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What day is the eclipse again?



My songwriting session was with young Nora Collins who hails from Wisconsin.  Nora moved to town, signed a publishing deal and is being developed as an artist.  Yesterday we caught up...been over a year since I'd last seen her and it was great seeing how much she's grown as a writer and artist in just a year's time.  She played me something new that she had recorded that was just terrific...loved it. So with her dedication to what she's doing, and the fact that she's surrounded by some pretty solid music folks...well...I think there's a lot of success coming her way down the road.  And...she brought a great idea to the writing table which is always a good thing and we both like where her idea went.  A good rhyming day...and I'm sure we'll be doing more of that in the future.



I was all set to go to a baseball game...backed out of the garage and saw dark clouds and pulled up my weather app.  100% chance of rain.  Good grief.  Re-parked and hit the couch to watch TV.  We watched as the President interrupted "Bachelor In Paradise" and it was hard to tell if he improved what we were watching or not.  It was sort of like a football rally shouting kind of thing.  After seeing both...I understand better why we have libraries to check out books...or why Netflix is so popular.




Got through that and then got a call from my neighbor who's a great musician playing bass all over the world for Lee Brice who told me he heard a loud noise outside our house.  At first I thought maybe he was hearing all the screaming from the big screen for the Trump rally...but no...worse.  The AC unit was making a ROARING noise.  So out I go in the light rain, flashlight in hand...and found no tree laying on it (that happened once before) but it was making a very loud sound...and then...it stopped.  I'm pretty sure we'll be having a guy with tools in his hand out today to take a look.  Hopefully it's not broken or will need replacing again because usually that takes a bit...and I'm long past being comfortable putting a box fan in an open window. The good news is...the rain that moved through has cooled the temps quite a bit with a high of 83 here today.  So...I've got that going for me.



Pretty sure my life would be perfect if it's not broken and if I hit the Powerball today too.  Over 700 million!  Yes...I bought a ticket.  As always...I like to play when I have no chance of winning.  But...I can't think of any other way I'm going to make 700 million bucks quickly can you?



I have two shows coming up this weekend.  Saturday night I'm at Puckett's Grocery & Restaurant in beautiful downtown Franklin, TN with my "Hits & Grins" trio.  Show time is 8:30 pm and this is one of my favorite listening room venues in Nashville.  It fills up every time so do make a reservation if you are thinking about coming.  Oh...and the food is great!






And then Sunday I play a songwriters show in Acworth, Georgia at the Cultural Center.  Acworth looks to be about a 3 hour drive from my door.  I'll be the featured writer Sunday evening but will have several other talented local writers joining me for this show.  All the info to both of these shows is in my calendar on my website here. 








I don't know when folks...especially celebrities like Tiger Woods and his ex-girlfriend Olympic ski champ Lindsey Vonn will learn not to snap naked pictures of themselves on their cell phones and then hit "send".  Thank God I have an iPhone that stops me from trying it.  The only time I've ever tried to do it I got a prompt on my phone that reads, "Some people really don't look good naked...are you SURE you want to do this"?  I backed out of my camera and scrolled through Facebook looking at pets and dinner items on plates.  You can thank my phone for that.



One Victoria Secret Angel was quoted as saying she only eats when the sun is out.  I'm betting she doesn't live in Seattle.  I could drop several pounds myself but I don't think I'm going to only eat when there's an eclipse.  Pretty sure.




Check out this great picture my daughter Heather took at the Wilson County Fair.  You can't have a fair without a monkey riding a dog, a squirrel skiing, pigs racing and donkeys jumping off a high dive into a pool, or... a carney with all their teeth.  Does the monkey or dog look happy to you?  You know what this means right?  One day some genius woke up and looked at his hound dog and thought..."man...a monkey would look so good hanging onto you for dear life".  And now...we pay for a ticket to watch!  Proof that some of us are easily entertained.



Mark Wahlberg is the highest paid actor in Hollywood banking 65 million last years.  Would you have guessed him?  Me neither...but I am a fan and do see a lot of his movies.  Over and over.  Second highest paid?  "The Rock"...the ex-still-sometime wrestler".  Folks thought Dwayne Johnson was crazy when he started an acting career and thought he would never be taken seriously.  He made 62 million last year.  Proof once and for all that wrestling really is acting.



McDonald's is closing 170 outlets in India.  Since the cow is considered sacred in India...one wonders how they built one in that country, much less hundreds of them.  I'm guessing with this news...there will be more cows on the road in Calcutta than ever before. 



Every hear of a Yonana?  A machine that turns frozen bananas into a soft serve ice cream...banana flavored of course.  Wonder if they can make one that turns frozen vegetables into mac and cheese?










They call them "Facekini's".  You put them on your head to protect you from the sun.  And...they are popular in China.  Apparently no one has shared these three letters with China yet...S P F.  Surely some of the seaside bars in China are holding Facekini contests aren't they?






Off to write on Music Row with Georgia native Matt Rogers...our second time together.  Wonder if he wants to write a tune about broken air conditioning units?


And with a little luck...no rain this evening...and a little baseball.  After the rain last night...I'm thinking it might be a double dang header today which would not break my heart.


Have a great Wednesday!




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