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Georgia Show...Showcase In Nashville...Cayenne

Aug 5 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

Hello Monday morning.



Mine started with a trip to the small town of Toccoa, Georgia for an “Evening In The Round” show Friday night with Linda Davis, Lang Scott and Rylee Scott who joined us for this one. I drove on my own for this one and got reminded big time that Atlanta has traffic. LOTS of traffic…and construction. And I thought Nashville had problems. They pale.


But, once there it was all good.  Our show was at the refurbished old Ritz Theatre that looked beautiful.  What a great restoration job.  We had a packed house with a very appreciative audience. I got to hear Rylee sing the song I helped write for the Scott Family album “Love Remains” once again…that never gets old.  It’s pleasure to hear Rylee sing what her older sister Hillary sang…that song about their late grandfather.  Makes me glad I rhyme words.


Linda had a lot of “Davis Family” clan in that region and I think they ALL came out.  Great folks. And I had a third cousin Brad who came from about an hour and a half away with his lovely wife Lynn. Always great to have another Whyte in the house.


Our thanks to the folks in Toccoa for having us and we look forward to being back there maybe next year.  And we hope you’ll fill that big orchestra pit that sat unused in front of our stage into a gigantic hot tub by the time we’re back there!



Then EARLY Saturday morning I was back on the road to Nashville…like 4:30 AM early to make an 11 call at the Tennessee Performing Arts Center in downtown Music City for a show case for that trio that includes Victoria Venier, Steve Dean and myself.  Over two days about 30 acts perform a 15 minute set in front of a ton of theater buyers hoping that we will pick up dates at their various theaters this Fall and early next Spring.


You never know about these things but I certainly feel like we had a great show with great reaction so now we’ll wait and see. We spent a lot of time shaking hands with those buyers and heard got lots of great feedback and visited with some buyers who want us to come back from when we did this four years ago or so.  So…here’s hoping our calendar gets busy with lots of those dates.   We’ll know in a couple of months.  Either way, we just had a blast playing for those folks.



It’s always interesting to try new songs on audiences. I wasn’t sure if “I’ll Join The Amish” that I wrote would work or not until I did it the first couple of times and heard the laughter pouring back at me. It’s now become a regular song I do in all my shows.  Recently some friends in Texas Don and Madeline sent THIS to me from Italy where they have a home they stay in part of each year.  I’ve have SO got to get a set of these mudflaps!  Thank you.



Botox has become really really popular.  More men are going for it apparently than ever too.  And some get a little injection into their face, or head, or wherever during a lunch break instead of having actual lunch. 


Herb, what did you eat for lunch?  You look younger!  Pretty sure I’ll stick with my bologna sandwich and apple packed into a Captain Kangaroo lunchbox instead.



Apparently if one puts cayenne on their eggs for breakfast it helps you lose calories. Who knew? Of course it could make one sneeze into their bowl of Sugar Crisp but it’s one of those risks health nuts are willing to take.


Meanwhile they just had a Pepper Eating Contest in Fort Mills South Carolina.  Uh…not for me thanks.  Two contestants TIED.  And the paper called it a “Dead Heat”.  Of course they did.



I just read an article that listed several things one should NOT say in a work interview. “What does this company do”? has actually been asked by a few folks seeking work.  I’m guessing they may still be looking for a job.



I’ve got a couple of days with nothing big on them so I’ll take advantage of that.  I see me in our Minor League ballpark later tonight if it doesn’t rain…and man we’ve had our share of that this year in Tennessee.


Coming up though I have two shows.  The first is Saturday night for Terry and Wanda Seay in Franklin, Tennessee at their beautiful home they built with a room dedicated for the purpose of throwing house concerts with songwriters.  They’ve done this for year and it’s just a pleasure to play where so many great writers have played.  I’ll be doing a songwriters show with my friends Brady Seals and Lua Crofts and they’ll be doing their Seals & Crofts 2 thing, which is just awesome to hear.


Then a week from tonight I’m back up in Bowling Green, Kentucky for Dan Modlin’s Monday Night Songwriters show and writer Bill DiLuigi will be with us.  Come if you can.  You’ll find all the details on the Calendar section of my website.


Have a great Monday!


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