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Some Kind Of House Concert...Doodles The Clown...Songwriter Show Tonight

Aug 12 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

Monday morning…back to work.  And the weatherman do say it will hit maybe 100 degrees. No heat index added.  Yikes.  I’ve got a show tonight in Bowling Green.  I’m surely glad we’ll be indoors when were picking and singing.



Friday I co-wrote with Jimmy Fortune and Sydni Perry.  It was our first time gathering in awhile as we’ve all been busy.  Sydni who sings high harmony with Carrie Underwood and plays fiddle was all jazzed after performing with Joan Jett on the CMA Fest broadcast you may have seen on TV a few nights ago. Sydni brought a great song title for a gospel song that we wrote so it was a productive day for sure and we had time to catch lunch and really catch up on busy lives.  While we were eating Sydni’s husband Face timed her and we all said “hey” to him as he’s in Iraq on a two year tour of duty after getting called up from the Army Reserves a couple of months ago. God bless and look over that fine young man and bring him homes safely.



Well, the house concert I played was beyond memorable.  Myself, Brady Seals and Lua Crofts headlined the All About Z Music House Concert in Franklin, TN hosted by husband and wife Terry and Wanda Seay.  We got to celebrate the 1 year anniversary of Wanda’s more than successful heart surgery so that was cool.


Before we played a note a young Jessie Ritter did a set and knocked the house down.  Even though I did not hear but the last few notes of her last song as I was walking in the house, I knew she was great from the applause.


And then my buddy Lauren Mascitti got up and pretty much stole the evening with her angelic voice.  PLUS…big plus here…she brought her fiancee’ Shawn Camp who’s written a lot of BIG hits including “Two Pina Coladas” for Garth Brooks. Pretty sure you could hear that packed house singing down more than a couple of doors or two down in the the neighborhood.  Just awesome to hear.


And then I got to sit alongside Brady Seals & Lua Crofts and hear them sing those iconic Seals & Crofts 2 classics.  “Diamond Girl”…”Summerbreeze”…”Closer To You”  It was fun for me sitting on my chair watching the audience sing those timeless classics word for word.  The audience was SO into everyone and it just made the evening ridiculously fun. I thought we had pretty much rung the audience out before Brady sang the closing song  “God Bless Texas”…his big hit when he was part of Little Texas.  I was wrong about the audience.  The applause and sing along level spiked a couple more points.


I met so many nice folks…and a great couple my wife and I met on our Rhine River Cruise with Brent Burns a few months ago made a trip from Kentucky to see it…and they were not disappointed.  Nice to see them again.


So thank you Terry & Wanda…and to everyone who showed up for the music last night.



The music business is so tough.  Even if you’re talented and driven.  Just a few REALLY make it. Most struggle for a long time.  That’s not quite the case for Luke Combs. Check out these facts that were listed about him in our paper this morning promoting two of his shows coming to town.


In 2010 Luke picked up his first guitar ever.


In 2014 he moved to Nashville


In 2019 he sold out TWO shows at the Nashville Bridgestone Arena.  In case you be wondering…that arena holds 20,000 fans. 



You know it’s getting to be Fair season when you read a story that mentions, “Fair Favorite Doodles The Clown” returns to the Wilson County Fair.  “Doodles The Clown” would make a great name for a politician or two I believe.  You choose your own as to whom that moniker might fit.



Well…it has been and just continues to be really really HOT.


A couple of cool things to check out.  Who knew you could buy a PORTABLE bidet?  You can.  Take it anywhere and splash your derriere as much as you please.  Wonder if “Doodles” will have one with him at the Fairgrounds?


And then there’s this.  A cold beer, frosted mug is not a bad way to chill off.  Some beer bottles still require and opener…no twisting.  So…if you run into that problem of needing to open it without twisting it’s nice to know that someone listed 15 different ways to do just that.


Using your teeth is one way…but my molars hurt thinking about that.


Using ANOTHER beer bottle?  Now that I like.  A car door latch, and your keys can also do the trick.  Who knew? 



Get this.  Lucky Charms is now selling just the marshmallow bits in a candy size bag for under $2. Your welcome.



Miley Cyrus, who is getting a divorce after less than a year of marriage, has 97 MILLON Instagram followers. Proof that making a lot of noise and being controversial sometimes has side benefits. I know all of this and somehow I just can’t make myself dance on video half naked with a big foam finger. Sigh.  I am SO old school.



Just when you think the world is full of nothing buy “foam finger” news…there’s this great story that surfaced this morning.  An FBI agent retires. 22 years ago he rescued a kidnap baby.  His buddies decided to surprise the agent at his retirement party and went to a lot of trouble to find that baby who is now a 22-year-old Marine to show up and his part.  The Marine thanked the agent for “Giving me a life, and to be allowed to wear this uniform everyday”.  Salute.



“It’s 30 Times Harder To Get A Chik-fil-A Franchise Than To Get Into Harvard”.  I’ve never seen ONE Chik-fil-A that was not busy at any time of the day.  Amazing.  And keep in mind…Harvard does not make nuggets.



A very full Monday starting with a songwriting appointment with two young talented guys at my publishing company this morning.  When that’s finished I’ll jump on I-65 North to Bowling Green, Kentucky for a songwriter show called “Water Wheel Round” hosted by songwriter-radio guy Dan Modlin and songwriter Bill DiLuigi.  We’ll be at Lost River Cave if you’re nearby and want to come see the show.


Have a great Monday!







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