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Bluegrass Jesus...Time Jumper Band...Hall of Fame Date

Jul 27 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

Tuesday morning. Anyone else have hot weather?



I wrote with a couple for great bluegrass folks yesterday morning Tim Stafford and Becky Buller. Not just talented, but award winning bluegrass artists the both of them. And I brought a fun eclectic slight tint of gospel idea with me wondering if they would like because it was so different. When I told them the song was about a Jesus that some folks put on the dash of their cars Becky spoke up and say, “I’ve got one of those”. So, it was meant to be. And we cranked out a very very fun song with a nice little moral message to it. One of the most fun writing sessions I’ve had in a little while.



I joined my friends Don and Madeline Williams from Texas and listened to the Time Jumpers Band make their magic happen musically speaking. Three fiddle players on the same stage with a great big sound featuring some of the greatest session players in town including Paul Franklin on steel and Jeff Taylor on keys to name a few.


Don and Madeline are wrapping up their stay in Music City this week. Don was asked to come up and help on a FEMA special project and that work is now done. We’ve been friends since my wife, and I met them years ago when I played a show with my friend Brent Burns and then we did an Italy Tour and a Rhine River Cruise together and really got to know them. The band was phenomenal as always, and I found out Don and Madeline were big Ranger Doug fans. Doug sing with the “Riders in the Sky” and has a Sirius radio show that both listen to religiously. Doug is also a member of the Time Jumpers Band, so it was fun to introduce my friends to Ranger Doug and take a photo of the three of them together for a Nashville souvenir. Fun night.



So happy to announce that I get to play the songwriters show again at our Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum here in Nashville with my buddy Steve Dean. The date is not until December 11 at noon on a Saturday, but I always look forward to playing this show for the tourists who come and tour the Hall. The theater is just gorgeous and intimate. We play a 45-minute show with a break for questions and answers and that’s always fun. All the details are now on my calendar but thank you to the folks at the Hall for having us.



New York City is now going to mandate that all their city workers be vaccinated.


And internal CDC report released today states that less than 1% of those who have been vaccinated have symptomatic break through cases. The hard numbers look like this. There have been 153,000 breakthrough cases of those vaccinated compared to 156 million have taken the shot.


I do believe with the Delta variant more folks are becoming cautious again. Last night at the Time Jumpers show that was packed, I saw more masks being worn that I had in a while.


An activewear company in Australia just got hit with a huge fine. Why? Because they promoted that their activewear could help prevent Covid. And some folks of course bought those. Now, if you blow up one of those plastic bubble balls and live in there all by yourself, I do think you won’t get Covid. But you could suffer a heart attack trying to blow one of those up. Read the fine print before buying.



Door County Wisconsin…the thumb of the Cheesehead state. A peninsula if you will of little harbor towns directly east of Green Bay. It’s sort of like Cape Cod from what I hear, though I’ve not yet gotten to Cape Cod. Go all the way to the end of the peninsula and you can catch a ferry over to Rock Island and driver around that picturesque island too. It really lights up in the fall with the colors, but it does get crowded at that time of year. Truly a relaxing beautiful place right on Lake Michigan.



Jennifer Lopez sported a new bikini on her 52nd birthday. Of course the paparazzi got pictures. And someone looked up the cost. The little bikini costs $3,000 in case you want one. Two little pieces of fabric, $3,000.  I have GOT to learn how to start sewing bikinis. How long could it take with that small amount of material?



I got a nice little musical gift in my e-mail yesterday from Rob Bellamy who is getting married in a few weeks. We wrote a wedding song for his bride to be Ayla Brown. (It’s a secret). And the song turned out so great. Wish I was going to be there to see her reaction when she hears it for the first time. Ayla’s a great singer-artist-radio personality in Boston so I have a feeling that tears may fall. Thanks for letting me write this special song with you for your bride Rob.



One woman said she knew the magic was gone from her marriage when her husband rolled over in bed on night and whispered to her, “I ate like 75 chicken nuggets today”.



A research study that just came out in Europe suggests we can live a longer life if we vacation a minimum of three weeks or more every year. Makes sense. Relax…let the stress go. The only chance of you getting so excited that your heart races to a dangerous level would be if you’re on the beach on vacation and Jennifer Lopez walks by in a $3,000 bikini. 


I would suggest you leave your laptop at home though if you want to make that vacation thing really work for you. Otherwise you’ll wind up at the souvenir shop buying that T-Shirt that reads, “I need a vacation from my vacation”.



I’ve got songwriting appointment with my old friend Rick Tiger today. From parking cars at the Opryland Hotel to having folks like Tim McGraw and Montgomery Gentry record your songs. That’s pretty good stuff.


One of my favorite songs Rick’s ever written is this one “Jesus and Jones” where the legendary Sam Moore jumped in and sang the song with Nu-Blu. I’m jealous of that one.


Have a great Tuesday!






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