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Old Songwriter Friends...Magic...Hamster Wheel

Jul 28 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

Last Hump Day of the month.



I got to write with my old friend Rick Tiger at my publishing company. Rick has been out on the road a bit playing house concerts and treating folks across the country to some of his original songs. Yesterday he brought a great gospel song idea that he had going on and I was glad to try and add what I could to the great idea and start he already had. Donna Ulisse is a great bluegrass artist for our label Billy Blue who was at one time a mainstream country artist with the major labels, and she was there getting ready to record some parts for her new album. When I told her I was writing with Rick Tiger she smiled and said the two of them wrote 25 years ago and she’d not seen him since. (Hard to forget a name like Tiger) So when Rick and she spotted each other they were able to relive some musical memories and that was fun.


At the same time the great Doyle Lawson was in our studios also working on an album and it gave me a chance to meet him after hearing so much about him. Doyle would certainly be in the top 10 of best bluegrass artists right now so it was great being able to shake his hand and say “howdy” too.


A pretty good Tuesday in Music City.



That will be August 11 here in town at the Listening Room Café which is a great songwriter’s room. Dinner and a show with “Hits & Grins” that evening with my buddies Victoria Venier & Steve Dean. If you’re in Nashville, please get a ticket and come out and join us. It will be our first show as a trio in a very long time.



The President is talking mandatory vaccines now for all federal employees.


And while the CDC is suggesting masks again for everyone vaccinated or not, here in Nashville?  Not so much.


Milwaukee Brewers baseball star Christian Yelich had his shot and just tested positive for Covid. He’ll be out for a few games in quarantine.



Today I’m going to suggest you see the Magic Castle out in Hollywood if you ever get a chance. You need an invite from a magician, or someone to get in the castle door which sort of looms over Hollywood and Vine. When I did my radio show for Cincinnati out there one year, a friend of a friend got our party in the place where magicians go to work on their craft and perform for folks. Johnny Carson used to be there a lot…and could do some sleight of hand magic himself.


You must know a magic word to get the wall to slide allowing you into another room where a piano is with a bird cage hanging over it. (Try “abracadabra) You request a song out loud, and the piano starts playing it. And if you put a tip in the bird cage, the cage starts swinging and the piano breaks into, “we’re in the money, we’re in the money”.  Move on and you’re in a big dining room for dinner. After dinner, you roam the castle where there’s a big magic show to watch, smaller magic shows with card tricks and rabbits out of hats and more. Truly a “magical kind of evening if you can get a ticket.



In Montgomery, Alabama they have the world’s largest brick. Yep. 25 feet tall…all brick. It sits in front of Acme Brick & Tile and is billed as the world’s largest brick. People stop and get their selfies with a brick. I go through Montgomery a fair amount and I’ve not yet stopped to see the Hank Williams Museum and gravesite which I want to do. Now I’m torn. See Hank’s place or go pose for a picture with a brick. Tough choice.



Through the roof still. Home sales in May nationwide surged 17%. In Music City the average home sells in 11 days or less now.


Worse real estate pun of all time right here. “I was offered the chance to buy some real estate in Egypt’s Valley of the Kings, but it turned out to be a pyramid selling scheme”.



How about this guy who think he can pedal in a hamster wheel across the ocean? This week he tried for the third time and washed ashore. Two other years he had to be rescued. Look at this contraption and tell me you don’t wonder what his thought process was. One day he sits down and thinks, I’m going to build a hamster wheel and pedal across the waves. Did he run it by his wife?



I just saw this trailer for a Ghostbuster’s re-make that looks cool. They did a spin off with an all-female cast that was just pretty bad, so I never thought we’d see another Ghostbuster’s film. But this one, “Ghostbuster’s Afterlife” looks like a winner. I’ll get a ticket.



Yesterday in NYC it was the 8th Annual Bodypainting Day. People got naked, and then got painted. I don’t see me doing that ever. A waste of Glidden. But I could see that guy trying to get across the ocean in his hamster wheel getting two or three coats.



I’m writing with one of my Aussie friends Kat Burg today a former “Bachelorette” contestant on the Australian version of that show before she moved to the states. She’s really a great singer and writer too so I’m looking forward to seeing what we can come up with together today.


Have a great Wednesday!











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