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Back To Writing Normal...Opening Pitches...Movie Delays

Jul 24 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

And just like that the weekend has snuck up on us.  It’s Friday!



For the first time since the pandemic started, I wrote at my publishing company Billy Blue. The company did a great job supplying sanitizer, disinfectant wipes and those are in the building and you can't help but notice them when you walk in. The world felt half normal for a bit just being back on familiar ground.  And Jerry Salley and I sat down and wrote a fun idea I had on my books that he loved, and we really did write a song that will make folks laugh I think…and that’s never a bad day’s work.


Jerry is about as busy an individual as I know as he’s the head of Billy Blue and Billy Jam Records.  He signs acts, looks for song, produces acts and he’s an artist-writer of renown himself.  So, it’s always a pleasure to have some of his time to create something together.  Literally a good day at the office yesterday.



Baseball was back on!  Again, a little normalcy for yours truly as for me there’s something comforting and just right about having baseball back on TV…even if it is with no fans in the stands.  It’s interesting to hear the crowd noise they pump in on the TV broadcasts.  And it makes me think that if you listen to your favorite team on the radio instead of TV…you probably don’t detect as much difference if they pump in crowd noise.


It was interesting looking at cardboard cutouts of people behind Homeplate at the Dodger’s opening game in LA.  They used pictures of folks who might normally pay that high price to sit there like Mary Hart from Entertainment Tonight who’s there almost every game. But here's the deal.  They will let you have your own cardboard cutout if you're willing to pay $300. That's pretty ingenious. So if I see you at a Dodgers game?  I'll know you just ponied up 300 bucks. 


Both my wife Kathy and my songwriting friend Wil Nance wondered why they don’t display “virtual fans” in the stands with the technology they have.  Well, this morning I found out that Fox will do just that when they broadcast their baseball games.  Check out how this will look.


I mistakenly thought Opening Day for my Reds was yesterday.  Wrong…it’s today as they take on the Tigers.  So, I’ve got something to look forward to this evening. 


And if you are a baseball fan like me…you’ll love this Opening Day Promo that ran with actor Jon Hamm narrating.  Might give you goosebumps if you're a baseball fan.  Written by  baseball analyst Tom Verducci...it's really great. FYI…Jon is from St. Louis and is a big Cardinal fan. Love love love this.



4 million and counting now…that’s how many cases we have. And Fauci is saying he sees no end in sight. 


Mr. Fauci threw out a horrible first pitch for the Opening Day game Yanks vs Nationals yesterday.  One headline described it this way, “Fauci Flattens Curve Straight Into The Ground”.  BUT…he was wearing a mask when he made that horrible throw.


His throw is STILL not as embarrassing as the one I saw for a Cincinnati Reds home opener when then Mayor Mark Mallory made this HORRIBLE throw



Dr. Fauci also said that he would not eat in a restaurant or get on a plane right now.  Not what those industries want to hear. 


And finally...some reports are suggesting that half or more of all restaurants will close permanently or stay open permanently with takeout or drive thru options only. 



Some are optimistic about the cruise industry surviving.  The folks with Viking are offering up a cruise in 2021 that will last 136 days covering 56 port of calls in 27 different countries. It leaves in December of 2021 and will cost you about $50,000 per person to set sail with them. Man…that’s a lot of buffets.



And because of the virus more and more movies are being pushed back.  Big movies.  Top Gun Maverick will not show now until July of 2021 at the earliest.  The new Star Wars won’t be out until 2023.  And the new Avatar?  2028! 


It doesn’t help that the AMC Theater chain is still closed.  Maybe August for reopening…maybe.



How’s this for a movie review of a film “Kissing Booth Movie 2”?  A reviewer wrote, “Utterly witless vomit-inducing drivel”.  Okay then.  But what do ya really think about it?



But…at least our weather is normal right?  Uh huh.  Consider this.  Both Siberia and the Arctic Circle are recording high high temperatures.  Parts of Siberia recorded 95-degree heat yesterday.  Polar Bears will be looking to install AC soon.



In St. Louis a guy caught a 4-ounce longear Sunfish.  At 4 ounces it’s a state record.  The biggest one of its kind ever caught.  Who knew?  Apparently that species is not eating its Wheaties.



So, 30 years ago these two buddies up in Wisconsin make a pact to share any lotto either of them won.  They shook hands on it.  28 years later Tom Cook hit on 22 million bucks. And what did he do?  He kept his word.  He called his friend Joseph Feeney whom he made the pact with and gave him the good news.  Tom’s reaction was, “Are you jerking my bobber”?  Love that.  And I’ve made a note.  “Are you jerking my bobber” is going to wind up in some song I write someday.



A woman who ran a bakery for years and years and years in England announced, “I’m retiring”.  What a slacker.  She’s only 100 years old.  Been working the entire time.



“Man Loses 200 Pounds So He Can Ride Roller Coaster Opening Day”.  Quite the story really.  Jared Ream is one of those rollercoaster nuts.  He travels and rides roller coasters all over the country…hundreds of them.  Kings Island just north of Cincinnati just opened a new one that he wanted to be on…on the first day like a lot of coaster enthusiasts do.  But not all that long-ago Jared weighed over 400 pounds and could not ride a coaster one day because the harness would no longer fit over his huge body.  So, he dropped 200 pounds.  Wow.  And no…this is not the Jared from the Subway commercials.  This is a new Jared.  Hey, whatever motivates ya.  Nothing harder than losing that kind of weight.


And if you’re interested…this is the COASTER Jared wanted to make sure he rode on opening day.



I get to write online with two of my favorite folks today Darin & Brooke Aldridge.  The Grand Ole Opry stars and the award-winning married bluegrass duo have just started writing songs and I’m certainly glad that they allow me to write with them and create new tunes they may record in the future.  And then the weekend begins!


Have a great weekend. 



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