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Hit The Powerball...Loretta...Dad App Invention

And it's Fall like this morning!  Ain't nobody complaining.  82 for the high today.



My writing appointment hooked me up with Matt Rogers a young Georgia artist-writer who's in the pile of talented young folks who have made their way to town reaching for their dreams.  This was our second co-write...and it gave me time to get to know him more.  I found out that Matt not only is creative...but he also has a pretty good grasp that this is a business and already knows more about that end of it than a lot of folks who are trying to make it on their creative brain only.  That will only help his cause for sure.  One more person for me to root for here in Music City.



By the time I got home the AC guy was there as we had our unit blow up the night before.  Turns out a shield or something like that got loose and fell into the engine which caused more racket than a gallon full of golf balls tossed into a spinning clothes dryer.  So...we have air again and all is well in the world.  And of course...after we pay the bill...the temps are low enough this morning that we don't need the AC.  And so it goes.



Well...I did hit the powerball last night...for real.  The problem is...I hit ONLY the powerball.  I'm $4 richer!  And...I'm still working.  One person out east won it all.   Over half of the 700 million will go to taxes.  Somehow they will have to struggle through the rest of their lives on 350 million or so.  I hope they'll be okay.  With a little luck and investments...they should at least be able to afford to buy a health care plan now.



A parent has rolled out a new app called "ReplyASAP".  It locks their kids phone up up until they reply to a text or call the parent has made to them.  I'm thinking the kid is going to HATE this...but a lot of parents are going to like an app that forces their kids to NOT ignore them...especially when the parent is trying to make sure the kid is safe...and not in the wrong place.  Of course you know some kid is going to invent a "blocktheparent" app that crashes the parents phone the minute they leave the house...



1 in 9 kids can not name celebrities from the 50's...and into the early 60's.  Lucille Ball being one of them.  Man I feel old.  They don't know Lucy or Desi.  I'm guessing the odds of them knowing who Fred and Ethel are is 1 in a million. 








Two big warehouses here in town are having a huge liquidation sale.  Of what?  Used hotel furniture and stuff.  I'm trying to think if there's anything I would want to buy from any hotel room I've ever stayed in?  Do they still put magic fingers in any of them? 






Our Country Music Hall of Fame (which is truly great) just opened a Loretta Lynn exhibit.  She's 85 now I believe and was not well enough to attend.  Some artists like Brandy Clark sang their favorite Loretta song...and Loretta got a standing ovation even though she was not there.  Here first recording contract, dresses, her guitar...a lot of intresting Loretta memorabilia is now on display.  Somewhere I have a great picture of Loretta coming into the WSM-FM studios when I was doing the morning show and planting a big ole kiss on the side of my cheek.  I haven't washed it since.



Another noted female country singer is apparently taking a page out of Taylor Swift's book more and more as rumor is her new album she's working on will have some songs about how she feels about Blake Shelton...her ex and his new girl Gwen Stefani.  She already has gone there on her last album...but apparently she's got more to say musically.  Taylor...now Miranda.  The lesson here guys is...don't be going out with a female country singer and then break up with them.  Unless you are into hearing your name rhymed several times with ass.



Apparently we have a National Topless Day coming up this month.  Uh huh.  And a group of women are actively trying to get Donald Trump to make it legal for them to go "topless' in public.  If nothing else...it should make for some interesting looking folks out in his crowd the next time he speaks.  Look for a "Make Boobies Great Campaign" coming soon.



I'm off to write with Chadley Bradley (yes...that's his name) for the first time.  Chadley has a brother named Bradley.  Stay with me.  The borthers last name is Brassfield.  So officially it's Chadley Bradley Brassfield and Bradley Brassfield.  The two play in a trio named "Brassfield Aly" with the name Aly coming from a girl singer who is no longer with them.  I told you it was complicated.  I'm teasing but the real deal is they are terrific musicians-singers-writers with GREAT harmony when they sing "live".  Hit the link and you'll see and hear what I'm talking about.  We've been threating to write for a long while now and our calendars finally opened up at the same time...so I'm looking forward to this today.


Have a great Wednesday!


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