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Duet Writing...A New Single...Grand Slam City

Aug 21 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |


Can it already be weekend time?



It was “duet” time yesterday with Ayla Brown and Rob Bellamy living back on the east coast with Ayla part of the morning radio show in Boston for the country station there and the two of them playing a ton of shows all over New Hampshire and Massachusetts together and and as solo acts. We started writing together in Nashville a few years ago and we’re still connected through the internet and technology.  And yesterday we finished up a duet idea that’s fun that I had started for the two of them and the song just turned out great.  They have busy lives these days for sure and I’m glad they still make time for their music and time for creating new stuff. Happy to be part of their little circle for sure.  Here's a little example of the two singing a song the three of us wrote that's on their current album.



Presley Philipps, a Texas based female artist just released her new single “Love Like This”.  Today is the day and I’m tickled to be a co-writer on this nostalgic sweet country love song that I wrote with her and Zach Runquist.  Presley’s thought the day we wrote this a few years ago was that she wanted to have a love like her Grandma and Grandpa had. So that’s what we wrote.  And I’m glad she loved it so much that she held onto it, didn’t forget it, and made it her new single out today.  Thank you Presley.  You killed it.



As my friend Lang Scott put it when he called me yesterday, “we’re up a canoe with no paddle” as our
Evening In The Round show starring Linda Davis at the end of September in Canoe, Georgia that we felt sure was going to happen is not. All of us were looking forward to returning to this beautiful place we had played a couple of years ago…a community of homes and gold courses and a big open field where folks came and sat on blankets and lawn chairs. We’re disappointed but certainly we respect and understand the decision to be “safe” during these times. I’ll add this one to my long list of “hopefully next year”.   



Now the CDC is saying we don’t have to quarantine after flying to certain areas…that’s a change.  They think it’s a good idea but are no longer requiring it. 


A brawl broke out on an American Airline flight over the “mask” “no mask” thing.  Things I could have never envisioned seeing in my lifetime.  At the same time American announced it will no longer offer flights to 15 cities…with more to be added.


And it is so weird to see TV commercials on the TV advertising designer masks.  I’m not sure but I think that “My Pillow” dude is getting ready to suggest we could strap a My Pillow over our face as a really “comfortable” mask too.  We’ll see.


Universal Studios shutting down a couple of their hotels and Disney is catering more to their annual pass holders as business is not what they’d hoped it would be when they re-opened.  Still the "happiest place on earth"...just not as many happy people going as before.



Not everyone who believes necessarily goes to church every Sunday.  Some, admittedly like me, find more peace and calm and spirtuality walking, or hiking.  Some find it in the mountains...some talk to God near the waters edge.  That's pointed out in a cool kind of way in this new song “Saltwater Gospel” by the Eli Young Band.  And watching this will make you want an old Ford Bronco…or line up for one of the new one’s you can’t get right now because they’re sold out.



Ben Affleck said he was done putting on the mask and cape and playing Batman, but he’s changed his mind and we’ll see the Batlight search for him again in the new “Flash” movie coming out.



I’ve watched baseball for so long sometimes I think I’ve seen it all.  But the game constantly surprises you. The San Diego Padres just completed a feat that’s never happened before in the history of the game.  They’ve hit grand slam homeruns in FOUR consecutive games. What are the odds of that ever happening?  If you’d have place a $50 bet on that happening in Vegas…you wouldn’t be able to count your winnings this morning.  Wow. Watch the video and hear the excited announcer refer to "Slamdiego".



Electric motorcycles are becoming like a thing right now. Quiet.  I don’t know how you call them motorcycles when you can’t hear the engine.  That was one of the appeals for riding a bike for me when I had one.  Cranking the throttle and hearing that great sound.  You can sneak up on someone on an electric motorcycle like you were driving a Prius.  All I ask is, if you do buy an electric motorcycle…don’t get a bad boy tattoo.  That will just make it worse.



The Indy 500 was rescheduled in May to this weekend so it will happen. 1 pm the checkered flag will wave at the Brickyard. And there will be fans in the stands.  They were allowed to sell 50% of the seats allowing for social distancing. I’ve been two or three times and it’s pretty darned exciting. Being on the air in Indianapolis allowed me to interview a lot of the drivers and Scott Goodyear became a regular check in reporter on the morning show I was part of at WFMS. I sure learned a lot about that event after working it and watching it.  So yea... I’ll be checking out the race this Sunday for sure. 



I have a wide-open Friday and weekend so I’m going to have to think up stuff to do…or not. 


Have a great weekend!

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