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Southern Gospel...Elvis & Michael...Beer Rub

Jul 31 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

Last day of July!  Good grief.



Tuesday was a full day of music that started with a writing session with Nathan Woodard at my publishing company Billy Blue. I’ve been on the road a lot lately so it was a chance for me to catch up with everyone in the building and write a new “gospel” song with Nathan. The VP of our publishing company told us that this group “The Freemans” who I don’t know were looking for songs so Nathan and I referenced this song by the group to write something we hope might fit their sound.


Take a listen. It sounds like stone “country” music as in George Jones etc. except with “gospel” lyrics if you will.  I’m learning more and more about today’s “southern gospel” every time I’m in building.


I grew up singing gospel with my family as a kid and played some on Sunday mornings at my first radio job at KPCR in Bowling Green, Missouri.  Back then our family was singing songs from the Chuck Wagon Gang and “on air” I was playing songs by the Blackwood Brothers and the Statesmen etc.  It’s changed a little…and I’m trying to catch up with the new sound.



Then yesterday afternoon I joined Steve Dean and Victoria Venier to practice our 15 minute set that we will perform before a theater full of “show” buyers from all over the country as they will come into Nashville and listen to 50 or so acts and then decide who they will book into their theaters for the 2020 Fall Season and 2021 Spring Season.  You never can predict what those buyers will do but we feel pretty confident about the show we’ve prepared for them.  Here’s hoping a bunch of them will like what they see and hear.



If you want to avoid traffic and would rather work at home?  Learn your tech skills.  CNBC just listed 9 jobs that will not only allow you to work at home in your pajamas, but these jobs pay $90,000 or more per year. If you’re not good on your computer…drive to work.  Take a LOOK.



I guess that’s what NASA folks do a lot…look up. And when they do they keep finding stuff. They just found a new planet that has three red suns revolving around it.  I’ve about decided the universe is so vast that each of us could own a planet.  Mine will have a lit up sign reading, “no trespassing”.



Lisa Marie who dated/married both Elvis and Michael Jackson was given a boatload of money to finally write a book and tell some of THOSE stories. She’ll make between 3 and 4 million to write it.  And then there will be a movie I’m sure.  I hope they video the auditions for “Bubbles”. 



As predicted…ole Jed had a girlfriend back home.  He won the hand of Bachelorette Hannah…then she found out…and both are single again. The one thing that jumped out to me was songwriter Jed was proud of his biggest accomplishment so far in the music business. He’s singing a jingle for a dog commercial. And after all the attention…you just knew that JINGLE would show up.  Will their dog food sell more or less with what happened last night?  Stay tuned. 



Well…if ya like beer and back rubs…Costa Rica is your ticket.  They give beer massages there. Just like it sounds, in the jungles of Costa Rica someone will rub Schlitz or your back…or whatever beer they use for the right price.  Maybe a Bud Rub?



Branding is everything.  Reinventing old names into something cool and new happens all the time. Those pinball machines and Donkey Kong games you played?  Those were played in arcades.  Now, because so many of those places sell food and drinks they call them Barcades.  At least some do.  None of them will give you a beer massage though after playing Pac Man.  Not yet anyway.



“Woman Wakes Up In Hotel With Snake On Her Arm”.  And the dang thing ate the chocolate mint off her pillow too!



My writing appointment cancelled so my day has opened up a bit. But tonight I’m going to the Station Inn to see my friend Kristy Cox perform songs from her upcoming new CD that I’m excited about because I have four songs on there. One of them is a collaboration of Kristy and one of the world’s greatest guitar players Tommy Emmanuelle.  Can’t wait to hear some of those “live” tonight.


Have a great Wednesday!

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