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South Africa Stories...Upcoming Shows...Audrey Song

Jul 30 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

It’s the last weekend of July. Yesterday was so hot that there’s no “it’s so hot…” joke that could really describe how HOT it was here in Twang Town. I wanted to duct tape a window air conditioner to my face.



I wrote a bluegrass song with Natalie Murphy who plays a mean fiddle and got to hear about her and her husband Nick's incredible trip to Namibia, Africa. Her husband does an outdoor show, so they were there filming a hunting trip. They were on safari and saw lions, and elephants, and rhinos and you name it hit the watering holes at night and hear lions roaring just outside their tents and campsites. They also met the natives and their children who live in mud huts out in the middle of nowhere and I got to see some pictures of all of that. Incredible images. So I felt like not only did I write with Natalie, but I also felt like I was in the middle of a National Geographic special.


And the really nice news is my publishing company liked it so much that they already sent it out be recorded in demo fashion so they can start pitching the tune. Love that.



Today I’m going to select San Diego. I could live there. Best climate in the country. Go to Balboa Park and see the museums and the world-famous San Diego Zoo. Take the USS Midway Aircraft Carrier Museum tour. Huge…and impressive. Cross over into Tijuana and maybe catch some of a Jai Lai game. (Go during the daytime) And whatever you do, drive over the bridge to Coronado and see that great hotel, sit on the beach, and soak up some sun.



Florida hospitals are about as full as they were at the peak last summer. And mask sales have increased.


The President now says federal workers will have to declare if they’ve been vaccinated or not. If not, they must submit to regular testing. It’s to be based on an honor system meaning the bosses will have to take their employees word, depending upon where they work.


A former health and services assistant secretary from the Trump administration is saying basically that anyone unvaccinated will catch the Delta strain virus.


Meanwhile global health policy expert Dr. Vin Gupta admitted yesterday, “we’ve underestimated the willingness of the unvaccinated to get vaccinated”.


And parts of Australia are in a hard lockdown once again with police and the army going door to door in parts of Sydney to make sure those infected stay quarantined.


It is starting to feel a bit like last summer again isn’t it. Geez.



 A judge ordered Kelly Clarkson to pay her now ex-husband $200,000 a month in alimony payments. He was seeking $436,000 per month so she won…I guess.


Which brings us to a wife who admitted, “My husband and I divorced over religious differences. He thought I was God, and I didn’t.


On the other side a former husband asked, “Why are divorces so expensive? And he answered his own question with, “Because it’s worth it”.



The next blog posted here will be in August. And August is when some road dates start to happen again…thank goodness.


Here’s a list of places I’ll be in hot August.


August 11 at the Listening Room in Nashville with “Hits & Grins” with my buddies Victoria Venier and Steve Dean.


August 19-21 at the Gatlinburg Songwriters Festival.


August 26 in Louisville for a private corporate gig with “Evening in the Round” starring Linda Davis with Lang Scott and me.


August 28 at the Franklin Theater with “Evening in the Round” in Franklin, Tennessee just south of Nashville. Come catch a show or two.


My northern Kentucky friend Bobby Mackey will digitally release a song I wrote with Linda Davis and Bobby Tomberlin titled “I’m Looking for Audrey”. I’ll share all the info here Monday on how you can download a copy of the song that talks about the ghost of Hank Williams going into the same bar night after night looking for his ex-wife Audrey. This is Bobby Tomberlin’s version if you care to check it out. Thank you, Bobby Mackey, for recording our song.


And I got a text from another musical artist friend of mine last night Shawn Hammonds who told me Bobby Mackey had played him the song and he fell in love with it. He then asked for permission to record a bluegrass version of it himself. Cool. That should be different.



I’m having lunch with Joe Salois and his wife in town to see Nashville. Joe’s Father Paul Salois changed my life many years ago when he hire me as an 18-year-old kid to be on the air at his radio station KPCR in Bowling Green, Missouri. Joe was just a kid when I was there, but at times his dad would put him on the air too. I have not seen him since. His Dad passed many years ago so I’m looking very forward to catching up with Joe over lunch and asking questions while we also share some great memories for me.


Have yourself a great weekend!




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