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Kentucky Writing...Field Of Dreams...Show Tomorrow Night

Aug 9 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

Friday morning…the weekend is on us and I’m gearing up for a house concert tomorrow night.



I wrote for the first time with Brittany Taylor yesterday at my publishing company. My publishing company set up this co-write thinking we’d be a good fit writing as she loves “real” country and so did I.  They were right.  Brittany grew up in Eastern Kentucky and is a down to earth talented country girl.  I found out that she loves Patty Loveless who’s also from Kentucky and loves as she describes it, “Pitiful” country songs.  That made me laugh.  And then she laid a wonderful pitiful song idea on me and we wrote that.  So it was a wonderful pitiful day yesterday of writing and I certainly look forward to more collaborations with her in the future.


Turns out that Brittany is great friends with Dave Brainard and Jenny Tolman and we both write with them all the time and Dave has helped produce a new album on Brittany to be released later.  So my thanks to Joe Dan Cornett at Billy Blue Publishing for hooking us up yesterday.



I watched baseball last night. No I did not watch pre-season football. Bores the heck out of me.  I’ll wait til they play for real.


But I am excited about Major League Baseball holding a game at the “Field Of Dreams” in Iowa where they will build an adjacent park to the one we’ve seen in the Kevin Costner classic.  And I think fans will walk through a carved out lane in the corn rows to get to the game between the Yankees and White Sox. White Sox for sure since they were a part of the story line in my favorite movie of all time.


Already my sister Vickie has texted asking if I’m going…knowing what a baseball fan I am.  Sis…if you got tickets I’ll go!  Those will be really really hard to get.  But would I love to be there?  Big time.  If I went I’d be tempted do dress like Doc “Moonlight” Graham in the stands with my black medical bag in case some kid chokes on a hot dog.



Nashville is full of museums these days to go with the row of night clubs and celebrity honkytonks that line Lower Broadway that draws tourism in big numbers here.  George Jones, Johnny Cash have museums and yesterday they announced the opening of a Glen Campbell museum and music venue slated to open in 2020 on 2nd Avenue.  I’m a huge Glen Campbell fan so I’ll be visiting that place for sure.  Apparently the venue part of it will be for songwriter shows so who knows.  Maybe I’ll get lucky and get to play there one day.


About once a year I have the honor of playing at the Ford Theater tucked inside the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum.  And last year I played the venue in Bon Aqua Tennessee that sits on Johnny Cash’s old farm that he used to play in every now and then himself.  Don’t know how these kinds of things have happened but they have and I’m grateful every time I get tucked inside historical places like that to make music.



Did you see the Dad catch the baseball WHILE holding his baby? Watch THIS.  And give this guy a players contract.



Celine Dion I just found out has a storehouse just for her shoes.  She needs one.  There are over 10,000 pair stored there.  And you know there will still be times when she looks at those as she gets ready for a concert and think, “I’ve got nothing to wear”.  Sigh.


120 Over 80

In the future scientists say we’ll be able to check our blood pressure by taking a selfie.  Wow. I’m hoping we’ll be able to take a prostate exam that way too.  No pain, just smile. 



Can you have John Mayer, Heart AND Ringo Starr playing concerts on the same night.  Same town.  And last night at the Mayer concert John got Chris Stapleton up and they performed this SONG that they recorded together.  They wrote it the day before the concert.  Only in Nashville.


Chris Stapleton I believe has become the bearded version of Vince Gill and Willie Nelson…showing up on everyone else’s shows and records too.  Amazing talent.



Bugatti just put out a new sports car that goes 310 mph. Fast. Really fast.  I can’t think of anything worse than sitting in a Nashville traffic jam like we have all the time these days in a car that COULD go 310 mph but is sitting dead still. 



“Vegas Woman Sues Wayne Newton Claiming His Pet Monkey Bit Her Daughter”.  What a Danke Dang Schoen” that is huh?



I’m back at a writing table with two of my faves…Jimmy Fortune and Sydni Perry.  Jimmy like me has been all over the country lately.  Just did a Gaither Family Cruise in Alaska that I want to hear about.  And Sydni was just over in England singing and playing with Carrie Underwood.  So we’ll compare travel notes and then work on adding something new to our catalog.  I ALAYS love sitting in a room writing with those two because I get to hear them sing!



That’s our house concert at Terry and Wanda Seay’s in Franklin.  I’ll be on at 9 pm with my friends Brady Seals and Lua Croft doing their “Seals & Crofts 2” thing.  And another great friend and singer Lauren Mascitti will be on right before us.  So this will be an amazing intimate songwriter show and the public is invited.  Find all the details on my calendar here on my website.


Have a great weekend!








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