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Writing Shack...Grandpas...Margaritas

Aug 14 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

Hump Day and the storm has cleared.



My songwriting appointment was with my long time Missouri friend Wil Nance and young artist Lauren Mascitti.  We wrote at Wil’s place and for the first time we wrote in his song-writing shack. 


Now…a lot a guys have a Man Cave.  Wil has a Man Shack on his property he restored by himself and it’s awesome. Big screen, recording gear, memorabilia hung on the wall including pictures of his Dad who was an ex-radio guy on a big radio station in St. Louis.  I had no idea his Dad did that yesterday until he showed me the pictures on the wall.  Wil had no idea how big a deal KWK is and was where his Dad once was on air.  It was a Rock & Roll  giant back in the day and I remember those call letters growing up as a kid.  Although when my Mom wasn’t around to slap my hand for not keeping the radio on her “country” station…I turned on KXOK in St. Louis to hear guys like Johnny Rabbit play those old rock and roll classics.


So that was cool…and now I want a man-shack in my backyard!  We’ll be writing there more in the future for sure.  And…Lauren brought a very fun cool Colby Caillat kind of idea that we had great fun writing yesterday.


And while I’m on Wil…let me share this great song that he helped write that George Strait recorded.  George has recorded I think maybe 3 of Wil’s songs through the years including a number one song “Roundabout Way”.  But this song is one I think George missed on and it should have been a single and a big ole hit.  Listen to this song…”Where Have I Been All My Life”.



Watch and listen to this great song that Shawn Camp helped write with Tim Mensy titled “The Grandpa That I Know”.  Shawn is one of our greatest songwriters his grandfather must have been a lot like mine.  Bib overalls all the time. So if you had a Grandpa like this…this song can’t help but move you.



As I headed home from my writing appointment my wife Kathy called to let me know some storms had rolled through and we had no power. That seems to happen almost every time we get a good storm but yesterday the temps were near 100 so no AC is NOT a good thing.  So I stopped to grab dinner since we had no electricity.  And when I pulled in the drive I could see limbs down all over the yard so I’ve got pick up work to do later today.  Fun stuff ya know.


The good news was as we were having our dinner by candlelight the electricity came back on.  So all is well again here at the Whyte House.



Well, today is National Tequila Day. Just saying that makes me hear this classic SONG in my head. Also makes me think of margaritas.  And Margaritas makes me think about the song I wrote with Brent Burns “Margarita Smile” that he recorded.  Brent is in town next weekend and the two of us will be in studio for two days recording new songs for his next project.


“Margarita Smile” is now a “Best Beach Song” album that Brent will be using as a promotional vehicle when he’s at the Trop Rock Festival in Key West.  The town fills up with Parrot Head fans and they will all get a complimentary copy of this album that has 4 or 5 of our co-writes on it.


For those of you who like beach and funny songs you could do worse than to pick up and listen to some of my friends CD’s.  And I can promise you there’s some really cool stuff going on the new album including one REALLY funny song.  Stay tuned.



Been awhile since Eddy Murphy has been on the big screen.  But he’s got a new movie coming out called “Dolemite” that looks to be funny. Here’s the TRAILER but be advised…if you’re not comfortable with an “R” rating content…maybe pass on watching it.



Somewhere in UK they found a PINK grasshopper.  Don’t ask me.  The way I grew up, no matter what color the grasshopper was we called them “bait”.  Pink would be easier for the fish to see on the end of bobber I would think so it’s all good.



Alex Rodriguez the former baseball player now baseball TV commentator left $500,000 worth of jewelry and electronics in his SUV. Of course it was stolen. I’m not sure why a person would leave all that in a car…but more than that I wonder how rich is one that they have $500,000 just to leave in a parked SUV?  He’s married to J-Lo so I’m sure they told police not to worry about it…just pocket change.



“Nude Dude Trapped In Chimney”.  Uh huh.  Makes you kind of wonder what that Mary Poppins “Step In Time” scene COULD have looked like.



I’m back at the writing table with my bluegrass buddy Irene Kelly and her dog…and her parrot. Always nice to hear our lyrics repeated by a parrot.


Have a great Wednesday!






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