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Music Night Out...Aussie Songs...Syrup Drinking

Aug 8 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

Thursday where it’s rhyme time again in Music City.



I had one last day that was open on my calendar for a while to enjoy.  I did write a comedy parody for my New York folks about the volatility of the stock market off a country hit “Up Down”.  Appropriate huh?


Then last night I went out and heard my talented friends Shawn Camp and Lauren Mascitti perform.  Lauren did THIS SONG that she co-wrote with me and Wil Nance that’s on an album to yet be released.  Always a treat to hear a really great young singer perform one of your songs.  And it’s always great to hear Shawn Camp perform.  Shawn is proudly from Arkansas and he had a lot of those folks including family in town to cheer him on and some of those songs he’s written with the great Guy Clark that “reflect” Arkansas in them…like this ONE about ole Sis Draper.



I ran into Terry & Wanda Seay who’s house concert I’ll play Saturday night in Franklin, TN just south of Nashville.  I bumped into them at the ballpark a couple of nights ago so I’m not sure who’s stalking who.


Anyway they told me that one of their opening acts for my show with Seals & Crofts 2 had to cancel and they needed someone to fill that slot before we take the stage and wondered if there was any chance that Lauren could do it? I ask.  She said yes.  So this show is going to be unreal Saturday night.  It is open to the public…all the info is right HERE.  If you’re near…don’t miss this.



I read this morning that Willie Nelson had to cancel some tour dates because of breathing problems.  Never a good thing.  Last night Shawn sang a song he co-wrote that Willie and Merle Haggard recorded together that’s just great.  So with Willie on my mind this morning I thought I’d share this great DUET with you.  Check it out.



And I got some nice news from my young co-writer friend in Australia…Angus Gill who will be releasing a new project next month that has a fun song on it we co-wrote titled, “By We I Mean You”…an idea Angus brought to the writing table when he was here in the states a few months ago.  Thanks for that good news Angus. And I’m looking forward to seeing and writing with him again when he’s back state side in a few months.



And my long time beach nut of a friend Brent Burns and I beat up some of our songs that he’ll be recording here in Nashville in just a few weeks.  We’ve got a mixture of beach and funny again for his next album due out either late this year or early next. 


So…I had a pretty busy “off” day yesterday after all.



One more sign of how Music City is becoming a metropolis. Property prices have been going up for awhile.  Especially anything downtown where tourism is breaking records every single year.  8 years in a row now.


Someone just bought the Hampton Inns and Suites downtown.  It sold for over 100 million bucks.  That’s more than double what the current owners paid in 2016 when they bought it.  Wow.  Pretty good return on your investment I’d say. 



Our Mayor is trying to get rid of all of those electric scooters we see everywhere downtown.  Hard to see em’ at night.  However, tractors pulling bachelorettes through the streets of downtown music city while they’re floating and screaming in a hot tub will still be allowed. Hard to fit a hot tub on a scooter…so those may be gone soon.



I read that if you sit on those Spanish Steps in Rome (done that…beautiful) police will issue a fine.  People sit and other’s have trouble climbing past them to get to the top and see that gorgeous view of Rome that my wife and I saw a couple of years ago when we played a tour there with Brent Burns and a bunch of his fans.


I’m guessing they’ll fine you for doing a cannonball into the Tivoli Fountains now too.  Glad I did that before it was illegal.



Some who do high-energy workouts are now drinking syrup when they finish.  Something about it restoring what needs restored in the body.  And it helps you sustain a longer workout.  Buy stock in Aunt Jemima.  She’s hot again.



If you act up too much in Bradenton, Florida you could get hit with a beanbag.  Not from an errant corn hole toss but from a shotgun.  Police there are armed with beanbag shotguns.  They won’t kill ya…but it’ll stop ya in your tracks.  And it will be embarrassing trying to explain that red imprint of a beanbag shape on your forehead to your friends.



Someone just found an old game cartridge in the bottom of a Safeway bag that’s worth $13,000.  Those video game cartridges that your parents used to tell you to stop playing?  Some are worth a lot of money now.


I should have held onto those Atari cartridges instead of my game of Pick Up Sticks.  Worth nothing.



ESPN will air the National Cherry Seed Spitting Contest.  On TV.  Right up there with the Hot Dog Eating Championship I guess. How far can ya spit a seed anyway?  Dunno.  But some of those guys I’ve seen here in the south sitting on the tailgates of their pickups spitting tobacco?  One of those guys could win.



I’m writing with Brittany Taylor for the first time today. From what I understand she like “real” country music.  What a coincidence.  This should work out just fine.


Have a great Thursday!





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