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Aussie Songs...Mustard Ice Cream...Show In Georgia

Aug 1 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

Hello first day of August!



With my songwriting appointment cancelled I got out and got some fresh air (or hot air) and got in a walk.  I’ve been on the road a bunch without a chance to do that a lot.  So much so that I saw my Fit bit had added a few pounds so I took it walking. And while I was putting in my laps I was listening to Radio Trop Rock on my phone…an internet radio station that plays tropical music that my friends Eric and Gina Babin own and operate.  While I was walking on came the song “Two Bags, One Beach” that I helped write with Becky and Wil Denton that Becky recorded. That particular lap went a little faster.


Last night however I did get out the Station Inn here in Nashville to watch my friend Kristy Cox and her bluegrass band perform. Kristy’s new album coming out first of year  “No Headlights” has four songs of mine on it and she and the band played two of those last night and that was a treat.  Her Dad actually came up to me and introduced himself and told me he NEVER cries but the one song I wrote with my friends Jimmy Fortune and Sydni Perry made him do just that. That makes a songwriter feel pretty good when you can move a man’s emotions to tears.  That song is titled “So Many Rainy Days”.


And it was fun sitting with Kristy’s husband Travis List who is also an artist and talk to him about a new album he’s getting ready to record that will have a song on it I helped write too.  So…a very fun night at the Station Inn.



There’s a church in Australia that puts up funny signs all the time.  I’ve seen some here in the US too.  But this one they put up made me smile.  “The Bible Is 100% Accurate.  Especially When Thrown At Close Range”. 



USA Today just listed the Top 20 Most Stolen Cars in the United States. I drive a little Toyota RAV with a zillion miles. It’s not on the list.  And once again…neither is the AMC Pacer.  I’m pretty sure you could leave the doors open on one of those old Pacers with the keys on the seat and nobody would bother.


However, if you drive a new Dodge Charger you’ll need an alarm and padlock. Here’s the complete LIST.



A survey revealed that millennials think the ideal age is 23.  Baby Boomers say it’s 32.  Maybe the ideal age of 23 for millennials is because even though that’s an adult age…many are still living with parents and not paying their own bills. Maybe 23 is ideal!



To celebrate National Ice Cream Day that fell on July 21…French’s Mustard put out a Mustard Ice Cream. Yuk.  I’m a non-condiment guy completely.  Can’t imagine eating mustard ice cream.  I know I’m in the minority for sure.  And I know a condiment is popular when they dedicate an entire MUSEUM to that condiment as Mt. Horab did in Wisconsin. Stop by and see for yourself.  Stop at the hot dog museum on the way there.



The late Groucho Marx and the Marx Brothers still make me laugh if one of their old black and white movies pop up on my TV.  Groucho used to pass out relationship advice…better than Dr. Phil or a shrink. Groucho once said, “She’s so in love with me she doesn’t know anything. That’s why she’s in love with me.”



In Tokyo you can book a hotel room with a flight simulator.  True. $278 dollars a night for the room and a cockpit. If I ever go to Tokyo and want to fly a little after getting up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom…I might just plunk down the Yen.



A big full first day of August ahead.  I’ll be writing a song this morning with friend Gerald Smith and then be in rehearsal with my “Hits& Grins” trio for our big showcase this Saturday afternoon. 


Then Irene Kelley who recorded two songs I helped her write is playing close to my house tonight so I’ll slip in to see her.


And somewhere between all of that I’ll be packing for a show in Toccoa, Georgia tomorrow night at the Ritz Theater with Linda Davis and Lang Scott…our “Evening In The Round” show. We’re the first show of their season at this beautifully restored old theater in Toccoa.  Looking forward to that.


Have a great first day of August!











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