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Mr. Cantore...Indy 500...Gulf Shores

Aug 24 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

Monday Monday and the coast is looking at a Double-Hurricane for the first time in history.  Still 2020 isn’t it?



Very quiet at the Whyte House this weekend.  I did post the “Jim Cantore” song on my Facebook page this weekend that I wrote with Brent Burns…and Brent included the song on one of his CD’s. Brent brought that idea to me and I wondered how a song about a weatherman would work…or go over.  Man, am I glad we wrote that song. It gets the loudest laughter sometimes, especially if either of us perform it on or near the beach as Brent often does.  It got shared over 84 times this weekend and I think that may be the most shares I’ve ever had on any post like that.  Proof again that folks really need to laugh…even when there’s a double hurricane in sight.



The Indy 500 did run yesterday after having to be rescheduled from its traditional run in May. It was pretty exciting to watch even without fans in the stands. The KY Derby is coming up next in the first weekend of September. And like the 500 the horses will run in front of empty stands for the first time.  I can only guess the TV coverage will cut into homes where KY Derby fans will have their own private viewing parties complete with Mint Juleps that will also allow us to see some of those over the top hats folks wear when they go. I think some of the ladies spend more money on their Derby outfits than I do on a car.


One other Indy note. A guy from Chicago was so determined to see the Indy 500 (because he’s gone every year) that he spotted a tree on TV on the back turn.  He Google mapped it…found the owner of said tree who gave him permission to build a platform in the tree so he could watch the race “live”.  True. I don’t know if he wore blaze orange or camo up there…but that’s a die-hard race fan.



Las Vegas has been identified as a super spreader city for Covid.  I’m sure most great gamblers figured the odds before they went there…right?


It’s official.  During the pandemic US home sales just hit a 14-year high. And the stock market continues to climb. Good things during a bad thing.


Motels are seeing record high numbers as folks are looking to avoid elevators and crowds to stay safe. Motels are one story so there ya go.


And the Japanese have invented a “touchless” bathroom door opener for lavatories on airplanes. That should make the inventor a fortune as nobody wants to touch those doors even when the world I normal.


And here’s a real sign we’re locked down.  Travel expert Rick Steves is not traveling…at all.  He’s staying locked down in Seattle where he lives. When has that guy NOT been traveling in Europe?



Of course, the cruise industry has been locked down too, but they do plan on sailing again.  And when they do, a new Carnival ship will be floating that will have a ROLLER COASTER on board.  I have no idea if passengers will have to wear a life vest when they ride with their hand in the air or not.  Sign me up!



My favorite beach vacation town Gulf Shores, Alabama was just named one of the best small towns in America by the online publication Thrillist. No argument here. Big wide sandy beaches in a small-town atmosphere. Easy to get around…great seafood…great golf courses…just enough of nothing to do.  I just hope the word doesn’t get out too much on what I’ve known for years now.


Every year the country’s biggest songwriter festival is held there in November.  Because of Covid it will go on but in a VERY limited way. There is still an outside chance that our “Hits & Grins” trio with Steve Dean, Victoria Venier and I might get invited to play on what will be a very short list of invitees.  We’ll see.



The world’s most famous songwriter club The Bluebird Café here in Nashville has announced it will soon be offering shows that are streamed for about $10 bucks a pop.  This will be a pretty cool opportunity for those who have never been to get to see and hear what all the fuss is about. It remains the holy grail for songwriters and anyone who’s ever rhymed a line wants to play there at least once. Small, intimate, and quiet.  The waitress wear T-shirts that say “shhh”.  And if you talk at your table too much?  You’ll be asked to leave. 


What’s it feel and look like?  Here’s one small example when my friend Wood Newton debuted part of a funny song we wrote together, “My Wife’s Gonna Leave You”. 



The new Batman movie trailer is out to give us a peek at that with Robert Pattison being the newest actor in the rubber suit with Colin Farrell unrecognizable as the Penguin.  And there’s a new trailer for Wonder Woman 1984.  Superhero movies and almost anything from Marvel do well. 



Disney is apparently trying to get Johnny Depp back in the Jack Sparrow role for a new Pirates of the Caribbean movie.  The hang-up?  Johnny wants $50 million to do it.  He’s in the middle of a very expensive divorce right now.  My guess is he’ll settle for less.


MSN has an article out listing 50 purchases we regret. A few include: Extended warranties, boats, desktop computers, exercise machines (hey…I still use my Thighmaster!) season tickets and lottery tickets.  Of course, some folks don’t regret those purchases but for the most part I’d say the list is pretty accurate. 


On the next Brent Burns album, we wrote a song that will be on it titled “I Bought A Boat” for those who have experienced boat regret.  Coming soon.



Folks thought a gambling consultant in Vegas was “nuts” when he paid $400,000 for a rare Mike Trout baseball card back in 2018.  Mike Trout is probably the best player in baseball right now playing for the California Angels. That “nut” just re-sold that rare rookie card at auction.  Some other “nut” just paid 4 MILLION for it.  Again, I wish I’d held on to my baseball cards and not those dang beanie babies we bought for my daughter!  Yes, I’m a shrewd investor for sure.



The country of Lithuania is offering up Macarel Ice Cream.  Uh huh.  I don’t see me lining up to get a pint of that.  I’ll wait for the Carp flavored dairy free myself.



I’ll be hooking up online to write with Janelle Arthur and Gerald Smith today. Gerald’s such a great “country” songwriter and it’s just a pleasure to hear Janelle sing whatever we come up with in writing sessions.


Have a great Monday!

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