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Baseball...New Branson Dates...Pringle Universe

Aug 6 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

Tuesday…all dang  day.



A pretty quiet Monday and that gave me some time to get in a walk, make some new songwriting appointments and catch a baseball game last night.


The folks I write parody songs for in New York are always looking for idea starters for parody songs. So yesterday I suggested a song about the stock market taking a dive that they turned down because they were fearful the market might not drop enough or even go up making the song irrelevant for radio airplay this morning. I wish I had not predicted correctly as of course the stock market did plummet over 700 points yesterday.


So I hate that I didn’t get the work and hate that I was right all at the same time.



While at the ballpark I ran into Terry and Wanda Seay. They are the couple that hosts regular house concerts in their home in Franklin, Tennessee that I’ll be part of this coming Saturday night with Brady Seals & Lua Crofts and they do their “Seals & Crofts 2”  thing singing those great hits from their bloodline.



I have two dates that will be changed a bit on my performance calendar this morning.  The Branson dates this Fall for the Billy Yates Songwriters Series will now be October 13, 14 and 15.  And December 1, 2 and 3.  The shows had fallen on Friday and Saturday nights and Sunday afternoon but  will now be held on Sunday, Monday and Tuesdays at a new venue called "Billy Yates Choices". Check the calendar for more details but do think about making a trip to Branson to see these great shows.  All shows are 2 pm starts.


In October I’m paired with Jimmy Payne, another Missouri guy who co-wrote with the late great Jim Glaser the smash hit “Woman Woman”. And the other writer for the December date is yet to be determined. And as always host Billy Yates will be in our musical round too and we’ll get to hear both “Choices” and “Rocking Chair” that he wrote for George Jones and that’s always a treat.



Gosh, I just saw articles about Fall travel and then another about Christmas decorating! And pre-season football starts this weekend.  Remember when you used to hear your parents say, “where does the year go” when you were little and wondered what they were talking about?  Not so much anymore.


I’m trying to do what this song that Darin & Brooke Aldridge recorded says to do that I helped write with Lisa Shaffer “I’m Trying To Make Clocks Slow Down”.



That’s what folks are saying about the “Impossible Whopper” patties you can now eat made out of plants.  More and more tasters are saying they taste great and some can’t tell the difference in those and the real deal from a cow.  Cows everywhere may be celebrating.  Cattle farmers?  Not so much.


Farmers will soon be working on making their Angus taste like broccoli.



Hyundai is now selling for the first time a Kia with a sunroof.  Not here…but in Korea.  It will surely get here and I might buy one if I lived in Arizona.  But if I lived in Seattle or Portland?  Uh…no.



“The Milky Way Is Shaped Like A Pringle”.  That’s what some scientist is saying. The universe has been around like a billion years or whatever and now part of it has been reduced to a potato chip in a can.  Next time they look they’ll tell us that the North Star looks like a Frito.



Nothing big again…I kinda like that.


Have a great Tuesday. 

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