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Baseball...Guardians & St. Croix

Jul 26 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

A back at it Monday morning and the start of the last week of July.



Caught a little baseball with some songwriting buddies in Cincinnati on Sunday…Cards vs Reds and the Cards put at thumping on the Reds.  But what a fun trip with three other baseballs fans Wil Nance, Brian White and Pete Sallis. Brian is from Cincinnati and when we got within range of the radio station, I used to work at B105 on came the current #1 country song “Blame it on Me” by Jason Aldean that Brian is a writer on. So it was pretty cool to celebrate with him getting to hear his number one song on his hometown radio station.



I did see the movie “Green Book” for the first time on TV. I was flipping through channels and saw the title and I remember hearing good things about it. Turns out it won some Oscar Awards. Best picture, Best Actor, and Best Supporting Actor. After watching it, I understand why it won. Really good. It makes some great points about racism without beating you over the head with it and it’s entertaining. Based on a true story it gets two big thumbs up from me.



Word came out Friday that the Cleveland Indian’s will change their name to the Cleveland “Guardians”. There’s been a lot of humor and jokes come out of that. I posted the news on my Facebook Page and this was the funniest. I’m friends with the comedy song duo Williams and Ree. They used to do THIS on the old Florence Henderson show on the Nashville Network back in the day.


The duo is officially called “Williams & Ree…The “Indian & the White Guy”. Terry Ree being the Indian.  Bruce Williams responded to my post by saying they too would be changing their names to the “Guardian and the White Guy”. I’m still laughing two days later.



One Epidemiologist said over the weekend that in her estimation the new Delta variant is more than 200 times more contagious than the original virus.


Not a lot of good news is there? Numbers continue to increase. Phil Valentine a conservative talk show host here in Nashville heard nationwide is deathly ill with Covid and is now telling folks to get vaccinated after spending most days on the radio with the opposite viewpoint. His brother who was also dead set against the vaccine has now gotten vaccinated after seeing his brother.


At the big country music festival in Michigan 17 people left infected.


At least 1 summer camp for kids reported 31 of those kids were infected.


And Vegas officials are telling out of towners to think twice about flying into Vegas to gamble and have fun with their numbers increasing to the point that they are now one of the hot spots again.


I certainly support all of us having a right to choose. I also think when you know someone who’s sick with it, or you’re a fan of someone you’re listening to or watching who changes their minds who changes their minds, it does get your attention and make you think.   



Did you know that there are some American towns that will pay you up to $15,000 to move there?  True. The list includes Topeka, Tulsa, Newton Iowa, Ascend West Virginia and Remote Shoals, Alabama. Yep…there are some contingencies but it’s for real. Here’s the article so you can check out the details. I had to look up where three of those cities are located.



Continuing this little series today I would suggest the island of St. Croix. I’ve been on a few Caribbean islands but this one really stuck with me. We were on a cruise with St. Croix being one of our day stops. My wife and I took the island tour and I fell in love with is harbor town of Christiansted which lies near the backend of St. Croix. You drive through a rain forest before you get there and then you’re struck by the color of the houses and the laid-back lifestyle. And there’s a famous hotel that sits right in the middle of the harbor that you boat to with your bags if you stay there. One of those places I’d love to return to and spend a week.



Did you see this video of an albino moose taking on a robot lawn mower? File this one under “things I’ve never seen before”. I didn’t know we had albino moose’s.  



14-Year-Old Forced to Do House Chores Reported His Father to The Police for Illegal Child Labor. Uh huh. How many days can a dad get in jail for making his kid clean up his room?



I’m writing with a couple of bluegrass notables this morning as I’ll hook up online with both Tim Stafford and Becky Buller, both of whom are nominated this year for big bluegrass awards. Here’s hoping we can rhyme something award worthy today!


Then tonight I’m going to slip out and join some great friends who are in town and take them to see the Time Jumpers Band that’s an all-star collection of some of the greatest country musicians in town. Should be great fun.


Have a great Monday!







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