take the stairs of course but if you’re up a bunch of floors?  That will get tiring pretty quickly.  And this is why they say one story motels are staying booked up.



Most country stars have been staying home with no shows to play.  That trickles down.  It means that the folks who lease those really expensive busses that the stars tour on are making no money either as the busses just sit and the drivers wait to be called again someday…they hope.  One major company here in Nashville has decided to rent their busses as a vacation type of thing to you and me.  If you’d like to stay on the Taylor Swift, Beyonce, Dolly tour bus?  You can.  It will cost you $2,000 per night!  And I’m pretty sure Dolly won’t be there to greet you when you step on. 



I’d never heard this story until now.  Apparently the huge hit “Islands In The Stream”…a monster duo for Dolly and Kenny Rogers?  Kenny had sung the Bee Gee’s written song that by the time he got to the studio he was over it…and did not like the song anymore.  Barry Gibbs who was producing said, “this song needs Dolly”.  She was downstairs from the studio they were working in, so they go and get her.  And the rest is musical history.  In Barry Gibbs own words, “she lit it up”. Like she always does. 



All eyes on hurricane 2…Laura that looks like it might turn into a category 3 with winds over 100 mph when it hits shore most likely in Texas and maybe some of Louisiana. Here in Nashville they are telling us that the side effect for us could be 4 inches of rain.  Yep…the wind is bad enough in a hurricane…but the flooding and water is even worse.  Here’s hoping for the best for our friends down south.  Hunker down.



Why hasn’t someone made “Essential Oil” for our cars and trucks?  Hello Quaker State.



Pretty cool Apple Store getting ready to open in Singapore.  It floats on water.  Pretty sure Steve Jobs would have approved of this kind of design.



A supposedly dead woman woke up in a Detroit funeral home at about the time they were ready to embalm her.  True.  Wonder what she must have though when she just opened her eyes?  I told my wife to leave my casket lid open for a few days before they start lowering me.


One of the great funeral stories came from the late Yankee baseball Hall of Famer Yogi Berra.  His wife went to him one day and said, “Yogi, we need to plan for the end of life.  Do you want to be buried or cremated”?  Yogi said, “let me sleep on it”. He did.  The next morning when he awoke he went to his wife and said, “okay, I’ve thought about it.  Surprise me”.



I’ll be looking at Gary Cavanaugh and young Meagan Allen on my computer screen this morning to write. Meagan is a young Belmont student…music major but is in Atlanta right now so good ole tech will allow the three of us to hook up virtually and create something new today.


Have a great Tuesday!







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