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Smoky Mt Songwriters...PIllows...WSM This Week

Aug 20 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

Back in Nashville waking up to some heavy rain.  That’s okay as the rain is cooling things down.  A high of just 81 today!



Just back from the beautiful Smoky Mountains site of the Smoky Mountain Songwriters Festival that has grown and just keeps growing. 


My festival this year started with a “Hits & Grins” show at “Three Jimmy’s” which is an eatery owned by three family members all named Jimmy.  The Jimmy in charge Friday night is also a singer and he treated our trio like family.  We just had a great time playing there and my thanks to Richie who ran our sound and made us sound like a million bucks.



At noon I helped judge the Song Writing Competition at the Festival.  Aspiring songwriters got up and performed their songs “live” before me and six other industry folks.  Their songs were deemed to be the “best” of those submitted to the festival earlier this year.  Congrats to all the winners in all the different categories of music we heard.   It’s a nice thing seeing aspiring songwriters get some recognition and a pat on the back.  It’s that kind of stuff that keeps folks inspired. 



I played a set with Randy Brooks the writer of “Grandma Got Run Over By A Reindeer”.  Randy’s one song has funded his life.  Between the books, and TV show, and movies and merchandise….it truly is a gift that has kept giving for Randy and his family.  I love Randy’s writing…intelligent yet funny and playful.  He’s off to Ireland this week to play music…his second time on the Emerald Isle.  After having just been there…I wanted him to take me with him!  What a fun night.


And what a fun two day run in the Smoky Mountains.  Thank you again to Cyndy Montgomery Reeves who founded this festival 7 years ago.  It just keeps growing in stature.  And thank you to every volunteer and sponsor…the lifeblood of any festival like this.  Ya done great.


I look forward to 2019 where I’ll be back and one of my assignments will be to teach a class on comedy songwriting.  That will be something to look forward to.



It takes maybe three hours to get from Gatlinburg to home.  The trip on I-40 West yesterday went by quickly as both Steve Dean and Wil Nance were in the car with me.  Three songwriters and a lot of laughter made the time fly.


I got home just in time to leave again as my daughter had called and asked if her Mom and me wanted to see the movie “Crazy Rich Asians”.  My wife wanted to more than me…but a Dad doesn’t turn down getting time with his only child especially since she’s not out on her own and living up in Clarksville.  The movie for me was “so-so” even if it is number one at the box office.  My wife and daughter liked it much more which means you know what.  It’s a CHICK FLICK!



I found out this morning that most experts think most specialty pillows do help.  Like the snoring pillow that makes one sleep on their side.  Apparently you snore less or none if you sleep on your side.  You also won’t snore if you’re wife knocks you out with a frying pan while you’re doing that.  Don’t ask me how I know.



And…who knew that 1 of every 5 folks need four interviews to get a job?  Of course that number do vary for many like me.  Heck…I think I’ve interviewed for the position of Chippendale Dancer now 100 times and they still have not hired me.  What are they thinking?



Some say if you drink a gallon of water per day…you can lose 35 pounds fairly quickly.  You also build your biceps carrying around that gallon jug of water…as I’ve seen some do.  AND…if you drink that much water per day…you get pretty familiar with a porcelain bowl.   So just look at all the benefits there.  Drink up…and leave the bathroom door unlocked.


Jennifer Lopez had the regular old date night with her current boyfriend A-Rod.  Same kind of date we all have.  Her date clothes she stepped out in cost $68,000…and that does not include the jewelry.  She obviously skipped the half off sweat pants sale at Old Navy. 




A woman in England made not one, not two, but THREE holes in one on the same day.  One round of golf…three hole in ones!  I’m not sure I’ve made a hole in one on a putt putt course for crying out loud.



“Hiker Sent To The Hospital After Being Hit By Falling Sheep”.  Uh huh.  In England…hiking the Highlands. 


As if we don’t have enough signs…now they’ll be adding another one in the wilderness. “Beware Of Falling Mutton”.  Have a nice hike.



A catch up day…and I’m getting prepared for a busy week on air.  I’m on WSM this Wednesday Thursday and Friday morning from 5:30 AM-10 AM with a great guest lineup.  More on that later this week.


Have a great Monday!

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