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Georgia Bound...Rehearsal Time...Colorado Next July

Aug 2 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

On the road again headed for a show tonight in Georgia.



I got to spend some time with my buddy Gerald Smith as we sat down and wrote at my publishing company. A few months ago the ole “Georgia Quacker” had a little health scare so it was great seeing him feeling better.  The publishing company is looking for songs for a couple of Southern Gospel groups right now so we wrote towards that.  Gerald had a great melody and a GREAT title so I got to go along for the ride and help shape that thought into a song. So a good day of writing.



When the song was done I drove another 30 miles to join my “Hits& Grins” trio with Steve Dean and Victoria Venier to rehearse our 15 minute show we’ll perform Saturday afternoon at the Tennessee Performing Arts Center in downtown Nashville to a whole bunch of theater buyers from all over the US as they are looking to book shows for their fall season of 2020 and Spring season of 2021.  Over 50 acts will take their turns on stage and then the buyers go home and go before their boards and decide who they want to come for their concert series.  We’re hoping of course that “Hits & Grins” will be penciled into a lot of those.  We’ll soon see.


We did this four years ago and I think we did 15-18 theaters all over the country.  California, Wyoming, New Mexico, North Carolina, Missouri, Arkansas, Washington and several other states were on our calendar that year.  So we’re looking forward to this opportunity again.



I found out that I’ll be going back to beautiful Montrose, Colorado to write with veterans again next July. I’m part of a group of songwriters now called “Freedom Sings” that goes out and writes with vets…turning their incredible stories of valor into songs that helps heal buy getting those stories out.  I just did this in Montrose a month ago and I was glad to hear that they loved it so much that we’re going back…and maybe will do so yearly.  Not only do we have a chance to do some good, but we also get to spend some time in a gorgeous part of the country out in western Colorado.  Thank you vets for having us back.



To two of my dearest long time friends Dodge and Dean Raymer back in Missouri who will celebrate an incredible 67th wedding anniversary today!  67!  Still holding hands…still going to Cardinal baseball games, still helping those of us in the music business with their support and love.  Love love love you guys…Happy Anniversary. 



They just released a list of THE unhealthiest restaurants in the US.  Probably not a surprise that Cracker Barrel was on the list.  With that said, I don’t think there’s ever been a time I went to Cracker Barrel thinking “this will be good for my health”.  I have a song called “Grits and Gravy” I helped write and sing on stage a lot.  One of the lines is, “But at least I’ll die with a good taste in my mouth”.  So there’s that to think about.


Plus…one does have to put in a little effort to get those chairs to rock out on the front porch!



I did see this fashion statement for you ladies.  A dress that looks like an onion bag.  Check THIS OUT.  I’m not sure the onions would make you cry or the price tag.  But there ya go.



Okay…gotta finish up another 3 hours on the road to Toccoa, Georgia for our “Evening In The Round” show with Linda Davis and Lang Scott at the Ritz Theater tonight. They left yesterday and ran into a hellacious rainstorm that blew the face off of a gas tank while they were sitting waiting for the storm with 60 mph winds to die down.  Nice and calm this morning for my drive…thank you!


Have a great weekend!

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