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Inspirational Writers...Funny Dolly Story...Trop Rock Radio

Aug 16 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

And it’s Thursday all day long with some rain headed our way in Music City.



I sat in a writing room with two of my favorite co-writers Jimmy Fortune and Sydni Perry. If you rhyme long enough you tend to find out through trial and error that you have great writing chemistry with…and these two fit that in spades.  And on top of that…both are just incredibly nice talented human beings.


We gathered at Jimmy’s to tackle a title he brought up last time I saw him.  Jimmy is getting ready to do a possible quartet project with three other noted bluegrass type singers and the title of the song we wrote would be the name of this quartet.  I won’t give the title away yet…but this young man Bradley Walker would be one of the members.  Odds are you may not have heard of Bradley…but those in the know love this guy’s singing for good reason.  Here’s an example of what Bradley does.


So…combine him with Jimmy….who knows a bit about quartets as he came from the Statler Brothers and you’ll understand like I do that this could be a special project.  Man what a fun writing session.


Jimmy and Syndi are going to be on air with me next Thursday morning August 23 on WSM radio at 9:15 AM.  I’ll remind you…but you won’t want to miss their “live” performance



Jimmy and Syndi are both very faith based and we always have a conversation about that when we gather.  It happens organically and naturally which I appreciate.  I’ve never been a huge fan of preachers…and or religion per se.  I tend to get more out real conversations with real folks who believe than I ever do sitting in a wood pew. 


I grew up in a small Baptist Church at a time when preacher’s faces would get red from shouting at the pulpit.  At the small radio station in Missouri I worked at we sold airtime to preachers on Sunday mornings.  One from the local Church of Christ would drop in and I (just a kid at the time) would take him into that little one bedroom trailer studio…turn his mike on and let him go for 30 minutes.  Lotta shouting going on.  He did not need a microphone.


So…I’m appreciative of folks like Jimmy & Sydni and other friends like them who just talk “real” about their faith.  I’ll take a rocking chair conversation on a front porch with sweet tea about God two to one over sitting in a pew…but that’s just me.  And that’s just honest.



Jimmy told me he got a call completely out of the blue from actor Billy Bob Thornton. He ran Jimmy’s number down somehow and Jimmy was flabbergasted.  When he ask Billy why in the world he had called him Billy told Jimmy that “Elizabeth” was his favorite all time song…and Jimmy wrote that number one song for the Statlers.  How bout that?


If you don’t know…Billy Bob also has a cool band he does shows with from time to time.  Check out Billy and the Boxmasters.



In Brentwood just south of Nashville…a dentist lost his medical license.  Why?  He was abusing his laughing gas.  True.  Wonder if he’s still laughing?



A guy took an old amphibious car out onto Percy Priest Lake just minutes from where we live…huge lake.  The amphibious car sunk and had to be pulled off the bottom of the lake.  Might wanna check the “phib” on your amphibious before you put it out on water Lloyd Bridges.  (old school…you can look Lloyd up)



Every year they try new concoctions hoping it will resonate with those of you who like to go the Fair and eat something before you get on a spinning ride and get sick.  This year try the all new Cookie Dough Spaghetti.  Can’t make that stuff up folks.  Drop by and get ya some then jump on the roller coaster.  Then when you get off the ride go by some more to replace the spaghetti you lost on the upside down turn.



Did you know that Dolly Parton once entered a drag queen impersonation contest and lost?  She over did her makeup…which is hard to do in Dolly’s case…walked out…and did not win.  There were several Cher’s and several other Dolly’s.  Dolly’s “Dolly” was not good enough to win.  Just another reason to love Dolly Parton.



In Philadelphia they auctioned off a 1913 Liberty Head nickel.  It fetched 4.5 MILLION!  Good grief.  This is why my friend and co-writer Steve Dean looks at every coin he’s given.  I collect nothing really…outside of some old records I have.  BUT…I’m sure those Beanie Babies we bought for my daughter are going to auction off for a fortune someday soon.  Right?



Just wanted you to know.  There’s a resort in Japan that is set up so you can take a bath in beer.  True.  Check the shower nozzles.  I’m pretty sure that would be PBR coming out.



“Boys Mysterious Whistling Cough Turns Out To Be Swallowed Whistle”.  I would have loved to have seen the expression on the Doc’s face when he said, “turn your head and cough young man”.  



I’m off to Music Row to do an interview with Eric Babin who runs his own internet Trop Rock Music Radio Station.  Beach music on demand.  He plays some Brent Burns music, which I’ve written a bunch of with Brent…and he’s in town and needs to do an interview with a radio guy…that would be me…at Brent’s suggestion.  He’s a former retired naval guy that I’ve met once…and he and his wife travel full time in an RV doing his radio show from wherever there’s a beach with beach music.  If you’re curious…here’s the link to his internet station TROPROCK.


Should be a fun interview.


After that…packing time as I leave for the Smokies tomorrow morning for the Smoky Mountain Songwriters Festival in Gatlinburg.  I’ll be playing a Friday night show with “Hits & Grins” and a Saturday night show with Randy Brooks who wrote this SONG.


And…I’ll help the festival judge their songwriting contest again this year Saturday around noon.  


Have a great Thursday!


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