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One More Early Radio Morning

Aug 24 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

One more early rise alarm clock.  I'm at WSM again this morning filling in for Bill Cody.  The show airs 5:30-10 AM around the world on wsmonline.com and you can watch the show unfold...with no makeup...on Heartland TV that you can access on the worldwide web at watchheartlandtv.com.


Yesterday morning two of my favorite co-writers sat down in studio...Jimmy Fortune and Syndi Perry and we got an acoustic version of Jimmy's big hit "Elizabeth" that was awesome...and we'll repeat that somewhere early this morning.


Today on the show another great writer Wood Newton will be in.  Wood wrote "Bobby Sue" for the Oak Ridge Boys, "Riding With Private Malone" for David Ball and many others.  He'll be hear at 9 so tune in and hear the stories behind the hits you've loved for a long time.


Back to normal Monday morning.


Have a great weekend!

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