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Beach Ballot...Great Online Show...Opening Day!

Jul 23 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

Man…even during a time where I’m staying in a lot more time flies.  It’s already Thursday.



My online writing appointment was with talented Josh Shilling.  Josh and his incredible group Mountain Heart just did their first two shows since this whole pandemic started. Though both were outside shows and temps were checked and folks wore masks and they tried to social distance he still was not completely comfortable.  I do get that.  And my first test of that happens next Friday evening when I do a show with Linda Davis and Lang Scott at the Ritz Theatre in Toccoa, GA.  All of us want to play…but all of us want to be safe too.  After a little time trying to solve the world problems, we got down to writing a new bluegrass tune that turned out great.  One more for the catalog.



The ballot came out for the Trop Rock Awards this year.  Members of the Trop Rock Music Association get to vote for their favorite beach songs, singers, entertainers, musicians etc. so I cast my ballot for some talented friends yesterday.  The awards show is normally held in November in Key West at the end of a multi-day event-party featuring lots of beach music.  Covid has halted that this year and I’m not sure at this point if they’ll do an online show or not.  That would be my guess…but we’ll see.  Good luck to all the nominees.  Brent Burns and I have a couple of our songs on the ballot for voters to possibly choose “My Jukebox On The Beach” (the album title) and this gem “Exercise Makes Me Look Good Naked…But So Does Beer”.  And yes, I’m hoping one of our songs makes it on the final ballot.



Last night my buddy Jimmy Fortune teamed up with Rory Feek (Joey & Rory) and did a “live” video feed of a concert and conversation from Music Ranch set in beautiful Livingston,Montana. Rory has a place out there and he acted as the host of this great show. I had the pleasure of playing there with Linda Davis and Lang Scott last year and I can’t tell you how gorgeous a place this is.  The owners converted a huge barn into a venue with a stage that allows the entertainers to see the mountains right over the sound guys shoulder as they can roll the back doors wide open.  One of my favorite places I’ve been too.  The good news is you can still watch this great show the two of them put on last night. Here's the LINK.



Princess Cruise lines announced no cruises now until at least December…if then.  Really tough business to be in right now.


You know the quarantine is getting to some folks when you read Martha Stewart is taking swimming pool selfies. Or that actor Keanu Reeves is now writing comic books. Gotta fill up all that down time doing something.


Southwest now says it too will not allow any passenger on its planes that won’t wear a mask.  It does appear that more and more folks are wearing one. I had to get a car emission test yesterday and there was quite a line. Every single person I saw had a mask and those doing the emission tests were wearing the shields. 



Baseball begins for real today and my Reds will be on TV early this evening…so you’ll know where to reach me. It’s going to be very very weird viewing with no fans in the stands.  No spitting, and no finger licking is allowed.  You’ll see players wearing masks. And the announcers will have no crowd to help them pump up the excitement of a home run.  But for a baseball nut like me…any kind of baseball is better than no baseball. 


There is some good news in the changes. With no fans in the stands in will be impossible to start that stupid wave.  See…good news in everything.



Someone just invented a new coffee maker that will allow you to use regular coffee and hit a button that allows you a single pour…or a potful if you want.  No pods. The company is Oxo who may give Keurig a run for their coffee money with this 9-cup programmable coffee maker.  I’m pretty sure it’s a significant saving from buying boxes full of pods. 



In case you missed it…the Statue of Liberty stood strong as a lightning bolt surrounded it.  Better than any 4th of July fireworks show.



For the first time since March I’m going to my publishing company to write…Billy Blue.  I’ve written face to face a few times now but 95% of all my songwriting has been online because of the virus.  But today my buddy Jerry Salley and I are going to write an idea I’ve had for awhile at the publishing company.  Protocol is that everyone wears a mask entering the building, temperatures are checked and the writer rooms are thoroughly disinfected before we get there.  Once you’re inside the rooms or the recording studios there you can take your masks off.  That makes me feel a little more comfortable.  It will be great seeing folks in building I have not seen for a while.  So…we’re going to be safely rhyming today.


Have a great Thursday!





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