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Show In Georgia Tonight...Lightfoot...Flying Bat

Jul 31 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

 Good morning from the small town of Toccoa, Georgia.



It was like old times.  It was March of this year when the world shut down and so did every show I’ve had on the books for 2020.  But yesterday Linda Davis, Lang Scott and I rolled south for 6 hours to Georgia where today we teach a class at 2 pm to talk about songwriting and entertaining and then we’ll have a 7 pm show this evening at the beautiful historic Ritz Theatre.  It has been disheartening at best to watch so many shows go by the boards…one by one by one cancelled. And there looks to be a lot more cancellations coming including a writing retreat to Arkansas in a few weeks to write with veterans.


So, we’re going to really enjoy playing “live” music again for a crowd that will be social distanced.  The Theatre here has been running movies for a while now…Aladdin played three times yesterday, so they are already used to doing all the right things to make it safe for their customers to come in.  Tonight, will be no exception.  They are selling only a limited amount of tickets and those who do come will be separated by at least a row.  It will be an interesting experience, but I know we’re going to have a ton of fun with our “Evening In The Round” show tonight.  Now if I can just remember the words to my songs!



I love music documentaries and there’s a new one coming on the life story of Canadian Gordon Lightfoot titled “If You Could Read My Mind”.  Man, I wore that song out back in the day along with the “Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald.  Now 81 years old the TRAILER here has me hooked.



Dunkin’ Donuts is closing 800 stores.  I’m a fan.  I used to do commercials for them and they would come by the radio station I worked at in Cincinnati and bring those big boxes of coffee and donuts.  And this is why I’m so slim and trim.  Lot more closings to come for lots of stores.


Australia has had a second wave of the virus hit them shutting down their hopes of tourism returning.  I write with a young Aussie and weeks ago he told me that after thinking the country had it in check that he thought it was coming back again…he was right.  My young friends name is Angus Gill and we wrote a lot of funny songs for a new project of his that’s on the way and I’m sure those sessions lightened his spirits during trying times like it has mine. How can you not laugh when you’re writing a song titled, “She Bought A Grass Skirt And I Bought A Mower”?!


A recent survey reveals:

Only 23% would go to a concert now (great)


Only 34% of Americans would fly.


Only 27% would attend a sporting event


And 44% of those polled say they will not send their kids back into school


And so it goes…




Fairly ironic that Congress grills a bunch of tech billionaires and then the next day after big tech stocks made 250 BILLION bucks.  I’m am now actively trying to do something that will get me in front of congress.



The Chicago Cubs Hall of Famer Ernie Banks used to say that because he loved playing so much, “Let’s play two”!  Now Major League baseball is going to do that during this 60-game season.  We’ll see some double headers BUT…the games will only be 7 innings instead of 9.  Still…a double header!  When I grew up rooting the Cardinals on in St. Louis I would look for double header games and there were always several scheduled each year.  Those are gone these days like a Brontosaurus herd.  But now, we’ll get to see a few of those again.  My only regret is I can’t sit in the stands like I did when I was young and soak up the sun for one game and then watch the lights pop on for what they called Twilight-Double Headers.  Anyone else remember?



And here’s the reason you don’t want to be a Homeplate umpire sometimes.  Umpire Joe West who used to show up in Cincinnati and get on stage and sing a country song with my band got walloped by a bat yesterday and had to be taken out of the game.  Catchers and umps…man they can take a beating. 


And if you’re curious…this is Joe West singing “Country Music” from a country album he recorded years ago. 



The new Ford Bronco that I’ve blogged about a couple of times?  Ford has 150,00 reservations from folks who want to buy one.  Gonna take a while to get that bad boy in your driveway.  All 150,000 have laid down a $100 deposit to hold one and wait for one. Proof that a cool design from the engineering department works big time. 



“The Curious Case of a Belgian Woman Who Temporarily Thought She Was A Chicken”.  I can only guess she could use the eggs.



Time to do a little prepping for our class at 2 pm here in Toccoa GA…near Atlanta and then our 7 pm “Evening In The Round” show tonight.  Looking forward to being on stage once again.


Have a great weekend!

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