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Australia-Shania...New Grass...Carmel

Jul 29 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

July be slipping away. It’s Thursday morning July 29 here in the sauna we call Nashville. 99 for a high today!



I wrote with my Aussie friend Kat Burgs (artist name Katrina Burgoyne)  yesterday morning and she had an idea burning in her head. She’s always wanted to write a Shania Twain type song with that kind of “bob your head groove” one gets when you’re driving down the road and listening to Shania. And she had a guitar groove that was infectious to go with it. So I just tried to hold on and jump in and help guide it to get it where she wanted. Turned out so great…so fun and I’m pretty sure it’s something she’ll go into the studio with sooner or later and try to capture that kind of magic. Her boyfriend is a very talented producer too so I can’t wait to hear what they come up with.  Thank you, Katrina, for making yesterday morning so fun and creative.



I was really pleased to get an e-mail while I was writing from yet another talented co-writer Laura Leigh Jones who we all call Double L. Laura is a talented bluegrass singer-songwriter and told me she had just recorded a song of ours with Sierra Hull and her husband Justin Moses producing and playing on it. To show you how great they are, check the two of them jamming together here. I can't think as fast as their fingers fly on their instruments.  So thank you Double L for loving our song enough to record it. Can’t wait to hear.



We’re #1 again and it’s not a great thing. The US has recorded the highest number of new Covid cases in the world over the last 7 days.


Disneyworld is now saying guests must wear a mask indoors and on all transit systems in the parks. My family will be there in a few weeks. I’m looking for a mask with Goofy on the front wearing a mask too.


Cuomo in NYC wants folks back in offices by Labor Day. But also wants to deny unvaccinated folks to enter their offices. On the opposite side of that is the owner of a California Restaurant who’s trying to make his opposite viewpoint noticed by announcing his restaurant will ONLY serve UNVACCINATED customers. And on it goes.



Now you can download an App called "Window Swap"  that lets you view the world outside someone else’s window. Click on and see what they see out their window and hear the ambient sounds too. It would be just my luck that the curtains are drawn shut. I’m not sure I need to look out someone else’s window. Maybe a window on a condo overlooking the beach. Maybe.



You know you’re a redneck when someone tells you that you have something in your teeth, and you take them out to see what it is.



The drive down Highway 101 from San Fran to Monterey-Carmel. But do make sure you spend a few days in Frisco too. Alcatraz, the wharf with the seals, Ghirardelli Square where you can grab some chocolate. Chinatown is fun too and the views of the Bay while riding a cable car is cool too. While we were there, we saw baseball games at old Candlestick Park with the Giants, and another game across the Bay in Oakland with the A’s.


The drive south is Incredibly beautiful with many high points on the road overlooking the Pacific Ocean. Stop in Monterey…see the Aquarium while in Carmel where Clint Eastwood was once Mayor, hit the sand that slopes down to the sea. Deep and thick. And if you’re a golf fan at all, or just enjoy beauty, go to Pebble Beach and walk out back and check out the 18th green with the ocean behind it. We got to stand on the green that day with no golfers coming and get a snapshot.



Folks in Nashville are getting a bit giddy with news that NINE Whataburgers will open in Nashville. It’s a burger thing here in the south for sure. The first one is right in my backyard, very nearby with a grand opening in about a week. I’d rather have a Skyline Chili Parlor, but I’ll take it. I’m thinking I might grab a Whataburger then click on that Window App I told you about and eat it while I look outside somebody else’s window.



I saw an article this morning claiming that Celebutard Kendall Jenner was spotted wearing a pair of camo-Crocs and that made them “hot”. If I ever bought a pair of those plastic whiffle balls people slip on their feet, I would most surely choose the camo option as I don’t want anyone to see me wearing them. Not that I know a dang thing about fashion, but I do have standards.


By the way, I wrote and recorded a song about “Celebutard”. Nobody else would touch it.



For those into RV’s here’s a new option. A company is now making a Class A Amphibious RV. Just like it sounds. You can drive it right into the water and it floats like a yacht. Remember to take the bikes off the back and unhook the car you’re pulling behind it before you drive it into the water. And please don’t dump the dump tank while you’re yachting about. Thank you.



Well, this one can set up a lot of dominoes for you in a hurry. It just set up 10,000 dominoes in a very short amount of time and that broke a domino set up record of some kind. It would be fun to have the robot set em’ up, and then the owner gets the pleasure of knocking them all down. I’m not sure I could afford the 10,000 dominoes much less the robot.



I’m writing with fiddle player-singer-songwriter Natalie Murphy today and that will be great fun. She just returned from a 3-week South Africa trip with her husband Nick Hoffman who films a hunting show that also features places of interest in the area they are filming in. I’ll be interested in hearing some stories about that trip today.


Have a great Thursday!









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