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Laura Leigh Grass...A Horse Magazine Article...New Single

Aug 19 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

And here’s that ole Hump Day we gotta jump over.



I wrote with Laura Leigh Jones just signed to the publishing company I write for Billy Blue. So, as we caught up, I got to congratulate her which was cool. Billy Blue is a bluegrass label and Laura cut her teeth in that genre along with her family band when she was young. Her brother is a ridiculous great guitar player in that world.  Besides being a talented singer-player-writer Laura also holds up the back-stage tour part of the Grand Ole Opry.  Her job has managed to survive there which is a great thing.  Apparently, folks still come and take the tour with social distancing and masks required. 


Like some other folks I know who have had some downtime during this pandemic, she and her husband (a booking agent turned cancellation agent) rented a van and drove to Yellowstone and Idaho and saw some beautiful country.  Something I’d like to do again myself.


We finally got down to writing and I saw she was wearing a green ballcap with a picture of “moose” on it…a souvenir from that trip. Made me laugh.


I had already started a gospel bluegrass idea that she loved right off, and it did not take us very long to add a new song to our catalog.  Just a really fun day of writing and catching up.



To my buddy Paul Bogart who you’ve read about here on many occasions.  Paul can rodeo…besides being a great country singer.  In fact, he got a college scholarship in Oklahoma…a Rodeo scholarship.  He team ropes with his Dad a lot…and they have the trophies and belt buckles to prove it. American Quarter Horse Journal did a feature article on Paul, his music, his love of horses and family…a big deal in those circles.  The song I helped him and Zach Runquist write which has become a staple of all of Paul’s shows, “All That Cowboy Jazz” got mentioned and so did I.  First time my name has been in a dang horse magazine.  Very very cool…and I called to congratulate him.  The guy deserves it for sure.



I was happy to see that young Texas artist Presley Phillips has released “Love Like This” as her new single…out everywhere this Friday. I co-wrote the song with her and my friend Zach Runquist who was kind enough to invite me to that writing session a couple of years ago. Presley wanted to write a song about the kind of love her Grandfather and Grandmother have had forever and that’s what we wrote into this song.  She wants a “love like this” …the kind her grandparents have had. Can’t wait for y’all to hear what a great job she did on the song. 



Yesterday the dang stock market…S&P 500 somehow someway hit a record high during this pandemic. Don’t ask me.   


Now scientists are saying that lower humidity might make the number of virus cases jump higher. Good grief. So just when we start feeling comfortable, we get sick.  Great.


Notre Dame joins a couple of other colleges reversing their decision and teaching online for at least a couple of weeks because of Covid spreading on campuses. The kids who just unloaded and settle in dorm rooms have to pack and leave. Getting kids in mass to social distance at that age?  Pretty tough to do. I see a lot more colleges going virtual.


I do like folks’ creativity during challenging times like the one we’re all struggling through right now. A church in New Orleans has put up signs like “Thou Shalt Not Be Withing 6 Feet Of Thy Neighbor” to humorously remind their congregation to social distance within the church itself.  Another sign posted on a pew reads, “Reserved For Elijah Only”. 



Some folks who own pools are renting them out during the pandemic by the hours. A few owners report they are making $10,000 per week doing so!  I’ve got deer in my backyard, and foxes, and turkey, and squirrels and rabbits and more.  I think I’ll start renting out a tree stand hourly.



Reese Witherspoon who lives here in Nashville…who played June Carter opposite of Joaquin Phoenix Johnny Cash portrayal in the 2005 movie “Walk The Line” has announced she will be holding a country music talent TV show that will air on Apple + TV.  Is there an appetite for yet another talent show?  We’ll see.



Meanwhile, the Harry Potter movie “Sorcerer’s Stone” just went past a billion dollars in sales.  46 movies have made over a billion…and now the boy riding his broom joins the pack.  I will say if you love those movies…do go to Universal Studios in Orlando and experience it.  Pretty dang cool. And do order a pint of the butter beer they sell.  Delicious.



To actor Robert Redford who turns 84 today. “All The President’s Men” with him and Dustin Hoffman I’ve seen a dozen times.  “The Natural”? “The Sting”?  Oh yea.  The same.  And last night I stumbled across “Butch Cassidy and The Sundance Kid” with Paul Newman. When I joined the movie, it was right at that point where the two of them jump off that cliff into the water below trying to escape the posse chasing them down.  Still laughing as “ooooh….sh8#t! is still ringing in my ears.





Next time you hear someone complain that “I can’t do that”. Or for those who just complain in general?  Show them this video of a woman of an armless woman to learned to fly with her FEET. Some folks complain…some folks do.



In Australia farmer have discovered that if you paint fake eyes on a cows behind?  The predators don’t attack them…and that’s a real problem down under.  The lions and leopard prey on them normally.  But the word is that no cow with eyes on his behind have been attacked.  I kind of get that.  If I saw eyeballs staring at me off a Holstein butt, I wouldn’t have the nerve to approach that either.



“Utah Man Pushes Wife Into River Over Dinner Disagreement”.  I know, I hate when my wife tries to force me to eat my vegetables too. 



I’m writing with my buddy Josh Shilling of the group Mountain Heart. A great bluegrass singer that you probably wouldn’t know if you don’t follow bluegrass passed away last night after battling cancer.  His name is Steve Gulley.  I was never around Steve, but a lot of my co-writers have been and speak glowingly of his talent and I know many in that world are saddened by his loss today including my friend Josh.  Steve Gulley was the original lead singer for Mountain Heart…and now Josh is. I’m sure it will be touching to get Josh’s take on that this morning before we start trying to write an idea Josh sent me last night.  My best to Steve’s family.


Have a great Wednesday! 



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