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Fun Collaborations...Cancelled Tour...Bison No No

Aug 18 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

Tuesday 18th of August just like that.



I had a great and very fun writing appointment with Wyn Varble and Lauren Mascitti yesterday.  It was the first time for this trio to write together.  I’ve written with both in the past, but it was the first time the three of us looked at each other on a computer screen.  A whole bunch of years ago when I first started getting serious about songwriting a friend at WSM Radio asked if I had written with Wyn Varble.  I had not.  In fact, I’d not heard of Wyn until I looked him up and then saw not only the hit songs he’d written but also the “funny” stuff that’s part of who he is too. I knew quickly why she thought why we might fit together rhyming.  It took a bit as my writing chops were way behind his and Wyn can and has written with a who’s who list of folks here in town.  But we finally did start writing a few years ago.  Some serious stuff…some fun stuff.  One of my favorite FUN collaborations came about in a song called “That’s How Country Music Gets A Bad Rap” that we wrote with Gerald Smith


But yesterday was the first time Wyn had written with my buddy Lauren Mascitti who’s so doggone great as a singer…and as a writer too.  So, we had a blast beating up and writing one of several ideas that Wyn offered up yesterday.  A little heartbreaking country song…the kind Lauren sings the heck out of…kind of like this one that’s on here new album.  I didn’t co-write this one, but it gives you an idea of the “cry” in her voice that’s so beautiful.


So, it was time and rhymes really well spent with those two yesterday for sure.



I did get word yesterday that the Fall part of the Hits & Grinstour is going to be cancelled.  It’s a total of 13 or 14 shows that they will now try to postpone until 2021 as they try to put together a schedule from January through July of next year. And while I’m disappointed seeing the rest of my year of shows disappear?  I’m not sad not having to get on planes constantly during a Covid era.  Thanks to Live Arts & Attractions who are working hard on saving as many dates possible for the future when hopefully it will be safer to tour.  Montana, California, Utah, Arizona and other states?  We hope to have you back on the books in 2021.



Because of the Covid influence in meat packing companies, pepperoni prices have jumped big time.  It’s selling for $4.17 a pound in some places after being priced at $2.87 in January.   It’s probably not a coincidence that Pizza Hut just announced they will close 300 locations across the country. And how the heck can ya eat Pizza without pepperoni? 


Meanwhile Home Depot sales have surged 23% during the virus. Folks are working on their houses during quarantine times.


A billionaire client in China commissioned some jewelers to make a 1.5-million-dollar diamond encrusted face mask.  That’s the kind of folks that have so much money they pay someone to wash their hands.



It just occurred to me that I have never really ever watched a political convention.  Maybe little blips, but never sat down and got into a political convention.  Just never gonna be my thing.  But without watching a bit of it?  I can pretty much figure out what’s going on.  One party is throwing mud on the other party’s candidate…the other side is returning volley.  Is that close?  I think I’ll stick with Covid baseball and Flintstone re-runs and choose to have a Yabba dabba doo time instead.  Y’all go on without me.



Commercial voice over work can be lucrative…especially if you land the right client and the ad works. Ask actress Stephanie Courtney. You probably don’t recognize that name, but you certainly know her work.  She’s Flo in those Progressive TV commercials that run all the time.  Ole Flo is knocking down a million per year for being the face of that insurance company.  Great work if you can get it.



And…then there’s Ryan Reynolds who is this year’s second highest paid actor in the world. He’s number 2 to Dwayne Johnson aka “The Rock”.  Money makes money. Ryan is living that as the little Gin company he started on the side “Aviator” just sold for 610 million dollars. I’m thinking he won’t have to take on any movie roles he doesn’t want to.  Money makes money.



And if you really want to make a lot of money in career?  Take business classes and strive to be a CEO. The AVERAGE CEO salary last year for CEO’s running a large firm?  $21.3 million.  And I chose music. Sigh. I can tell you that being the CEO of a band?  Doesn’t pay as much.  


Here’s a headline this morning.  “How To Avoid Getting Attacked By A Bison”.  I didn’t read the article but I’m betting it says something like this.  “Don’t get out of the car”!!  Ever see those folks in Yellowstone climb out of their car with their cameras and walk TOWARDS a buffalo?  Wouldn’t you love to hear what the buffalo or thinking when they see Joe tourist coming?  I’m thinking he’s probably saying to his fellow buffalo…” watch this”. 



“Lego Piece Finally Falls Out Of Boy’s Nose 2 Years Later”.  He stuck up his nose on purpose when he was 7. If finally falls out at 9 years of age. The lesson here is, don’t stick a Lego up your noso.



I’m writing for the first time in a while with my bluegrass buddy Laura Leigh Jones who also is in charge of the backstage tours at the Grand Ole Opry.  It will be interesting to find out how that job has changed because of Covid-19.  And I’ll be able to congratulate her for signing a publishing deal with Billy Blue…the same company I write for. We’re on the same team now! 


Have a great Tuesday!  



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