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Mr. Rogers...The Eagles...Aussie In Town

Aug 21 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

Hello Tuesday.  Hard to believe there are only five weeks left of baseball.  Where do time go?



I had a bit of an off day.  My only real “had to” was to write a parody for New York about kids going back to school.  So that gave me time to catch up…get a walk in outdoors on a day where the temps were not stifling.  Kind of the calm before a storm of activity just ahead.  I’ve tried to get smarter about scheduling and try to leave a Monday open if I’ve been on the road for the weekend.  And that means…looking at the calendar…there’s gonna be several open Monday’s coming up.



Kenny Rogers turns 80 today.  Mostly retired at the moment and hopefully he’s got his feet up.  I’m still a fan.  I remember getting his first country single while working in radio…”Love Lifted Me” and remember thinking, “Kenny Rogers is a country act”?  Indeed he was…and is.  I interviewed him several times.  He’s a great interview…quick on his feet…self-effacing…just a nice man.  Happy Birthday Mr. Rogers.



The “Eagles” now have the top selling album of all time.  They just took the crown away from Michael Jackson and “Thriller”.  The Eagles have now sold over 38 million copies of that iconic album when you figure in the streams and downloads.  Amazing.


Not a mystery to me as the “Eagles” have always been my favorite band.  Best “live” performance I ever saw in person.  They were at the Bradley Center in Milwaukee.  I had a great seat and their harmonies just chilled me.


One of my favorite pieces with GREAT harmony is “Hole In The World Tonight” which is on one of their last albums.  Pull it up and listen…and see if you don’t develop goose bumps on your arm.



That’s what they are calling the generation that comes after the millennials.  Gen Z.  Sounds like a Far East pill you take doesn’t it?


Their top brands?  iPhone, Apple, Coke.  And in my world, they would be the generation that grows up with free music.  Sigh.



If you watch the Simpson’s you’re familiar with the Kwik E Store where they hang out.  A place where Homer can grab a donut.  Now there’s a real life one in South Carolina…for real.  I’m cool with that.  But please don’t put a real life Homer running a real life nuclear plant.  Thank you.


Keep in mind it was Homer who once said, “It’s simple to be wise.  Just think of something stupid to say and then don’t say it”.



The “Pearls Before Swine” cartoon strip in the morning paper made me smile.  They say there’s truth in comedy…and there’s some in this.


One of the characters is on the phone asking his medical insurer whey they did not cover his emergency appendectomy procedure.  The insurer says, “hang on…let me check”.  Pause.  Then when the insurer comes back on the phone his answer was, “We don’t feel like it”. 



PETA has influenced Nabisco enough that they are going or have already changed their Animal Cracker box that once featured Circus Animals.  The new box shows the animals running free.  Time changes everything.



A woman celebrates her 93rd birthday yesterday in Maine.  Her daughter gets here arrested so she can see what that’s like.  Police pull up…take her to the back of the squad car.  A joke of course.  Nothing like a mug shot at 93.



I’m off to write with a young Australian named Angus Gill for a second time…just before he flies back home.  He’s been in Nashville for three weeks now writing as many songs as he can and will pick 10 or 12 for his next album.  We’re going to see if we can’t write one today so good that it HAS to make the project.  Maybe we can write about a 93 year old woman being arrested.


Don’t forget…tomorrow through Friday morning I’m on air 5:30-10 AM on WSM radio with a slew of great “live” musical guests.  Listen worldwide at wsmonline.com and watch it on watchheartlandtv.com


Have a great Tuesday









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